Tear Jerker / Taiyou Sentai Sun Vulcan

  • Episode 11. A scientist's young daughter dies of an illness, which is sad enough, but then Black Magma builds an android copy of her to get him to make them a deadly poison. It spends the episode alternating between being cute and creepy-evil, but in the end when the Zero Girls order it to kill the scientist, its loyalty to the real girl's father trumped its loyalty to the villains. This guy basically had to lose his daughter twice. After that, the beatdown that the Monster of the Week received was welcomed indeed.
  • Meta example: 11 months after the show ended, Shin Kishida, who played Daizaburō Arashiyama, died of esophageal cancer. VulPanther's actor, Asao Kobayashi, was so overcome with grief at this sudden death that he took a hiatus from acting and retired from show business entirely not long after.
  • Another meta example, and one that makes the above example Harsher in Hindsight. Anything about the above that would qualify Asao Kobayashi as The Woobie has been rendered null and void by the news that he was arrested in 2013 for sexually assaulting a high school girl he met on the Internet AND for taking pictures of the incident with his phone, which constitutes as production of child pornography. His crimes may hang a grim shadow over the entire show that was once a beloved part of so many people's childhoods.