Tear Jerker: Saint Seiya Omega

Saint Seiya Omega, like the classic Saint Seiya series, is really trying to make us cry.

According to the show's director this death scene was purposely made one of the most brutal in the series and a drive for our protagonists

     Season 1 
  • Of course the number one exemple here would be Aria's brutal death at the hand of Mars, Impaled with Extreme Prejudice. Count as a Nice Job Fixing It, Villain for Mars, making his son pulling a Heel-Face Turn, and you don't like a pissed off Eden.
  • Eden's dialogue with Mycenae when he tries to Snap Eden out of his Heroic BSOD following Aria's death.
    • Just as Eden's about to finish his blow against his mentor Mycenae he says this line which is both heart-breaking and Wham Line that signals his Heel-Face Turn:
      Eden: Doesn't even my father...make mistakes?

     Season 2 
  • In Episode 82, Ikki sacrifices himself to defeat Aegaeon. To further drive the point home, a Phoenix feather lands in Shun's hand and disappears, with Shun tearfully whispering out for his brother.
  • Paradox's last words to Integra:
    Paradox: I love you...
  • The Athena Exclamation.
  • The final ending will leave you crying from tears of happiness.