Tear Jerker / The Great Escape

  • The death's of Ives and Blythe.
  • The shooting of the 50 prisoners.
    • Correction, the cold-blooded murder of the 50 prisoners.
      • Von Luger could barely contain his shame as a German Officer when forced to lie about Ramsey about The Fifty "being shot IE. *murdered* while trying to from the Gestapo; the sheer *grief* he felt for the enemies that he respected was heartbreaking to behold.
  • Colin.
  • The ending.
    "Was it worth it?"
    "That depends on your point of view."
  • "This film is dedicated to the fifty."
  • DAMMIT maybe this time I watch it, Gordon Jackson won't fall for "Good Luck" and Steve will make the jump. Maybe *this* time...
  • Ashley-Pitt. At the time of his death, it came across as a sad, but heroic sacrifice. However, his death becomes sadder as the film goes on, as the man he died in order to protect, Bartlett, was captured and killed anyways, making his sacrifice pointless.