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Tearjerker: I Am Weasel
  • The Christmas special
  • My Friend The Smart Banana. IM Weasel crying as he helplessly watches his banana friend die.
  • The end of the final episode, I Am Legend. Mainly cause it turns IM Weasel into a Woobie when he finds out that everyone loved IR Baboon and no one cared when he quit the show. Poor, poor Weasel.
  • The scene in the Pixie-Fairy episode where the Weasel pixie dies in Weasel's hand.
  • That time Weasel succumbed to his egg addiction.
    "I have lost my humanity!"
  • In "I.R.. Wild Baboon" Weasel is sent to life in prison for illegally pushing Baboon in his trailer down a waterfall. He tells his story to the Red Guy as a news journalist hoping everyone will know the truth, but he's been asleep the whole time and hasn't written anything down. Weasel ends up back in solitary. Then, Cow wakes up, having another one of her "bad weasel dreams".

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