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Tear Jerker: ReGenesis
  • Bob in Season 4 when Nina is in the hospital after the empathy-augmentation surgery has driven her into a homicidal mania and is now threatening to kill her. And Sandström's pained, desperate attempts to comfort him despite their both knowing how slim the odds are that it will end well.
  • Also, the whale in season 1.
  • Doubling up with a Funny Moment is Sandstrom's talk with Lilith near the end of season 1. "You need to be in a place that you know, with friends that you know... *wince* and with a mom that you know. ...Even if she is fuckin' nuts." David's dialogue provides the Funny Moment and Lil's reaction the Tear Jerker.
  • The story David tells at his mother's funeral — in particular, the ending.

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