* HeyItsThatGuy: There's an incredible amount of talent overlap between this and about six other Britcoms.
** Mostly the overlap is between this show and ''Series/RedDwarf'', likely due to both having Ed Bye as producer/director.
** Averted (for most viewers at least) with Robert Llewelyn's appearance as a Falklands veteran, as not only does he (obviously) appear without his Kryten makeup, but also speaks in a very different accent.
** Mike The Cool Person is Dave Hedgehog.
* IronyAsSheIsCast: In the series, Eddie can't cook to save his life (he once resorted to eating lard when he was hungry) and has to rely on Richie's terrible cooking. In real life, Adrian Edmonson is actually a very talented chef who won the 2013 edition of ''Celebrity Series/MasterChef.''
* ThrowItIn: Rik Mayall accidentally hit Adrian with a GroinAttack on ''The Big Number 2'' stage show. Adrian's next line is "It's alright Richie, I have 3 fucking kids already."
!!Lyrics to [[BawdySong Richie's version]] of The Sailor's Hornpipe:\\

Do your balls hang low?\\
Can you swing 'em to and fro?\\
Can you tie 'em in a knot?\\
Can you tie 'em in a bow?\\
Do you get a funny feeling when they're hanging from the ceiling?\\
Oh you'll never be a sailor if your balls hang low!

!!How Eddie’s Special K competition entry really reads (after redactions):\\

''I want to go to the Bahamas because'' [[strike:it’s]] bloody hot there – that’s why! What a stupid [[strike:fucking]] question [[strike:and]] besides there’s lots of birds knocking about [[strike:on the]] beach, wearing skimpy bikinis [[strike:with their]] knockers hanging out, for everyone to get a [[strike:really, really, really, really]] good look [[strike:at]]!