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Tear Jerker: The Cosby Show
  • "It seems like just yesterday I was holding my baby in my arms. And today my baby had two babies. Now she's a mother..."
  • One-shot character Ray Palamino, played by Sammy Davis Jr., introducing himself to his pregnant granddaughter who he hadn't seen in over 20 years.
    • "Hey everybody! My name is Ray Palamino. I'm 67 years old... and I can't read." As much as the character claims that it doesn't bother him, the strain in Sammy Davis Jr's voice completely contradicts it.
  • Also Clair's speech to Theo why she's so proud of him graduating from college in the final episode.
  • Going back to season 2, there's the letter that Cliff and Clair read to Denise after she announces her college decision.
  • A positive example: Cliff's friend Jake and Jake's friend Stanley finally resolving a feud they'd had between each other for a decade after learning their children were getting married to each other and were prepared to have the wedding without their fathers present if it became necessary.
  • A Meta example: The final episode aired during the 1992 Los Angeles race riots. Cosby went on air earlier that day begging people in the city to stop what they were doing.
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