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Heartwarming: Saint Seiya Omega
Nothing is more powerful than a Cool Down Hug

     Season 1 
  • Episode 17. Kiki's cameo, with his hair long and tied just like his old master Mu's. And he's got an apprentice now!
  • Episode 50. Seiya's I Knowyoure In There Somewhere Fight with Kouga possessed by Abzu:
    Seiya: Can you hear me, Kouga ? Remember, Kouga ! You're a Saint ! You're the Saint of Pegasus, Protector of Athena !
    Abzu-Kouga: Thy name is Abzu ! The God of Darkness !
    Seiya: Kouga are you really completely controlled by Abzu ? Does that mean your friends' voices, Athena's voice or even mine won't even reach you ? If you says you're Abzu, then I have to fight ! I can't let you kill Athena !

     Season 2 
  • Episode 75. Gemini Integra was more than willing to sacrifice her life to defeat her sister Paradox. Ryuho, impressed by her virtue and courage, convinces her that such a sacrifice is unnecessary.
  • #76: After Pallasite Mira flees, Ikki tosses over Koga the cloth stones of the deceased saints, stating that a cloth is a saint's soul and to never be afraid of what can physically happen in battle.
  • #77: After Kouga is petrified by trying to break open The Gate of Time, Saori, The Gold Saints, the remaining current Bronze saints, the original 4 saints all give their cosmo to Kouga to help break through the Gate of Time and into the Pallas's fortress
  • #78: After Europa flees, Saori's saints decide to split into separate teams and go through the 4 doors Europa established earlier on in the episode. At one of the doors, Ryuho is the only current Bronze saint while all the others have split into their own teams. Shiryu decides to go with his son, after telling an unsure Seiya that it would be nice to spend some family time.
  • #85: Paradox finally reconciliating with Integra.
    • Titan's declaration to Pallas.
  • #92: After Titan blows Seiya away, he states that him too will end up being sacrified for Athena, as she is the goddess of warfare. Seiya stands up and says "Don't kill me just yet. Never make Athena ... Saori-san cry !" For the 1st time since Omega started he called her Saori-san. "To me Athena is the woman named Kido Saori !"
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