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Awesome: ReGenesis
  • Every time the NorBAC team averts or successfully combats a disease.
  • Caroline's no-holds-barred verbal beatdown of Daisy to get her to give the name on "William"'s other passport in the second part of the pilot. It's not pretty and rather hard to watch, but man, does it establish that Caroline is not to be fucked with.
  • In Unbottled, when Rachel first demands that "Charles" shoot her rather than infect her with the virus they made, then splashes some sort of acid in his face when he orders her to turn around so that she can steal his gun. Though she fails, the sheer bravery and badassery it takes to do something like that ensures that she went out with a bang.
  • In fact, the team's efforts to avoid giving the terrorists the weaponized measles they want as a whole qualify as a Crowning Moment of Awesome; though as it turned out they didn't need it, thanks to Bilal being a Double Agent, they managed to successfully sabotage the virus after some clever coded communication, distractions and general ingenuity.
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