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Before editing, remember that TheScrappy primarily refers to a character who is hated or disliked within their own fandom. It does not mean that just because you dislike someone, they belong here.

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* While most of the fandom despises the ponies from Chatoyance's version of Fanfic/TheConversionBureau, they reserve most of their hate for the [[TheQuisling human]] [[KnightTemplar PER]] [[LesCollaborateurs operatives]] Michaelson and Morely of the eponymous story for being [[DesignatedHero Designated Heroes]].
** Charoyance's "[[InNameOnly Celestia]]" is also disliked for [[KarmaHoudini getting away]] with genocide as well as the blatant favoritism by the author (to near AuthorAvatar levels).
* ''Fanfic/TheLastSon'' has a number of issues - overpowered Superman, underpowered Marvel Universe characters, everyone worshipping Superman and anyone who doesn't automatically[=/=]qualifies as varying shades of 'evil' or 'moron', the LoveInterest is by far the worst. Alison Blaire is Superman's bonded mate and the two are spectacularly StrangledByTheRedString. This wouldn't be so bad if she wasn't unilaterally irritating. That said, Book 3 starts the process of rescuing her from the scrappy heap with a decent story arc.
* While most of the original characters from ''Fanfic/MyBravePonyStarfleetMagic'' are detested, Rhymey is the least liked out of all of them, mostly because his constant [[PainfulRhyme bad rhyming]], as well as it being [[FlatCharacter his one character trait]]. There's a reason why a common CatchPhrase among riffers is [[MemeticMutation "SHUT THE F*CK UP RHYMEY"]]. It doesn't help that he ends up being paired with [[TheCutie Fluttershy]].
** From the first season, Inquirius was this due to her "[[FigureItOutYourself asking in questions]]" gimmick being her one character trait. She doesn't get it as badly as others, because [[PutOnABus she's barely used and said to have retired]].
** [[BigGood Grand Ruler Celesto]] gets this as well due to [[TheGodsMustBeLazy barely pitching in unless the plot calls for it]], not to mention his MoralEventHorizon in season 2 which involved making Twilight Sparkle think she was responsible for a family getting seriously hurt, all just to teach her a lesson.
** In terms of canon characters [[{{Flanderization}} (which in and of themselves are heavily neutered)]], Celestia (yet again) gets the worst of it for essentially being reduced to a female Celesto. And then there's [[spoiler:the aftermath of Twilight Sparkle's death, wherein Celestia (along with the rest of [[DesignatedHero Starfleet]]) [[UsefulNotes/VictimBlaming blames her for her own death]] [[UngratefulBitch even though she was trying to save her]]]]. Even EnsembleDarkhorse Brass Bolt is disappointed in the new Celestia.
** [[LivingStatue Goldwin]] is one because of [[TrappedByMountainLions his general uselessness to the main, overarching plot]] and for being little more than an excuse to plagiarize ''Series/TodaysSpecial''. Some have even argued that he's [[UpToEleven worse than Rhymey]].
** Both versions of [[AuthorAvatar Mykan Stevens]] get this treatment. Human Mykan gets it for basically being a MartyStu with enough intelligence to work for NASA as a teenager, and Pony Mykan is one because of his UngratefulBastard StopHelpingMe tendencies, pretty much mimicking the author himself.
* In the original ''Anime/DigimonAdventure02'', most of the Digidestined have a likeable personality and overall tolerable, however in ''Fanfic/Digimon02TheStoryWeNeverTold'', all of the Digidestined have reimagined personalities that can either be for better or for worse. However on the scrappy end of this side are Matt, Mimi, and Cody. Matt is hated for stubbornly denouncing the new generation Digidestined at every opportunity no matter how much they prove themselves. Mimi AlphaBitch tendencies got completely flanderized, as well as suffering from AesopAmnesia after the original adventure regarding her dislike of fighting. Cody is hated during Ken's redemption arc for completely refusing to believe that Ken has redeemed himself no matter how much he tried to do, even attempted to kill him.

* ''Webcomic/TowerOfGod'': [[DirtyCoward Parakewl]]. He betrays his team with a idiotic strategy and when one of his team members follows through with it, he turns his back at him because he doesn't trust him or his strategy at a crucial moment. He calls everybody trash and means it, sucks up to those more powerful when he immediately needs them, acts like he is in charge and has no sense of dignity whatsoever.

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* Person Man in Music/TheyMightBeGiants' song "Particle Man" is clearly intended to be the scrappy of the comic book the song is about.

[[folder:Newspaper Comics]]
* Barry from ''ComicStrip/{{Curtis}}''. The author clearly intended his antics to just be normal kid-brother grade asshattery, but they're usually incredibly mean-spirited and deliberately designed to provoke Curtis, so that Barry can then sob to his mother that big mean ol' Curtis is trying to hit him for no reason at all, whereupon she will give Curtis chores to do for trying to hit his sweet, innocent brother, and [[KarmaHoudini Barry ice cream for being a]] ManipulativeBastard. Diane lacks the pattern recognition to notice that Curtis always has a very detailed description of the transgressions she doesn't believe Barry committed.
* ''ComicStrip/{{Dilbert}}'' has a couple of In-Universe Scrappies, Topper and Loud Howard, two guys whose sole purpose seems to be to annoy ''every'' other member of the main cast. In one strip, the PointyHairedBoss puts Dilbert in a project with both of them, and Dilbert asks if its because he hates him; the PHB denies it, saying its because he hates those two guys.
* ''ComicStrip/ForBetterOrForWorse'':
** Hey Lynn Johnston, if you wanted to make your readers happy, you could've set Anthony on fire. Or run him over with a tank. Or have him mauled by a moose. Or really, anything but what you ''did'' do: Getting him back together with Elizabeth after years of him mooning after her while married to another woman and his outrageously inappropriate behavior during [[AttemptedRape the Going After]], and then ending the strip with their wedding. Seriously, you couldn't have mauled him with a moose?
** This is how bad the hate for Anthony is: Eric blatantly cheated on Elizabeth multiple times while they were living together and was completely smarmy and unapologetic after they broke up; when she went to pick up the last of her things from his place, he acted like ''he'' should be forgiving ''her'' for the failed relationship. And even still, it seem most of the fans would have rather seen her get back with Eric than with Anthony.

[[folder:Puppet Shows]]
* Some fans of Franchise/TheMuppets see recent addition Pepe the Prawn as this (those who don't see him as an EnsembleDarkHorse, that is). A big part of that is that they see Pepe as [[SpotlightStealingSquad taking the focus away from the classic characters]], and that his basic shtick is [[TheCasanova flirting with women]] and making pop cultural references.

* Ralph Cirella on ''Radio/TheHowardSternShow''. Howard once responded that Ralph gets more hate mail than a Ku Klux Klansman who is a frequent caller to the show.

[[folder:Role-Playing Games]]
* Roleplay/DinoAttackRPG... oh boy. For every well-loved and popular character there was also and equally despised individual:
** Duke... just Duke. Where to begin? Given the entire drive of his character was the complete and total destruction of anyone with even the slightest idealistic beliefs. Even the people that ''weren't'' at that point writing [[OldShame under the assumption that all realists were evil and idealists were good]] despised him. It got to the point where, despite being a player's primary character, nobody wanted to let him escape when he was finally locked up in a maximum security prison, where we can probably assume he is due for a life sentence if not the electric chair.
** Cam O'Cozy: If it weren't for this guy, Duke might not have been quite so bad. After all, he was the one who ascended the idealist-realist feud to a whole new level of violence. [[GoddamnedBoss He just wouldn't stay defeated, either]], and when he escaped a maximum security prison - much like Duke - players' reaction was so negative that he was immediately defeated, and in his next appearance he was finally killed off following a RoboticReveal.
** Snake was supposed to be a likeable anti-hero [[Film/EscapeFromNewYork just like his inspiration]], but instead he came off as a complete {{Jerkass}}. It says a lot that the character meant to be a lowlife scumbag in comparison to Snake ([[StrawLoser for no reason other than to make Snake look better]]) ended up being UnintentionallySympathetic whenever he was beaten up by Snake - ''that'''s how much of a jerk Snake was.
** Atton Rand's infamous attempt to create a group of characters based on ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' wasn't exactly well-received (though in fairness it was largely to do with the fact that they were introduced half-way through the final battle and took the focus away from his more popular characters). Fortunately they were [[PutOnABus written out once]] the players started voicing their concerns.
** French Fries is a somewhat interesting case. Originally conceived as being a ReasonableAuthorityFigure, he quickly became unpopular due to his unwittingly elevating the realist-idealist debates to a whole new level of violence (the fact that he initially [[KarmaHoudini got away with it]] and never took responsibility didn't help). However, as a result, he was eventually turned from a straight uptight official into a clueless looney who is completely oblivious to the consequences of his actions, making him a Scrappy in-universe as well. Also, to make up for the trouble he put everyone through, Atton Rand would later bring him back near the end specifically to allow his fellow players to give him his comeuppance for all the crap he put them through, but even Atton Rand was shocked by the [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown brutality]] with which players punished French Fries.
** After the attack on the XERRD Fortress, Rotor quickly became TheScrappy due to his mistreatment of Kate Bishop, [[KangarooCourt trial]] and [[JudgeJuryAndExecutioner near-execution]] of an entire T-1 Typhoon squad, and his torture of Jenny Strangebrick and Tom for [[AlternativeCharacterInterpretation what may have been]] simply for sick enjoyment. He was only considered to be RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap after he cleaned up his act starting with the Maelstrom Temple battle, and because he actually started to look not all that bad in comparison to two newly-introduced characters, Trigger and Snake - to the point where most players wanted Rotor to be Atton Rand's primary character instead of Trigger!
** Baldrick, who is little more than a walking BigLippedAlligatorMoment and yet another CaptainErsatz to add to the list. In addition to having no important impact on the plot, only slowing it down long enough for him to talk about his so-called "ingenious plans", he sticks out like a sore thumb and often [[MoodWhiplash interrupts the mood]] of the current scene, making him seem like an out-of-place forced attempt at comic relief.
** Pharisee's KnightTemplar-esque actions and BlackAndWhiteInsanity have turned off some players who would normally root for him. However, others might also consider him RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap following his psychiatric session with Dr. Saran, which delved into his psyche and backstory in a beautiful way.
** Firecracker's botched TakingYouWithMe attempt, which was not long after he nearly detonated enough explosives to take out a chunk of a fully-populated Dino Attack Headquarters, really took a toll on his popularity, to the point where most players wanted to see him either arrested or put in an asylum after the war. It did not help that Atton Rand had no intention of making Firecracker anything other than a KarmaHoudini in the end, going so far as to add MisaimedRealism in an attempt to enforce it.
** The owner of the hotel. He was supposed to be a parody of an earlier DeusExMachina but there was quite a bit of controversy that sprung from the resulting individual, to the point where how much of his appearance is canon is deliberately left unclear.

* Clippy, the Microsoft Office animated paperclip assistant. As soon as you write the word "Dear" he immediately pops up and asks if you need help writing a letter, complete with [[MostAnnoyingSound tapping sound effects]]. ''[[AnnoyingVideoGameHelper Stop]] [[UnwantedAssistance helping us.]]'' And if you actually do ask him for help, you find out he's nothing more than a search function.
** Only good appearance: a page of computer jokes somewhere, in which his sole dialogue is "It looks like you're writing a letter. Would you like me to a) bollocks it up for you b) just off and leave you alone?"
*** Also, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ifleu0VVAc0 this video]].
** Then there's the lolcat where he offers three choices for making WebOriginal/LOLCats, and "Invisible Office Assistant" is chosen.
** [[WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy "Go away, you paper clip! No one likes you!"]]
** ''Webcomic/IrregularWebcomic'' once had Mercutio confused that the absence of Clippy was supposed to be a software ''fault'', rather than, say, a reward from [[MachineWorship the Omnissiah]].
** Microsoft were in on the joke, apparently: There was a Flash-animated short promoting Windows XP, where Clippy laments that he might be out of a job at long last. And he's voiced by Gilbert Gottfried, for Christ's sake.
** This [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dP98Pb50T-U Demetri Martin routine.]]
** Radio/WaitWaitDontTellMe also had a [[http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=128417631 great bit]] about him being taken out into the woods and getting whacked.
** Microsoft Word Online's 2014 AprilFoolsDay joke was for Clippit to appear, saying things like "[[AlasPoorScrappy Remember when we used to write letters together?]]"
** Microsoft used Clippy as the main character in the tutorial game ''Ribbon Hero 2'', when Microsoft fired him for being too annoying and his mother kicked him out of the house to get a job. At the end, he gets abducted by aliens and taken to a race of paperclip people who welcome him as a chosen hero to 'teach them how to write letters'.

* Izzy of the 1996 UsefulNotes/OlympicGames is considered one of the least popular Olympics mascots ever. His design is obnoxious and baffling; most people simply passed him off as a "giant blue sperm with legs." His video game wasn't even any good and played like a bad [[Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog Sonic]] clone. Not enough? The character was unpopular enough that ''Izzy's Quest for Olympic Gold'', a 30-minute-long animated special that stars Izzy as the main character and aired on TNT, was never rerun after its initial airing and is [[KeepCirculatingTheTapes literally impossible to find online]] as a result. That's right, nobody liked him enough to bother preserving the special!
* Digger, the mascot for NASCAR on Fox coverage from 2008 to 2012. He was greatly criticized for the ways in which he was used. Though it was at one time commonplace for networks to create mascots for sports coverage to incorporate an educational and entertaining element into their coverage, which was the case with Peter Puck, Digger was created purely to add entertainment to the NASCAR on Fox broadcast and reach out to a younger audience. Some NASCAR fans accused Fox of dumbing down and fluffing its coverage in order to gain revenue from Digger merchandise sales. Despite continuous outrage from the NASCAR fan community, as well as talk from the NASCAR community that the Fan Council was not pleased with the situation, Fox did not announce any plans to drop the usage of the characters, and even had posted pictures of holiday-themed versions of the Digger die-cast in 2009 and 2010. In response to the comments, in 2010, the Digger cartoon was not shown during pre-race shows and Digger appeared less often at the bottom of the screen. Throughout the 2011 season as well as the 2012 Budweiser Shootout and Daytona 500, Digger appeared very sparingly, usually only during commercial bumpers. Starting with the 2012 Subway Fresh Fit 500 all appearances and references to Digger were removed from the broadcast completely. However, nods to it occasionally came up (for example, at the Talladega race in 2014, when a track-level camera had a car drive over it, Darrell Waltrip commented that he hoped that nothing had happened to Digger, to which Mike Joy responded, "Digger's retired").

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* ''Literature/{{Dragonlance}}'':
** Kender are intended to be Dragonlance's PluckyComicRelief, but instead have turned into one of ''the'' most hated races out there. Mostly it's because their racial personality traits ([[CuriousAsAMonkey childlike innocence and curiosity]], [[FearlessFool fearlessness]], [[KleptomaniacHero chronic kleptomania]], [[NeverMyFault denying having stolen anything when confronted about it]]) are just begging to be played as ChaoticStupid, to the point where it would take a very creative player to play a Kender character who ''wasn't'' ChaoticStupid.
*** In canon, the dragon lord Malystryx attempted genocide on the Kender race, which was considered to be an extreme MoralEventHorizon. This is in contrast to most tabletop groups, which often don't even consider killing Kender as a violation of the Paladin Code.
*** A chief reason for why Kender are so hated is the sheer ProtagonistCenteredMorality involved in their creation. There are other "thief" races out there, including halflings, goblins, and boggles, but none of them are anywhere nearly as hated as Kender because all of them are treated realistically for their thieving, mostly doing it to survive or because they're jerks, and are appropriately considered mostly Neutral or Evil - it's up to the player if they think the thieving of those races is justifiable. Kender, on the other hand, are treated as a Good race, and the books play their kleptomania as innocent, childlike curiosity. One infamous page claims that the AlwaysChaoticEvil races are the only ones to hate Kender, and declares that the "truly wise" understand that the world would be worse off without a rabble of thieving, brain-damaged little shits with no functional society. So basically, if you resent your fellow player for pocketing your magic items, then you are objectively wrong. Is it any wonder that most groups consider "I want to play a Kender!" to be a ban-on-sight deal?
* In the ''TabletopGame/{{Exalted}}'' fandom, the Scarlet Empress is often viewed as somebody who is given too many victories for too little effort, and who makes other characters look stupid for having failed to get rid of or otherwise deal with her (alternatively, there are those who view her as portrayed as having displayed too many incompetencies and having too many failures for her extended centrality to make sense).
* Jace Beleran in ''TabletopGame/MagicTheGathering'', in part because in the flavor text of cards he comes off as condescending and arrogant, in part because he is printed on many different cards (many of which are powerful, and a couple of which have been GameBreakers) over and above other blue planeswalkers who are arguably more interesting (he is the only mono-blue planeswalker to regularly get depicted in cards), and because of a perceived story bias.
* ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}'':
** Marneus Calgar. Even most Space Marine fans hate him these days, possibly owing to him being a Mary Sue.
** Of the Ultramarines, the most disliked seems to be the Second Company Captain, Cato Sicarus. In the aforementioned codex, he had no characterization whatsoever outside of being [[MaryTzu The Best Captain Evarrr,]] with him being described defeating technologically-equal armies that outnumbered his own a hundred (or even a thousand) to one. Fanon [[RonTheDeathEater turned him into]] a conceited, smug glory-hound with a likely-fabricated list of victories. He's so disliked that, while Games Workshop has made a deliberate effort to [[RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap Rescue]] characters like Marneus Calger and Roboute Guilliman, when Sicarus started making proper appearances, [[TakeThatScrappy they bordered on]] AscendedFanon.
* Samuel Haight from ''TabletopGame/OldWorldOfDarkness''. His original concept (kinfolk who wanted to kill werewolves to become one himself) wasn't too bad, but then more adventures were written with him and he ended up getting powers from ''all'' the major gamelines (Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Changeling) with Paradox immunity and the ability to VillainExitStageLeft. GMs were ''encouraged'' to always let him escape at the end. Eventually, the writers caught on and he was [[TakeThatScrappy killed by a Paradox blast, and his soul was forged into an ashtray]] in [[TabletopGame/WraithTheOblivion the Underworld]].

* Little Red from ''Theatre/IntoTheWoods''. She doesn't get any noteworthy songs, her character is fairly one-dimensional and boring, and she's far less important to the plot than the other principles. In fact, you could probably remove her from the musical entirely without affecting too much, save one scene where she dares Jack to climb the beanstalk again.
* Opera has quite a few of these; ''BBC Music'' recently did an article about it, in fact. They tend to be one-dimensional stock villains, especially ones who are [[EthnicScrappy ethnic stereotypes]] (such as Monostatos from ''Theatre/TheMagicFlute'' or [[SpaceJews Mime]] from ''Theatre/DerRingDesNibelungen'') or [[PuritySue Purity Sues/Stus]] (for example, Don Ottavio from ''Theatre/DonGiovanni'').

* ''Toys/{{Bionicle}}'':
** Kiina, but only her portrayal in ''The Legend Reborn'' movie. The GenkiGirl persona (which clashed heavily with how other story material depicted her), coupled with her "Yahoo"s (which have been [[{{Flanderization}} exaggerated]] by the fandom to the point that's the only thing they remember her saying) and shrill voice, made her one of the biggest and most hated Scrappies the fandom has ever known. Which is a shame, since those that read the books and comics know her true personality isn't like that at all.
** ''Toys/{{Bionicle 2015}}'' has the Skull Scorpio, generally regarded as perhaps the weakest sets of the toyline's reboot due to its big and clunky, gimmick-based tail clashing strongly with its otherwise sleek and slender design, as well as for its legs being immobile. As well, it shares many of the frowned-upon aspects of its entire wave, such as a reused mask and somewhat garish colors.
** Ketar from the series' second year for his awkward build and function, as well as his mess of a color scheme. However, in some fans' eyes, he has been RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap by the AnimatedAdaptation, and because many feel that uniting him with that year's Pohatu, another figure with a shaky reputation, improves both toys.
* Apple White of ''Toys/EverAfterHigh''. She is disliked by the fandom for being self absorbed. Being the daughter of Snow White she is destined for a happy ending, but she believes that Raven Queen should be her evil queen, and tries to convince her to take her mothers role, which will end in misery for Raven. Unsurprisingly dolls of her supposedly sell quite poorly (the only reason so many are made is because she's technically a main character).
* Toys/{{Furby}} is a toy that is absolutely loathed by adults due to its annoying nature and broken English. And not only that, there was originally no "off" button.
* Fans of ''Toys/MonsterHigh'' ''despise'' Hoo-Dude for his annoying personality (basically a male PluckyComicRelief version of Frankie Stein without any of her charm or likability), irritating voice, and stupid, bizarre character concept (even for a franchise that ''thrives'' on them). The fact that ''Frights Camera Action!'' gave him a ''very'' forced prominent role (mostly consisting of him doing stupid [[Franchise/StarWars Jar Jar]]-esque things and shouting the obvious) did not help and only deepened the hate. It's even believed that his first official doll was bundled with a limited edition of EnsembleDarkhorse Scarah because nobody would want to buy him on his own.
* Kennedy from ''Toys/{{My Scene}}'' gets a lot of negative reception from fans for being made as an obvious replacement for Barbie. The fact that both characters were paired up with River as well as sharing similar personality traits only adds fuel to the fire.
* Adult Thomas Wooden Railway fans have a special disdain for items that are not based on aspects from [[WesternAnimation/ThomasTheTankEngine the television series]] or the ''Literature/TheRailwaySeries'' books and are created specifically for the range, as well as items that use more plastic than wood. An item that gets the most disdain from them in particular is the Bubble Loader, [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin a destination that involves loading bubble liquid]].
* The vast majority of the ''Franchise/{{Transformers}}'' fanbase seems to loathe Bumblebee for his SpotlightStealingSquad tendencies in the toyline. It's more likely these days for a line to have at least two Bumblebees than to have any kind of Megatron, and they're often shipped as the majority of a case assortment. At first this was acceptable because he was [[KidAppealCharacter popular enough among the kids]] that 'Bee toys vanished from shelves quickly, but sometime around 2010, Bumblebees became so saturated that every kid who wanted one owned one, leaving countless Bumblebees sitting on shelves and leaving no space for later waves that might carry more interesting figures. Of the bunch, the movieverse Bumblebee gets the most hate. He's the mascot of the base-breaking films, he's a pretty FlatCharacter, he receives nearly as many toys as the venerable G1 Optimus, and most of those toys just 'Bee with a slightly different pattern of yellow and black paint. Worst of all, he also pretty much forever locked in Bumblebee's design as "yellow and black muscle car" and ensured that Bumblebee toys from ''other lines'' now have to look the same as the dozens of Movie 'Bee toys already out there. Even the Masterpiece release of G1 Bumblebee got some scoffs.