Tear Jerker / Rascal Flatts

This country band has a few tear-triggering songs.

  • "Skin (Sarabeth)", about a young cancer patient who survives but loses all of her hair, and frets about the prom until she sees her prom date, who shaves his head out of sympathy.
  • "Ellsworth". A moving tribute to a grandmother with Alzheimer's the only thing she can remember is Ellsworth, Kansas in the 1960s.
  • "What Hurts The Most" is another one. Made even more tearjerking when Danny Gokey did a beautiful rendition on American Idol to pay tribute to his recently deceased wife. You can hear the heartbreak in his voice.
  • "Why" is a song asking why a friend committed suicide.
  • "Here Comes Goodbye" is fairly sad in and of itself, but considering the video shows a dead child telling a recently deceased man, "It's not bad, there's no more goodbyes here" ...
  • This tribute to Caylee Anthony, which was co-written by lead singer Gary Levox.
  • "I Won't Let Go", which is essentially "Declaration of Protection: The Song".