Tear Jerker / Within Temptation

Oh, dear Lord! This Dutch hard rock band is good at triggering the tears.

  • "Memories" is probably the best known.
    Made me promise I'd try to find my way back in this life
    I hope there is a way to give me a sign you're okay
    Remind me again it's worth it all
    So I can go home.
  • "Say My Name" is about a relative with Alzheimer's. The lyrics combined with Sharon's vocals really does it...
    Please, say my name
    Remember who I am
    You will find me in the world of yesterday
    You drift away again, too far from where I am
    When you ask me who I am.
  • More significant ones are "All I Need" and "Our Farewell" (My child, see the sadness in your eyes...)
  • "Somewhere," about searching for a lost loved one and not knowing where they are or even if they're still okay or alive.
    "Wherever you are, I won't stop searching, Whatever it takes, Need to know..."
  • "Forgiven" is even worse. The person being addressed in the song committed suicide.
    I've been so lost since you've gone
    Why not me before you? Why did fate deceive me?
    Everything turned out so wrong
    Why did you leave me in silence?
    • And the singer is regretting that they couldn't do anything to save them:
    Couldn't save you from the start
    Love you so, it hurts my soul.
  • "Swan Song" and "Pale." The song sounds happiest when she is about to give in to death...
  • "Frozen" (especially in the music video) and "Bittersweet" also qualify.
  • "What Have You Done," to a degree.
  • More recently, "Lost," "Stairway to the Skies," "Edge of the World," and "Whole World is Watching."
  • "The Last Dance" is arguably an example of this.
    She danced with you last night so you will remember
    All you have shared, a lifetime
    The angels were watching and death will be waiting
    Until the time is right