Tearjerker / Metal Fight Beyblade

Metal Fusion/Metal Fight

  • Gingka's backstory.
  • Kyoya's defeat at the hands of Ryuga qualifies both as this and as Nightmare Fuel.

Metal Masters

  • Tsubasa and Yu in the hospital after they were attacked by Damian.
  • The whole story between Team Dungeon, from Toby having a dangerous illness to Zeo feeling abandoned by Masamune, to them fighting as enemies in the tournament, to them all getting back together. The last part also doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • Yu having to witness Tsubasa's gradual change due to the dark power. Especially when you consider that he's already seen the dark power change one person he had considered a best friend who had ended up betraying him and was now seeing that he might lose another person he'd become a good friend with to the dark power.

Metal Fury

  • Ryuga's death.