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* While most of the fandom despises the ponies from Chatoyance's version of Fanfic/TheConversionBureau, they reserve most of their hate for the [[TheQuisling human]] [[KnightTemplar PER]] [[LesCollaborateurs operatives]] Michaelson and Morely of the eponymous story for being [[DesignatedHero Designated Heroes]].
** Charoyance's "[[InNameOnly Celestia]]" is also disliked for [[KarmaHoudini getting away]] with genocide as well as the blatant favoritism by the author (to near AuthorAvatar levels).
* While most of the original characters from ''Fanfic/MyLittleUnicorn'' are detested, Rhymey is the least liked out of all of them. It doesn't help that he ends up being paired with [[TheCutie Fluttershy]].
* In the original ''Anime/DigimonAdventure02'', most of the Digidestined have a likeable personality and overall tolerable, however in ''Fanfic/Digimon02TheStoryWeNeverTold'', all of the Digidestined have reimagined personalities that can either be for better or for worse. However on the scrappy end of this side are Matt, Mimi, and Cody. Matt is hated for stubbornly denouncing the new generation Digidestined at every opportunity no matter how much they prove themselves. Mimi AlphaBitch tendencies got completely fladerized, as well as suffering from AesopAmnesia after the original adventure regarding her dislike of fighting. Cody is hated during Ken's redemption arc for completely refusing to believe that Ken has redeemed himself no matter how much he tried to do, even attempted to kill him.

* ''Webcomic/TowerOfGod'': Parakewl, who is one dirty, cowardly . He betrays his team with a idiotic strategy and when one of his team members follows through with it, he turns his back at him because he doesn't trust him or his strategy at a crucial moment. He calls everybody trash and means it, sucks up to those more powerful when he immediately needs them, acts like he is in charge and has no sense of dignity whatsoever.

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* Person Man in TheyMightBeGiants' song "Particle Man" is clearly intended to be the scrappy of the comic book the song is about.

[[folder:Newspaper Comics]]
* Barry from ''ComicStrip/{{Curtis}}''. The author clearly intended his antics to just be normal kid-brother grade asshattery, but they're usually incredibly mean-spirited and deliberately designed to provoke Curtis, so that Barry can then sob to his mother that big mean ol' Curtis is trying to hit him for no reason at all, whereupon she will give Curtis chores to do for trying to hit his sweet, innocent brother, and Barry ice cream for being a manipulative sack of . Diane lacks the pattern recognition to notice that Curtis always has a very detailed description of the transgressions she doesn't believe Barry committed.
* ''ComicStrip/{{Dilbert}}'' has a couple of In-Universe Scrappies, Topper and Loud Howard, two guys whose sole purpose seems to be to annoy ''every'' other member of the main cast. In one strip, the PointyHairedBoss puts Dilbert in a project with both of them, and Dilbert asks if its because he hates him; the PHB denies it, saying its because he hates those two guys.
* The kids from ''Family Circus''. They are the reason the strip has a PeripheryHatedom. ''ComicStrip/PearlsBeforeSwine'' writer Stephan Pastis often uses his strip to point out the fact that its a relic from the early sixties and doesn't really endear the comics section to any reader under the age of fifty.
* ''ComicStrip/ForBetterOrForWorse'':
** Hey Lynn Johnston, if you wanted to make your readers happy, you could've set Anthony on fire. Or run him over with a tank. Or have him mauled by a moose. Or really, anything but what you ''did'' do: Getting him back together with Elizabeth after years of him mooning after her while married to another woman and his outrageously inappropriate behavior during [[AttemptedRape the Going After]], and then ending the strip with their wedding. Seriously, you couldn't have mauled him with a moose?
** This is how bad the hate for Anthony is: Eric blatantly cheated on Elizabeth multiple times while they were living together and was completely smarmy and unapologetic after they broke up; when she went to pick up the last of her things from his place, he acted like ''he'' should be forgiving ''her'' for the failed relationship. And even still, it seem most of the fans would have rather seen her get back with Eric than with Anthony.
* In the ''ComicStrip/{{Garfield}}'' fandom, there is a fairly vocal {{hatedom}} for [[CuteKitten Nermal]] since all he ever does is annoy the crap out of Garfield. The fact that he is also [[ViewerGenderConfusion drawn with long eyelashes]] might also have something to do with it.
* ''ComicStrip/{{Luann}}'' features Elwood, a short, unappealing midget of a young man who appears to be wealthy (but bought a cubic zirconia ring for a girl), but comes across as selfish, stalker-ish and rude. Interjecting himself into the various LoveTriangle storylines has made him very unpopular, as well as his having few good qualities. It remains to be seen if this was intentional or not, but Greg Evans ''has'' essentially not used him in months, so maybe he's aware of it.

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* David Arquette winning the Wrestling/{{WCW}} title caused "[[Wrestling/WCWMondayNitro Nitro]]" ratings to plummet a full five points. Ticket sales dropped off as fans boycotted the show. Arquette would [[RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap redeem himself in the eyes of the fan base]] by quietly donating his WCW salary to injured wrestlers and or the families of dead wrestlers but his run remains on of the most spectacular failures in the history of the industry. The booker responsible, Wrestling/VinceRusso, has never been forgiven and by giving himself an onscreen role where he also won the WCW title, he condemned himself to be forever a scrappy in the eyes of pro wrestling fans.
* Once Wrestling/AlbertoDelRio won the WWE Championship from CM Punk and cut the latter's red-hot angle short, he went from being viewed as the next big heel to near universally hated by the IWC.
* Wrestling/TheBigShow is one of the longest-tenured and most versatile big men in WWE history. But most smarks hold nothing but contempt for him, and view him as a boring, one-dimensional character who is recycled into the same role every time he [[FaceHeelRevolvingDoor turns from face to heel and back again]], and that he's being pushed over younger, more versatile talent like Wrestling/DanielBryan and Wrestling/DolphZiggler, thanks in large part to being one of Vince [=McMahon=]'s favorites due to [=McMahon=] having a fascination with giants.
* Wrestling/{{WWE NXT}}'s Wrestling/BoDallas, especially on /wooo/, as despite being in WWE development his entire career, he has failed to live up to the push he's gotten (he even has a win over Wade Barrett). In fact, when he defeated [[EnsembleDarkhorse Big E Langston]] for the NXT Championship, ''the audience turned their backs on him''.
** The writers eventually gave up on getting him popular as a fan favorite, and his gimmick became a Scrappy who thinks everyone loves him.
**  And now he's firmly in EnsembleDarkhorse territory. [[RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap Not bad for someone who was firmly on top of the Scrappy heap just a year prior.]]
* Wrestling/BrianAdams as Crush of Wrestling/{{Demolition}}, as the three-man team era marked the beginning of the end of the team, as Ax would soon leave and Crush and Smash jobbed out.
* After he was finally out of Wrestling/NewJapanProWrestling affairs, consensus was Tadao Yasuda was the most hated IWGP champion of all time. That doesn't change the fact Wrestling/BrockLesnar's run with the belt was loathed. From the get go he was brought by Simon Inoki, [[CreatorsPet the son-in-law]] of Wrestling/AntonioInoki who almost led NJPW to bankruptcy and Lesnar's very presence was seen as a ripoff of Wrestling/AllJapanProWrestling's use of Wrestling/BillGoldberg two years before hand, which itself was seen as a failure. Booking didn't help as Lesnar won the belt in a triple threat match, which the New Japan fan base felt was an insult to Puroresu tradition and then, as would later become characteristic, Brock Lesnar did not work a full-time schedule, giving the impression he was a slacker(former and succeeding outsider champions would at least defend the belt overseas or something when they weren't at NJPW shows). Lesnar's title matches were well below the quality expected of an IWGP champion and he refused to drop the belt, trying to hold on to it even after being officially stripped of it. But perhaps worst of all, [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking he refused]] to take Antonio Inoki's fighting spirit slap.
* Brooke Hogan, is widely hated as the only reason she was employed by TNA is cause she was the Daughter of Wrestling/{{Hulk|Hogan}}. She's basically a black hole neither possessing or inheriting any of her father's personailty or charsima, the life out of any segment sucks right out whenever she opens her mouth. Getting put in a Main Event angle with [[Wrestling/TheDudleyBoys Bully Ray]] as well as being in charge of the Knockouts only made the fanbase hate her more.
* Wrestling/{{TNA}}'s Dixie Carter. The woman has no charisma or business sense and would not work {{heel}}, even though TNA's fans and haters alike despised her. She had Wrestling/TommyDreamer beg on national TV for one last chance to show the world about Wrestling/{{ECW}} (something that did not happen for WWE's ''One Night Stand'', because if it did, the Mutants would have destroyed [[Wrestling/VinceMcMahon Vince [=McMahon=]]]). Oh, and as pointed out by [[WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment Spoony]], she has only one facial expression, which is now known as "Dixie Carter Face".
** She's also easily manipulated and delusional ignoring the problems going on in TNA, a DarthWiki/DethroningMomentOfSuck being her calling out the Roster and telling them to step it up when at that time TNA was putting on quality shows and matches and it went down the drain once she wanted to take a more active role in the company despite having no clue how to run the business. Dixie Carter's FaceHeelTurn did help out somewhat, when it culminated in Bully Ray putting her through a table.
* Although the promotion Wrestling/DragonGate is popular with fans, it is something of a Scrappy to many other pro wrestlers. Dragon Gate's matches generally end with flat out barrages of finishing moves rather than a finisher. Many other Japanese wrestlers see this particular style as flat out disrespectful to the business itself.
* Wrestling/DoinkTheClown's monster heel run in 1993 is seen as one of the best things about the New Generation era, and "Evil Doink" is remembered almost universally positively. As a {{face}}, though, he is just as hated as heel Doink is loved, primarily for being a slapstick kid-appeal character.
** A more recent example of a wrestler who is TheScrappy as face and EnsembleDarkhorse as heel: [[Wrestling/RonKillings R-Truth]]. Once he was turned back face and especially once he reverted to his original gimmick in 2013, he fell right back into the Scrappy heap.
* Wrestling/EvaMarie from ''Series/TotalDivas'' has gotten a lot of hate from fans for a few reasons. One of the reasons for the hatred is because Eva Marie has absolutely no in-ring skills (if you watch her wrestle, first of all sorry, but you'll notice any move she does besides weak-looking punches and kicks are botched in some way about 90% of the time), yet she's a newbie who is able to automatically be on {{WWE RAW}} while more talented female wrestlers are still on Wrestling/{{WWE NXT}} or FCW. Another reason why Eva Marie gets hate is because of her ignorance of the wrestling business, which is mainly demonstrated in ''Series/TotalDivas'' when she refers to Jinder Mahal as "Ginger Mahal" and hometown of {{Randy Orton}} as Los Angeles. Fans question whether Eva Marie is in the wrestling business for the passion or for the title of a "Diva". There's even an internet meme dedicated to Eva Marie's ignorance about wrestling, titled [[http://www.memegeneokerlund.com/character/clueless-eva-marie "Clueless Eva Marie"]].
* The Great Khali, who pulls double duty as TheGiant and a CaptainEthnic. His horrible accent quickly dropped him to EthnicScrappy, and though he's the tallest guy on the roster, that's basically the only thing he has. Like many giants, he's got acromegaly, but unlike, say, Wrestling/AndreTheGiant, who either [[LightningBruiser managed to be incredibly agile anyway]] or [[ImplacableMan countered his slowness with a sense of purpose and weight]], the Great Khali can't wrestle. Period. He moves like he's about to keel over. He seems to have a hard time with putting one foot in front of the other. He's been called "the worst wrestler to win the heavyweight belt," and he's only gotten worse since that win. He's [[MexicansLoveSpeedyGonzales popular in India,]] but anywhere else, he's dueling [[BaseBreaker Cena]] for the title of top Scrappy.
* Try and find one fan of Wrestling/{{Hornswoggle}} in the IWC. It would be easier to find a needle in a haystack. In particular, there are four specific angles of his [[SoBadItsHorrible that make smarks sick to their stomach;]] namely, being the final WWE Cruiserweight Title holder, the "Illegitimate Son" angle, his one-sided feud with Wrestling/ChavoGuerreroJr, and being the Anonymous RAW General Manager. To give a good example how much people hate Hornswoggle, '''two''' of the aforementioned angles won WrestleCrap's Gooker Award for the worst angle of the year (the Illegitimate Son and Hornswoggle/Chavo angles).
* Wrestling/JeffHardy during the early part of the 21st century. He was mainly MrFanservice, and the male fanbase resented him for this. Also he was demotivated and drugged up. Things bottomed out when he made an appearance at Wrestling/RingOfHonor. High pitched squeals of female fans who'd gone to the show [[JustHereForGodzilla just to see Jeff]], mixed with the roughly 1000 [=ROH=] regulars {{c|rowdChant}}hanting "We Want Matt" and "Don't Come Back" at him.
** When Wrestling/{{Konnan}} went to Wrestling/RingOfHonor he got the same treatment. For that matter, so did Wrestling/MattHardy, although he stuck around for a few more matches and put some of the Wrestling/RingOfHonor regulars over, [[RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap redeeming himself]] in their eyes.
** The EpicFail that was the Victory Road PPV, where Jeff came out to wrestle for TNA's title completely destroyed on drugs. After that, people have started to migrate away from Jeff.
* Wrestling/{{Kane}} can be a "love him or hate him" type of wrestler, but there are very few people who like his "Corporate Kane" schtick.
* Wrestling/JohnCena has been TheScrappy at periods of his career. As a heel, he worked a PrettyFlyForAWhiteGuy gimmick and was extremely popular... then suddenly he turned face and the fans were expected to take the formerly phony hip-hop posturing seriously. Then the WWE bookers started pushing him specifically to appeal to younger fans, giving him a PeripheryHatedom. Nowadays, fans mainly like Cena - he regularly gets awards in wrestling magazines - but they continue to boo him mainly because the WWE bookers try so hard to get the fans to cheer for him to the point of eventually resorting to having a few legends from past eras either putting him over or even outright jobbing for him, a move that alienated a good portion of WWE's old-time fandom.
** This whole attitude towards Cena may be best exemplified by [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-PkYVxM_d0 ECW country]]
** Well Wrestling/JohnCena did state in a promo before ''One Night Stand'' that he knew he wouldn't be welcomed in any ECW arena and would probably spark a riot if he won. Then said he was going to win. Maybe that reaction was wanted. That said, even taking account the lessen vitriol toward Cena personally over the years, there are plenty of wrestling fans who hate him legitimately. He's even been booed at shows hosted by promotions he's never worked for, and likely never will if there is any honesty in his promo about working for another promotion "tarnishing" the WWE title belt.
* Wrestling/JohnLaurinaitis is the most recent example. In RealLife he was already disliked for being an incompetent stooge of Vince [=McMahon=] who primarily only has a job because [[YesMan he's such a suck-up]]. But it wasn't until 2011 that Laurinaitis made his WWE television debut, and currently most people wish he had just stayed behind-the-scenes. Initially it seemed like he was going to play Vince's right-hand {{evil minion|s}} similar to Brisco and Patterson back in the AE in order to mirror his RealLife role. However Vince went on another hiatus from television yet Laurinaitis remained behind. It quickly became clear that he was a terrible onscreen performer due to his lack of mic ability, [[DullSurprise poor acting skills]], and having zero charisma. Despite this he stayed on TV and was played up as [[TheManBehindTheMan the person behind the conspiracy against]] Vince's son-in-law, Wrestling/TripleH. This [[AbortedArc arc was scrapped]], but Vince still came back and appointed Laurinaitis as the new GM of RAW. He INSTANTLY became a one-dimensional and bland [[TyrantTakesTheHelm heel general manager]], and finally ended up feuding with Wrestling/CMPunk. It didn't last long as the feud was a flop, and they teased Laurinaitis being fired, only for him to not only keep his job, but become permanent GM of RAW. Things went downhill when he feuded with Smackdown GM Teddy Long for control of both shows, [[ForegoneConclusion which obviously Laurinaitis won, making him GM of both shows]]. After this Laurinaitis became the center of attention for the show. It's finally reached the point where now he's headlining a PPV against John Cena [[ShockingSwerve and winning]]. He's a blatant [[Wrestling/VinceMcMahon Mr. [=McMahon=]]] [[BigBadWannabe wannabe]], but is really just an {{Expy}} of Vickie Guerrero, as in an annoying and untalented performer is pushed to the moon and made the center of attention and focus of the program simply and only manages to get XPacHeat due to them being a terrible performer, though WWE pretends it's heel heat and uses it as an excuse to push them.
* [[Wrestling/VonErichFamily Lacey Von Erich]] is regarded as one of the worst wrestlers in ''all of history'' to step into the ring. She's arguably even more incompetent in the ring than the WWE Divas, botches moves as often as she connects with them, and a failure at selling even the most basic of moves. The only person ever to display less in-ring talent than her in TNA history is Jenna Morasca. The worst part? She's got enough natural athleticism that there's no reason she couldn't pull a Trish Stratus and become good, but because of her wrestling pedigree (being part of the Von Erich family), she has never actually gone through wrestling training. It didn't help that she insisted on following in her family's tradition by using the Iron Claw as her FinishingMove. Wrestling/{{Kurrgan}}, a 7'0, 350 lbs. monster, had started using it back in late 1997 in WWE, calling it TheParalyzer, and wasn't able to get it over. If Kurrgan, with his huge hands, couldn't get people to buy into the move, then there was no way Lacey, at 5'10 and 155 lbs., with noticeably small hands, was going to make it believable. It also didn't help that she was a member of Wrestling/TheBeautifulPeople, who had each been the scrappy at some point of their career (unless you consider hired gun Moose to be a member, [[Wrestling/BillyGunn Cute Kip]] got enough for being another WWE transplant, Wrestling/AngelinaLove for being "too skinny", Wrestling/VelvetSky for "botching" and Wrestling/MadisonRayne for a screechy voice, for a ''summary'').
* Wrestling/{{LayCool}}. Unliked, not very talented, often mean-spirited and hateful and {{Generic Doomsday Villain}}esses (due to one of them being married to Wrestling/TheUndertaker). An unholy combination of Scrappiness.
* Lince Dorado, best known for wrestling in Wrestling/{{CHIKARA}}. When he debuted he was pushed as a very big deal face, and ended up coming down with the nickname "Cena Dorado." Chikara then went through a period of alternating between pushing Lince like any other face rookie and pushing him like a top of the card wrestler. He fairly quickly became TheScrappy of the promotion. This attitude was in full effect at ''King of Trios 2009'', when Lince's team (The Future is Now) was defeated by the eventual winners of the tournament (Friends in Similar Tights, aka Team [=FIST=]); despite being the heels, [=FIST=] ''got cheered'' for taking out [=TFiN=]. Lince was eventually depushed. A string of generally improved performances and a well executed FaceHeelTurn nearly resulted in Lince being RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap. Then he got fired for no-showing a card and/or appearing in a video without his mask.
* Wrestling/MichaelCole serves as a non-wrestler Scrappy for his bland commentary and tendency to declare something as "the first time ever..." regardless of accuracy. He'll also make boneheaded comments like Wrestling/BretHart breaking his leg as the worst night of his life (why, yes, this was years after his brother [[Wrestling/OwenHart Owen's]] fatal accident) and referring to Wrestling/VickieGuerrero's tribute to her late husband at Wrestlemania XXVI as a "hog splash." Despite all this, Cole has maintained a unbroken commentary position with the WWE since 1999, something none of the other current commentators can say. Thus whenever anyone puts a [[TakeThatScrappy beating on him]], be it Wrestling/BryanDanielson or Wrestling/JimRoss, expect cheers. Lots and lots of cheers.
** Before it's mentioned, yes, we know his fanboying of Wrestling/TheMiz is kayfabe. This does not make it any less annoying. He is madly and unapologetically in love with The Miz for some reason, unambiguously favoring him in matches by on at least one occasion, ''standing up and loudly cheering for him,'' and whenever anything bad happens to him, he spends the [[strike: match]] night bitching about how unfairly The Miz was being treated, making him come off as extremely, and disgustingly whiny. At one point, he cost the [[http://www.wrestling-titles.com/wwe/wwe-h.html WWE Champion]] at the time, Wrestling/RandyOrton, a win, and claimed that since he had won the Money In The Bank, The Miz was completely justified in doing this because "he can do whatever he wants." In all fairness to The Miz and Cole, that is the same way every MITB winner except for Wrestling/RobVanDam had cashed it in. Even Wrestling/CMPunk mentioned it was smart of The Miz. Nevertheless, Cole does this for nearly ''everything'' Miz does to the point that he had to become a JerkAss against long-time commentating partner Wrestling/JerryLawler when Jerry began feuding with Miz. Again, it's Kayfabe but it's very annoying. I don't want to see him punched. ''I want to see him go away.''
** On the opposite end, there's his constant trolling of any and all internet favorites which has only become more shrill and annoying as the months go on.
** He may be about to be RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap given the fan reaction to how he handled the 9/10/12 episode of Raw and Jerry Lawler's RealLife heart attack on the air. Stay tuned...
* Wrestling/TheMiz was absolutely hated when he debuted on WWE TV in 2006. Then, he was RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap via his team with Wrestling/JohnMorrison. Then he became a BaseBreaker when WWE chose to push him even though Morrison seemed to have a higher ceiling. Then once again completely escaped Morrison's shadow and established himself as a breakout solo heel. Then he won the WWE title and again reached Base Breaker status. Nowadays, The Miz is looked back upon in an extremely negative light; as one of the biggest embarrassments in WWE history with both his title reign and Wrestling/WrestleMania defense against John Cena cited amongst the worst of all time.
* As Rocky Maivia, [[Wrestling/DwayneJohnson The Rock]] had a huge hatedom. After his FaceHeelTurn, he became the guy we all know and love.
* [[Wrestling/RomanReigns Roman Reigns]] became this following his winning of the 2015 Royal Rumble Match, since he won over the extremely popular [[Wrestling/DanielBryan Daniel Bryan]] and a number of other [[EnsembleDarkhorse Ensemble Darkhorses]] like Wrestling/DolphZiggler, Wrestling/DeanAmbrose, and Wrestling/DamienSandow, and his victory made it obvious that WWE was trying to push him as the next top babyface of the company. Many people felt he hadn't been around long enough to deserve this, and he subsequently became a CreatorsPet.
* The ur-example of wrestling would be Sean (X-Pac/Syxx/1-2-3 Kid) Waltman. Best known for naming the trope XPacHeat. To explain this a bit - Waltman had been part of the mega-popular Wrestling/{{DGenerationX}}, and gotten very popular as part of it. His star faded though, but his gimmick didn't evolve. He took up plenty of TV time and rarely lost despite not really getting a push or doing anything interesting. Pretty soon the fans just didn't want to watch him. There were actually a few incidents where Waltman pulled himself out of the Scrappy Heap briefly, such as teaming with Wrestling/JeffHardy and doing the Hardy Boyz trademark double team moves with him, or a very good television match against Wrestling/EddieGuerrero. But since his gimmick still wouldn't evolve.
* Wrestling/TripleH. From 2002-2005 he was the most hated man in wrestling because of how Raw always focused around him. Even when he wasn't the champ, he was still the focal point of and whenever he did lose it, it'd only be a matter of time before he got it back. Every show pretty much opened with him cutting a long promo (One time bringing out a a chair to sit on letting you know [[ThisIsGonnaSuck he'll be out there for a while]]) Booked to be invincible, and squashing guys effortlessly, you can count the number of times he was on the losing end of a show on one hand. One time he lost the title, only for it to be vacated due to controversy surrounding the finish and winds up winning it back! Fans in the audience and IWC grew to hate him and even today there are those who can't stand him.
** Now that he has a penchant for inserting himself into hot feuds (most recently Wrestling/CMPunk vs. John Cena and Wrestling/BryanDanielson vs. John Cena), the hatred is on the rise again.
* Wrestling/VickieGuerrero, at least as a character. An untalented, shrill and downright ugly woman that had multiple segments of a SINGLE Smackdown! dedicated to her and whatever she was doing at the time. As "GM" of the Smackdown! brand, Guerrero hogged the spotlight on a show that was mainly know for featuring a lot of up-and-coming stars and giving them shots at the big time. Her inability to act and properly play a crowd, besides some of the cheapest-brand Heat you could find, turned many off to the Smackdown! brand during her tenure as its GM.
** It doesn't help that she constantly yells "EXCUSE ME!" in that shrill voice.
* Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff, another example of Nepotism. Garrett even was Captain of a Lockdown team in 2012 being captain of guys like Wrestling/AJStyles, Wrestling/AustinAries, Wrestling/RobVanDam, and Mr. Anderson which obviously didn't go so well with the fans.
* A strong case could be made for Mojo Rawley in NXT, whose gimmick consists mostly of running and jumping around while yelling things. The fact that his moveset consisted mostly of clotheslines and basic moves didn't help, along with his having what some felt was the lamest finishing move around, which was just landing ass-first on a downed opponent's chest. Many fans consider him the worst example of WWE's tendency of pushing former football players over actual wrestlers, stemming from his being pushed very strongly in 2013. Mojo's gimmick has even been described as being the UltimateWarrior minus any of the things that made Warrior entertaining.
* Most of the IWC really does not like Wrestling/StephanieMcMahon, especially her run in Wrestling/TheAuthority. While many people can appreciate that she inherited at least some of the promo skills that made her father such a great "[[InsistentTerminology character]]", almost nobody in the IWC likes her character. It is almost unheard of for Stephanie to ''not'' use those promo skills to verbally humiliate and emasculate every person she talks to, regardless of who they are; whether it's jobbers, champions, or John Cena, no matter if she or the person she's talking to is heel or face, it doesn't matter, as she almost always makes whoever she's talking down to look like a complete fool. However, probably the thing people hate most about Stephanie is that [[KarmaHoudini she's essentially untouchable]] in almost everything she does. While male wrestlers are understandably not allowed any physical retribution against her, they normally aren't allowed any ''other'' kind of retaliation either and the best they can do is refute her insults or insult them back. The women, on the other hand, are normally completely cowed by her dressing downs, regardless if they are heel or face. Because of her virtual immunity to any consequences and penchant for always coming out on top in any situation, many feel she even edges dangerously close to VillainSue territory.
* Bubba The Love Sponge (a trashy net radio personality) had absolutely no business being on a wrestling show. However, he did simply because he's a total mark for [[HulkHogan Hulk Hogan]] and The Hulkster proceeded to cram the obnoxious jerk down everyone's throat.
* The Wrestling/BellaTwins, particularly Nikki, have become this thanks in large part to Nikki's relationship with John Cena.
* In Wrestling/{{Progress Wrestling}} there's Lion Kid, a wrestler who was on only two shows, whenever someone jokingly suggests he returns on the Facebook group, the idea is met with disdain from pretty much everyone.

[[folder:Puppet Shows]]
* Some fans of Franchise/TheMuppets see recent addition Pepe the Prawn as this (those who don't see him as an EnsembleDarkHorse, that is). A big part of that is that they see Pepe as [[SpotlightStealingSquad taking the focus away from the classic characters]], and that his basic shtick is [[TheCasanova flirting with women]] and making pop cultural references.
* Elmo of ''Series/SesameStreet''. A lot of adults who grew up with ''Sesame Street'' dislike the fact that Elmo has [[EnsembleDarkHorse gotten so popular]] that [[CreatorsPet the last fifteen minutes of every show is devoted to him]] (at the old JumpTheShark website, reviewers almost unanimously agreed that his introduction caused the show to JumpTheShark). His high-pitched voice and annoying laughter doesn't help him that much either.

* Ralph Cirella on ''Radio/TheHowardSternShow''. Howard once responded that Ralph gets more hate mail than a Ku Klux Klansman who is a frequent caller to the show.

[[folder:Role-Playing Games]]
* Roleplay/DinoAttackRPG... oh boy. For every well-loved and popular character there was also and equally despised individual:
** Duke... just Duke. Where to begin? Given the entire drive of his character was the complete and total destruction of anyone with even the slightest idealistic beliefs. Even the people that ''weren't'' at that point writing [[OldShame under the assumption that all realists were evil and idealists were good]] despised him. It got to the point where, despite being a player's primary character, nobody wanted to let him escape when he was finally locked up in a maximum security prison, where we can probably assume he is due for a life sentence if not the electric chair.
** Cam O'Cozy: If it weren't for this guy, Duke might not have been quite so bad. After all, he was the one who ascended the idealist-realist feud to a whole new level of violence. [[GoddamnedBoss He just wouldn't stay defeated, either]], and when he escaped a maximum security prison - much like Duke - players' reaction was so negative that he was immediately defeated, and in his next appearance he was finally killed off following a RoboticReveal.
** Snake was supposed to be a likeable anti-hero [[Film/EscapeFromNewYork just like his inspiration]], but instead he came off as a complete {{Jerkass}}. It says a lot that the character meant to be a lowlife scumbag in comparison to Snake ([[StrawLoser for no reason other than to make Snake look better]]) ended up being UnintentionallySympathetic whenever he was beaten up by Snake - ''that'''s how much of a jerk Snake was.
** And then of course there's Trigger, [[ReplacementScrappy but that's another matter entirely]].
** Atton Rand's infamous attempt to create a group of characters based on ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' wasn't exactly well-received (though in fairness it was largely to do with the fact that they were introduced half-way through the final battle and took the focus away from his more popular characters). Fortunately they were [[PutOnABus written out once]] the players started voicing their concerns.
** French Fries is a somewhat interesting case. Originally conceived as being a ReasonableAuthorityFigure, he quickly became unpopular due to his unwittingly elevating the realist-idealist debates to a whole new level of violence (the fact that he initially [[KarmaHoudini got away with it]] and never took responsibility didn't help). However, as a result, he was eventually turned from a straight uptight official into a clueless looney who is completely oblivious to the consequences of his actions, making him a Scrappy in-universe as well. Also, to make up for the trouble he put everyone through, Atton Rand would later bring him back near the end specifically to allow his fellow players to give him his comeuppance for all the crap he put them through, but even Atton Rand was shocked by the [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown brutality]] with which players punished French Fries.
** After the attack on the XERRD Fortress, Rotor quickly became TheScrappy due to his mistreatment of Kate Bishop, [[KangarooCourt trial]] and [[JudgeJuryAndExecutioner near-execution]] of an entire T-1 Typhoon squad, and his torture of Jenny Strangebrick and Tom for [[AlternativeCharacterInterpretation what may have been]] simply for sick enjoyment. He was only considered to be RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap after he cleaned up his act starting with the Maelstrom Temple battle, and because he actually started to look not all that bad in comparison to two newly-introduced characters, Trigger and Snake - to the point where most players wanted Rotor to be Atton Rand's primary character instead of Trigger!
** Baldrick, who is little more than a walking BigLippedAlligatorMoment and yet another CaptainErsatz to add to the list. In addition to having no important impact on the plot, only slowing it down long enough for him to talk about his so-called "ingenious plans", he sticks out like a sore thumb and often [[MoodWhiplash interrupts the mood]] of the current scene, making him seem like an out-of-place forced attempt at comic relief.
** Pharisee's KnightTemplar-esque actions and BlackAndWhiteInsanity have turned off some players who would normally root for him. However, others might also consider him RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap following his psychiatric session with Dr. Saran, which delved into his psyche and backstory in a beautiful way.
** Firecracker's botched TakingYouWithMe attempt, which was not long after he nearly detonated enough explosives to take out a chunk of a fully-populated Dino Attack Headquarters, really took a toll on his popularity, to the point where most players wanted to see him either arrested or put in an asylum after the war. It did not help that Atton Rand had no intention of making Firecracker anything other than a KarmaHoudini in the end, going so far as to add MisaimedRealism in an attempt to enforce it.
** The owner of the hotel. He was supposed to be a parody of an earlier DeusExMachina but there was quite a bit of controversy that sprung from the resulting individual, to the point where how much of his appearance is canon is deliberately left unclear.

* Clippy, the Microsoft Office animated paperclip assistant. As soon as you write the word "Dear" he immediately pops up and asks if you need help writing a letter, complete with [[MostAnnoyingSound tapping sound effects]]. ''[[StopHelpingMe Stop helping us.]]'' And if you actually do ask him for help, you find out he's nothing more than a search function.
** Only good appearance: a page of computer jokes somewhere, in which his sole dialogue is "It looks like you're writing a letter. Would you like me to a) bollocks it up for you b) just off and leave you alone?"
*** Also, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ifleu0VVAc0 this video]].
** Then there's the lolcat where he offers three choices for making WebOriginal/LOLCats, and "Invisible Office Assistant" is chosen.
** [[WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy "Go away, you paper clip! No one likes you!"]]
** ''IrregularWebcomic'' once had Mercutio confused that the absence of Clippy was supposed to be a software ''fault'', rather than, say, a reward from [[MachineWorship the Omnissiah]].
** Microsoft were in on the joke, apparently: There was a Flash-animated short promoting Windows XP, where Clippy laments that he might be out of a job at long last. And he's voiced by Gilbert Gottfried, for Christ's sake.
** This [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dP98Pb50T-U Demetri Martin routine.]]
** WaitWaitDontTellMe also had a [[http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=128417631 great bit]] about him being taken out into the woods and getting whacked.
** Microsoft Word Online's 2014 AprilFoolsDay joke was for Clippit to appear, saying things like "[[AlasPoorScrappy Remember when we used to write letters together?]]"
** Microsoft used Clippy recently as the main character in the tutorial game ''Ribbon Hero 2'', when Microsoft fired him for being too annoying and his mother kicked him out of the house to get a job. At the end he gets abducted by aliens and taken to a race of paperclip people who welcome him as a chosen hero to 'teach them how to write letters'.

* Izzy of the 1996 UsefulNotes/OlympicGames is considered one of the least popular Olympics mascots ever. His design is obnoxious and baffling; most people simply passed him off as a "giant blue sperm with legs." His video game wasn't even any good and played like a bad [[Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog Sonic]] clone.

[[folder:Stand-Up Comedy]]
* Dane Cook once discussed how he believes this trope to be TruthInTelevision, noting that every group of friends seems to have [[TheFriendNobodyLikes one person that no one likes yet they hang out with anyways.]] He specifically mentions an old friend of his named Brian who hanged out with Cook and his friends even though everyone in the group despised him with a passion. He also notes that anyone named Karen is instantly the Scrappy of any particular group.
-->"And if you're looking at me like "[[StopHavingFunGuy No Dane that's not true]]", ''you're the person''! You're the person nobody likes!

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* [[HandsomeLech Keenan Caine]] of ''BlissStage'' is a JerkAss. His KickTheDog moment in the continuing examples in the rules and being a [[TheCasanova Carefree Hedonist]] in game terms probably doesn't help much.
* ''Literature/{{Dragonlance}}'':
** Kender. Maybe it's the way they're almost always played as ChaoticStupid -- which is based on the fact that's basically [[FearlessFool exactly]] [[CuriousAsAMonkey how]] they are described in-setting. Maybe it's because they seem rather out of place in a [[CrapsackWorld world as crapsacky as Dragonlance]]. Whatever the case, they are usually the element most named as loathsome about the setting, despite the fact they are the official PluckyComicRelief of the setting.
*** In canon, the dragon lord Malystryx attempted genocide on the Kender race, which was considered to be an extreme MoralEventHorizon. This is in contrast to most tabletop groups, which often don't even consider killing Kender as a violation of the Paladin Code.
*** A chief reason for why Kender are so hated is the sheer ProtagonistCenteredMorality involved in their creation. There are other "thief" races out there, including halflings, goblins, and boggles, but none of them are anywhere nearly as hated as Kender because all of them are treated realistically for their thieving, mostly doing it to survive or because they're jerks, and are appropriately considered mostly Neutral or Evil - it's up to the player if they think the thieving of those races is justifiable. Kender, on the other hand, are treated as a Good race, and the books play their kleptomania as innocent, childlike curiosity. One infamous page claims that the AlwaysChaoticEvil races are the only ones to hate Kender, and declares that the "truly wise" understand that the world would be worse off without a rabble of thieving, brain-damaged little shits with no functional society. So basically, if you resent your fellow player for pocketing your magic items, then you are objectively wrong. Is it any wonder that most groups consider "I want to play a Kender!" to be a ban-on-sight deal?
** Gully Dwarves catch a fair amount of flak, too, and have even been accused of being created to make fun of the mentally impaired, as they're an entire race of what can basically be described as dirty, smelly, ugly, mentally retarded creatures that are supposed to be PluckyComicRelief.
** The Tinker Gnomes, with their racial hat of BunglingInventor, fixation on RubeGoldbergMachine type inventions, annoyingly literal minded nature, rapid-fire speech and super-long, complicated names are yet another PluckyComicRelief race that instead many people strongly detest.
*** Actually gets a fandom nod in ''TabletopGame/{{Spelljammer}}'', where many people regard them as this InUniverse... especially gnomes from ''other'' settings, who have been known to form hunting parties to destroy Minoi Techjammers (or "Junkjammers" as some might call them) in an effort to keep them all trapped on their own worlds away from anyone else.
* In the ''{{Exalted}}'' fandom, there are large sections who view the Solar Exalted in general as this, for anything from their significant power (they're supposed to be the mightiest of the Exalted), their perceived lack of interesting features (their powers are more human-based than the other Exalted, and part of the jump-off point is based around them being uninvolved in the world's history for more than a thousand years), their setting centrality, or ideas of them being entitled (the Solars having been tyrannical rulers in the distant past and some portrayed as expecting such authority to be handed to them by right).
** The Green Sun Princes are also subjected to some of it by people who think their introduction throws off too much of the setting, that they're allowed to make a DealWithTheDevil and encouraged to not suffer any consequences for it, and the perception of their powers being expansive enough to "make all other Exalted redundant".
** In terms of individual characters, the Scarlet Empress gets the most of this, often viewed as somebody who is given too many victories for too little effort, and who makes other characters look stupid for having failed to get rid of or otherwise deal with her (alternatively, there are those who view her as portrayed as having displayed too many incompetencies and having too many failures for her extended centrality to make sense).
* For ''MagicTheGathering'' players, there are many variants of this:
** The TierInducedScrappy colors are blue (for being too [[GameBreaker broken]]) and green (for being too weak). Red also gets some hate, because all the good red cards are at common, so many fans think you can always tell a [=n00b=] by the fact that it's turn 5 and all he's played are mountains.
** The ScrappyMechanic is countering. It just seems unfair that all your hard work will be removed. If it's a permanent, it can be removed anyway once in play...
*** Even with the prevalence of removal spells, countering is still considered far, far more of a ScrappyMechanic. For one, there are only a tiny handful of cards that can't be countered. Anything else, even [[PhysicalGod Progenitus]], whose whole schtick is that nothing short of a board-wiping nuke can touch it, can get countered, usually meaning critical or game-ending spells can be thwarted for a measly two mana. This tends to have devastating consequences in more serious play, since the havoc counterspells wreak on tempo means even a soft counter like Remand can be devastating for the mana it makes you waste. Combine this with the fact that one of the single best equipment cards in the game, Sword of Feast And Famine, means any deck that runs counterspells has a way to always have land open during enemy turns while also giving one of their creatures a sizable power boost and four bonus abilities, and you can start to see why people dread playing against decks that pack a lot of counterspells.
*** This is exactly the reason why formats exist ([[MoneyDearBoy apart from keeping up the income from the franchise]]). An old card becoming powerful way beyond intention due to new, stronger cards being printed, is not supposed to ruin the game. As it is these old cards ([[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt Wrath of ]], Counterspell etc.) can only be used outside of vintage when the recent edition contained a reprint of said card. Most of these cards were made back when a powerful card cost 7 mana, was a 7/7 monster and had no effect at all.
*** In slow multiplayer formats such as EDH, playing any kind of land removal will probably get you chased out the door with torches and pitchforks.
** The Scrappy ''sets'' include ''Homelands'' (too weak), ''Fallen Empires'' (all the good cards at common, a print run being six times the core set of the time), and ''The Dark'' (too weak, and had Sorrow's Path, long considered the worst card in ''Magic''.). The ''Kamigawa'' block also got a huge hatedom.
** The Eldrazi Titans are Scrappies as well, either for being extremely powerful (In Vintage, it's possible to get them in play as soon as you have certain cards in play.) or for being too weak. [[AwesomeButImpractical (Emrakul costs 15 mana!)]]
** Nicol Bolas has a huge hatedom, mainly due to his VillainSue characterization.
* Monopoly is hated among boardgamers because of its reputation for games lasting many hours, far past the point where they stop being fun.
** Monopoly played with the official rules is ... well, it's certainly not the most fun game out there, but it's not awful either, and should end in about an hour and a half. The problem is that nearly everyone plays with one or more "house rules", most of which tend to dump money into the endgame, a time which should be all about having players go bankrupt and be eliminated.
* In ''TabletopGame/{{Planescape}}'', the Xaositects earn flak for much the same reason as the Kender above; their official sourcebook descriptions and outline not only give them carte blanche to be played as ChaoticStupid, but this is actually described as more or less the intended goal. Slaad have much the same mentality, but aren't so hated, since they are strictly monsters and not playable characters.
* For ''TabletopGame/{{Ravenloft}}'' players, other than Strahd and Azalin Rex, all the other Darklords/Domains have detractors and defenders, but Death and the Necropolis is almost universally despised. For those who do not know the setting: picture a city in the middle of a populated Kingdom. Now everyone in this city is undead - sounds like a guilt-free monster bashing fest, right? Wrong. This city is surrounded by The Shroud - which immediately kills everyone who crosses it, and animates them into undead, no exceptions, no saves (sure there is a plant that prevents this, but it's a hard-to-find supplement). The Ruler Death also fails to leave a lasting impression. For most [=DMs=], they found the obvious danger to [=PCs=] and the setting's aversion of DeathIsCheap trope renders Necropolis nigh-unplayable without some serious railroading, and often found it easier just to excise it.
* ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}'':
** Marneus Calgar. Even most Space Marine fans hate him these days, possibly owing to him being a Mary Sue.
** The Ultramarines as a whole. While they still have their fans, the majority of players can't stand them. They were alright when they were kept more in the background, but then Games Workshop fell in love with them and [[CreatorsPet started promoting them out the wazoo]]. It doesn't help that one of the Ultramarines codexes was turned into a generalist Space Marines codex at the last minute, ''after'' the entire book had been written from the perspective of an Ultramarines propaganda manager.
*** Of the Ultramarines, the most disliked seems to be the Second Company Captain, Cato Sicarus. In the aforementioned codex, he had no characterization whatsoever outside of being [[MaryTzu The Best Captain Evarrr,]] with him being described defeating technologically-equal armies that outnumbered his own a hundred (or even a thousand) to one. Fanon [[RonTheDeathEater turned him into]] a conceited, smug glory-hound with a likely-fabricated list of victories. He's so disliked that, while Games Workshop has made a deliberate effort to [[RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap Rescue]] characters like Marneus Calger and Roboute Guilliman, when Sicarus started making proper appearances, [[TakeThatScrappy they bordered on]] AscendedFanon.
** The Space Marines as a whole, more like. The Blood Angels get hate for inevitable ''Twilight'' connections, as well a codex with [[{{Narm}} weird rules and hilarious background]], the Dark Angels are bemoaned for being primarily [[{{Wangst}} motivated]] by their [[MyGreatestFailure previous split in ranks]], along with their somewhat [[{{Jerkass}} abrasive attitudes]], and even the [[EnsembleDarkHorse fan favorite Space Wolves]] have become a TierInducedScrappy army due to being extremely good competitively.
** The [[HeroAntagonist Tau]] often get this treatment. Half of the hate comes from them not fitting the tone of the game, due to being much LighterAndSofter even than the traditionally [[VillainProtagonist "good"]] [[ScaryDogmaticAliens Imperium]] and [[ManipulativeBastard Eldar]]. The rest is based upon EpilepticTrees by the fandom, often painting them as [[RonTheDeathEater worse than the Imperium.]]
** For a lot of people Matt Ward has become a scrappy fluff writer due in large part to writing the background for the above mentioned Ultramarines and for the 5th Edition Blood Angels Codex. This has been taken to truly staggering levels with the release of the new Grey Knights codex; quite a few players are furious at Ward's new fluff, which among other things has one of the Grey Knights become the Grand Master of the chapter at the exact same time he's stranded in the Warp for several centuries, as well as making some Knights slaughter a convent of Sisters of Battle who have managed to remain pure despite their world falling to Chaos, and following that up with using their blood to anoint weapons and armor to protect against Chaos. The exact same wargear that's already been blessed and specifically made to fight Chaos in the first place. That and [[TierInducedScrappy breaking the game in half.]] Matt does have some redeeming works, such as giving the Eldar some better lore and victories, as most of the time they usually ended getting slaughtered, and less like the TheChessmaster's they are.
*** Robbin Cruddace, another codex writer, is rapidly slipping into this as well. His lore is only SoOkayItsAverage, and the gameplay he writes is [[TierInducedScrappy poorly balanced and overall weak]], with the sole exception of a Space Marines codex in 2013. He's getting so bad, in fact, that after his second Tyranids codex fans are begging Mat Ward to come back, because at least he writes armies that stand a chance at winning.
* Samuel Haight from World of Darkness. He was a Werewolf/Vampire/Mage/Changeling. Ads made him out to be the Ultimate Badass but in practice it was just silly.
** Eventually the writers realized this and created an entire adventure devoted to killing him, and then had his soul forged into an ashtray.
* The TableTopGame/YuGiOh TCG has several, including:
** A lot of players dislike the Elemental Hero archetype because, being the archetype of choice of [[Anime/YuGiOhGX Jaden Yuki]], they pretty much took over the game for several booster packs, they dominate the fusion mechanic, and have more support and numbers than actual types. This is by contrast with [[Anime/YuGiOh Yugi Muto]], who used monsters that were pretty much all over the place in terms of their theme, and [[Anime/YuGiOh5Ds Yusei Fudo]], who does mostly rely on the Synchron and Warrior archetypes, but many of the cards involved are useful for other things besides supporting their own archetype. However, Elemental Hero builds [[RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap have become more popular as of recently]], in particular: The Neos Alius/Gemini Spark, Elemental Hero Absolute Zero and Masked Hero builds are potent and are seeing quite a bit of play.
** For the old-school players, Yata-Garasu was this before its ban due to the ease with which it can completely lock down the game (being hit with it once causes you to skip your next draw, and that means that if you don't have anything on-hand that can destroy it or keep it from hitting you again, whelp, enjoy slowly losing with absolutely no way to do anything about it.)
** Starter decks (Not to be confused with Structure decks). Although that they may release several new cards, they are mediocre to play in competitive play.
** The Utopia Archetype. Have 4 Different "forms", unlike Utopia's predecessors, which only have a two or three, several players tend to call hatedom due to Utopia's effect and the way how the creators are giving it more time to shine.
*** Utopia itself isn't really the problem: Utopia/Hope, and its various upgrades, are perfectly fine in a vacuum, being well-balanced, decently-rounded, and good-looking. The problem is that Utopia happens to be the main card of Yuma Tsukumo, the main character of ''Anime/YuGiOhZexal'', and not only is it the main card of a character who is already a BaseBreaker on the best of days, but he uses it ''[[SpotlightStealingSquad to the exclusion of all others.]]'' Despite the premise of the series being that [[GottaCatchEmAll Yuma takes the ace cards of his opponents]], and therefore is carting around dozens of super-strong Numbers at all times, and despite the fact that Yuma's deck contains Gagagas that could easily bring out anything he wants, he ''always'' goes into Utopia within the first few turns, and ''always'' uses it to deliver the finisher. You can pretty much count the number of times he summons a non-Utopia Number on one hand, making what should be one of the most diverse decks in the series [[ThemeDeck painfully predictable.]] What, you liked Big Eye or Lucky Straight or Volcasaurus or the OOParts or Heart-earth? Well, too bad; Yuma has them now and they're never showing up again because they're not Utopia. Other protagonists had ace cards, but none of them abused them the way Yuma did with Utopia.
** The Madolche Archetype, mainly for netting their main card, Maldoche Puddingcess, is Ultra rare to begin with and the it didn't help that the booster pack that Puddingcess comes from (Return of the Duelist) is infamous for it's worst rate.
** High Priestess of Prophecy. Costs over 100 USD to buy in the online market and sometimes, in hobby stores. The Booster pack it comes from? It's the same that contains Puddingcess, and good luck netting it.
** Infernities and to a lesser extent, X-Sabers. They're not hated for their strategies or monsters; but their playstyles; which is akin to watching your opponent or yourself playing a game of solitaire.
** Exodia, despite being one of the most iconic monsters in Yugioh, is loathed by many competitive players. Exodia decks come in two flavors: one which aims to draw out the entire Deck in one turn, turning the game into solitaire, and one which aims to stall and prevent the opponent from doing anything to damage them while they slowly draw out their instant win, which is about as annoying as it sounds. It's not even satisfying to win against an Exodia player, because they put up [[ZeroEffortBoss no resistance whatsoever]] when you win (due to their getting bad draws and not being able to get their chains going). And worst of all, because of Exodia's status as one of the most iconic monsters in Yugioh, it's almost certainly not going on the banlist.
** Blackwings, hoo boy... The Crimson Crisis-era Blackwings were a TierInducedScrappy for their ridiculous offensive power. And then Konami realized that they were selling and shoehorned their wielder, Crow, into the greater plot of ''5Ds,'' so that they could use him to shill even more Blackwings. What Konami failed to realize, however, is that the anime fanbase and the card game fanbase are largely separate, and the cardplayers use whatever's best at the time, not what's on the show ([[CCGImportanceDissonance which is usually crap anyway]]). Upon being promoted to the main cast, Crow's Blackwings went from a small set of powerful cards to a massive archetype comprised mostly of whatever he'd pulled from his ass to beat the MonsterOfTheWeek, and fans of the card game dropped the deck in droves. What was more, fans of the anime generally disliked Crow, and blamed the Blackwings for [[ExecutiveMeddling pointlessly shoving him into the series]] and [[InvincibleHero for being too powerful]] in a cast of mostly underdogs, making them loathed by ''both'' sectors of the fanbase. All this combined led to Duelist Pack Crow, a special all-Blackwing pack, being a complete sales failure. Konami seemingly finally took the hint, reducing Crow's role a good deal in the last arc of the series.

* Little Red from ''Theatre/IntoTheWoods''. She doesn't get any noteworthy songs, her character is fairly one-dimensional and boring, and she's far less important to the plot than the other principles. In fact, you could probably remove her from the musical entirely without affecting too much, save one scene where she dares Jack to climb the beanstalk again.
* Opera has quite a few of these; ''BBC Music'' recently did an article about it, in fact. They tend to be one-dimensional stock villains, especially ones who are [[EthnicScrappy ethnic stereotypes]] (such as Monostatos from ''Theatre/TheMagicFlute'' or [[SpaceJews Mime]] from ''Theatre/DerRingDesNibelungen'') or [[PuritySue Purity Sues/Stus]] (for example, Don Ottavio from ''DonGiovanni'').

* Vezon from ''Franchise/{{Bionicle}}'', after he had lost his powers, and all that was left was his [[TalkativeLoon random ramblings]]. [[BrokenBase While these amused a portion of the fanbase, the rest found him incredibly annoying and useless]], leaving him as either the EnsembleDarkhorse or TheScrappy depending on your point of view. It didn't help that after having been infused with the power of dimension-traveling, he can now pop up anywhere.
** Kiina, but only her portrayal in ''The Legend Reborn'' movie. The GenkiGirl persona (which clashed heavily with how other story material depicted her), coupled with her "Yahoo"s (which have been [[{{Flanderization}} exaggerated]] by the fandom to the point that's the only thing they remember her saying) and shrill voice, made her one of the biggest and most hated Scrappies the fandom has ever known. Which is a shame, since those that read the books and comics know her true personality isn't like that at all.
** Toy-wise, the rectangular ball-joint sockets from the '08-'10 era of sets. They were probably meant to fix the problem of easily breaking joints, but they broke even more easily. The pre-bent Av-Matoran/Agori limbs that utilized these joints are especially hated because they are harder to replace, harder to use for [=MOCing=] and limit articulation.
** The Toa figures of the 2008 Mistika line, because they looked absolutely nothing like their original 2002 selves -- actually, they have just about the exact opposite features.
** Fans mostly feel negative towards launchers for replacing collectible items, but the most universally hated out of them are the squid launchers: they have only one point of attachment, are practically impossible to fire because the ammunition (rubber squids) have to be stretched and released by hand, often breaking, getting stuck in the launcher or only managing to fly a few inches. The squids actually have to be attached to the figures carrying the launcher, sticking out of them unsightly.
** Ehlek, Hahli and the incredibly hard to find and expensive special edition Lesovikk sets from 2007. Why? Due to LEGO screwing up their plastic, all of their lime-colored pieces are prone to breaking, which they do even if you don't touch them. Otherwise, they would be perfectly good sets.
* {{Furby}} is a toy that is absolutely loathed by adults due to its annoying nature and broken English. And not only that, there was no "off" button.
* Fans of ''Franchise/MonsterHigh'' ''despise'' Hoo-Dude for his annoying personality (basically a male PluckyComicRelief version of Frankie Stein without any of her charm or likability), irritating voice, and stupid, bizarre character concept (even for a franchise that ''thrives'' on them). The fact that ''Frights Camera Action!'' gave him a ''very'' forced prominent role (mostly consisting of him doing stupid [[Franchise/StarWars Jar Jar]]-esque things and shouting the obvious) did not help and only deepened the hate. It's even believed that his first official doll was bundled with a limited edition of EnsembleDarkhorse Scarah because nobody would want to buy him on his own.
* Apple White of ''Franchise/EverAfterHigh'', she is disliked by the fandom for being a self absorbed MarySue. Being the daughter of Snow White she is destined for a happy ending, but she believes that Raven Queen should be her evil queen, and tries to convince her to take her mothers role, which will end in misery for Raven. Unsurprisingly dolls of her supposedly sell quite poorly (the only reason so many are made is because she's technically a main character).
* Franchise/{{LEGO}} has had many failed lines that fans would rather forget: ''Series/{{Galidor}}'', ''Toys/RoboRiders'', ''Toys/LEGOTimeCruisers'' and ''Jack Stone'' come to mind, along with a plethora of disliked sub-series with otherwise popular lines, such as the ''Insectoids'' from ''Toys/LEGOSpace'', and a lot of others from the company's DorkAge from about 1997 to early 2000s (for their oversized, "juniorized" pieces and lazy builds).
* ''Franchise/{{Transformers}}'' has the Action Masters, the last wave of G1 toys to come out in the US. The sheer AudienceAlienatingPremise of "Transformers that don't transform" was often rumored to have killed the brand, and though that almost certainly wasn't the only reason (the line had been going for eight years and was very much on its last legs), they can't have helped matters. Putting aside the fact of Transformers that don't transform, they generally weren't very good action figures on their own merits; their much-vaunted poseability consisted of seven points of articulation, Devastator was no bigger than Bumblebee, they came with rather stupid accessories (why would Optimus Prime, of all people, need a truck?), and their rubber-band hips meant that few Action Masters still have both legs. Fan opinion has softened since then, but even the biggest proponents find that it was a colossal misfire to replace the entire line with Action Masters instead of a subline like the modern Robot Replicas or Revoltechs. Note that this doesn't apply to the characters introduced as Action Masters, which are either forgotten nonentities or {{Ensemble Darkhorse}}s.
** The vast majority of the fanbase seems to loathe Bumblebee for his SpotlightStealingSquad tendencies in the toyline. It's more likely these days for a line to have at least two Bumblebees than to have any kind of Megatron, and they're often shipped as the majority of a case assortment. At first this was acceptable because he was [[KidAppealCharacter popular enough among the kids]] that 'Bee toys vanished from shelves quickly, but sometime around 2010, Bumblebees became so saturated that every kid who wanted one owned one, leaving countless Bumblebees sitting on shelves and leaving no space for later waves that might carry more interesting figures. Of the bunch, the movieverse Bumblebee gets the most hate. He's the mascot of the base-breaking films, he's a pretty FlatCharacter, he receives nearly as many toys as the venerable G1 Optimus, and most of those toys just 'Bee with a slightly different pattern of yellow and black paint. Worst of all, due to their InkStainAdaptation status, he also pretty much forever locked in Bumblebee's design as "yellow and black muscle car" and ensured that Bumblebee toys from ''other lines'' now have to look the same as the dozens of Movie 'Bee toys already out there. Even the Masterpiece release of G1 Bumblebee got some scoffs.
** Most of the ''TF'' toys aimed at small children, such as 1-step changers, oversized non-transformable "action" figures and other simplified toys designed around a specific gimmick. While the quality of the toys and their success with the target audience is up to debate, what makes them Scrappies is that beginning from around 2010, these made up the bulk of available ''TF'' products in several countries, entirely pushing out well regarded, fan-favorite lines such as ''Generations''. Basically no locally purchasable "genuine" ''TF'' toys for years.
* ''Toys/{{Bionicle 2015}}'' has the Skull Scorpio, generally regarded as perhaps the weakest sets of the toyline's reboot due to its big and clunky, gimmick-based tail clashing strongly with its otherwise sleek and slender design, as well as for its legs being immobile. As well, it shares many of the frowned-upon aspects of its entire wave, such as a reused mask and somewhat garish colors.