Trivia / Bargain Hunters

  • Dueling Shows: At around the same time, the Home Shopping Club was running a syndicated game show called The Home Shopping Game, which was a word game that used a product (also offered to home viewers for purchase) as a tie-in to each round's category. There was also Shoppers Casino, which debuted shortly after Bargain Hunters left the air, but that one's best left forgotten.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Much like Merrill Heatter's other shows, Bargain has never been in repeats. The pilot (May 28), the premiere (July 6), three general episodes (July 21 and two from August), and the finale (September 4) circulate among traders, which is pretty impressive given the show's brief run and the fact ABC's coverage of the Iran-Contra hearings kept it from airing daily until early August.
  • Old Shame: As mentioned on the main page, Peter Tomarken reportedly called the show "a piece of shit" at one point.