Funny / The Great Escape

  • Loved the bit near the begining when Danny and Sedgwick try to escape with a group of Russian prisoners. They don't make it out, but they do know a little Russian!
    Sedgwick: Danny, do you speak Russian?
    Danny: A little, but only one sentence.
    Sedgwick: Well, let me have it, mate.
    Danny: Ya vas lyublyu.
    Sedgwick: Ya ya vas...
    Danny: Lyublyu.
    Sedgwick: Lyubliu? Ya vas lyubliu. Ya vas lyublyu. What's it mean?
    Danny: I love you.
    Sedgwick: Love you!? What bloody good is that!?!
    Danny: I don't know, I wasn't going to use it myself.
  • Hilts and Archibald Ives...The Mole.
    Hilts: What do they call a mole in Scotland?
    Ives: A mole.
  • Hilts explaining to Big X how he and Ives are going to attempt to escape by digging a tunnel out of the camp like a mole. Cut to them re-captured and brought back to the cooler after being covered head to toe in dirt. Causes Mood Whiplash when Ives breaks down alone in his cell. Originally director John Sturges was going to show the actual escape but the sight of McQueen and the other actor got such a big laugh in the projection room so Sturges decided not to bother filming it.
  • The scene where Strackwitz looks through his prisoner profiles to find the one on Ives.
    Strackwitz: Ives... Ives... Oh, yes. Archibald Ives. Scot. The photograph doesn't do justice.
    Ives: (gives the man an indignant look) I'd like to see one of you under similar circumstances.
  • Hilts' reaction when Big X and the S.B.O. tell him about their escape plan.
    "You're crazy! You oughta be locked up! You, too."
    • All three men are in a German prisoner-of-war camp. They're already "locked up."
  • Hilts has just taken some boards out of all the bunk beds and Cavendish walks in after singing.
    Cavendish: 5 golds rings, 4 calling birds, bloody singing, hi Hilts.
    Hilts: Denys, wait...
    Cavendish: 3 french hens, 2 turtle doves and a partridge, alley-oop! (jumps on to the top bunk and falls through all three)
    Hilts: (sees that Cavendish has fallen through bed) ...Never mind.
    • The look on poor Cavendish's face!
  • The tasting the moonshine.
    Hendley: (tasting the moonshine, then speaks in a hoarse tone) Wow!
    Hilts: (tasting the moonshine, then speaks in a hoarse tone) Wow!
    Goff: (tasting the moonshine, is wracked with coughing and weakly says while still coughing) Wo! Wow!
    Hilts: ...WOW...
    • Note that Hilts and Hendley take cautious single-finger tastes of the trickle of moonshine. Goff gives them a contemptuous look and sticks his entire hand under the stream, resulting in the aforementioned comeuppance.
  • Loved Sedgewick and his dogged determination to keep his steamer trunk.
    Random POW: What the hell have you got in there, a piano?
    Sedgwick: Oh, that's very funny, mate.
    Random POW: Sedgewick, you won't get this thing through.
    Sedgwick: (pulling the trunk into the tunnel anyway) I'll cope!
    • And.
    Goff: Was that Sedgewick with his steamer trunk?
    Cavendish: Who else?
    Goff: I wish he was back in Australia with his kangaroos.
    • If you're a fan of British science fiction, you'll notice the Random POW happens to be Ian Chesterton.
  • Just as the digging crew manages to hide everything from the approaching guards, Danny and Sedgwick have to come up with reasons for their presence. Danny starts taking a shower. As for Sedgwick?
    Sedgwick: I'm watching him. I'm a lifeguard.
  • The 'Fourth of July' party!
    Ramsey: Up the rebels!
    Goff: Down the British!
  • The end when Hilts got placed in the cooler for the umpteenth time. While the ending was mostly bittersweet, it seems the guards are used to him so much that, one actually waits till he hears the sound of Hilts bouncing the baseball off the cooler walls, before walking away.
    • Also the start of that running gag where the soldier ushers Hilts in and shuts the door, then wordlessly reopens it and glares at Hilts because he stole the keys on the way past - all synced up to the music.