Tear Jerker / The Road

  • The father throwing away his wedding ring and his wallet that contains a picture of his wife.
  • Aside from the fact that the entire book is a Tear Jerker, the man telling the boy that he isn't the one who has to worry about everything all the time and the boy saying "Yes I am. I am the one."
    • Transitioned perfectly to The Movie, where Kodi Smit-McPhee is sure to tear your ventricles apart with his delivery.
    • The father striping the bandit of his clothes at gunpoint as he begs for mercy. By the time the son convinces the father to go back to return the mans clothes he is gone so they just set the clothes on the ground with a single can of food on the off chance he decides to come back. Made even worse by the fact that the man didn't hurt the boy, he just took the food because he was hungry.
    "Please mister, you don't have to do me like this..."
  • When the father dies in the end, and he apologises for not being able to take care of the boy anymore.