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Tear Jerker: Pokémon: Jirachi: Wishmaker
  • Jirachi leaving while Max hugs it and begs it not to go while crying his eyes out. *sniff*
    • Jirachi is a walking Tear Jerker and Fridge Horror at once. It's unknown how he got this kind of life, but remember that Jirachi sleeps for a 1,000 years, and is awake only for one week at a time. It is said he awakens when a pure voice sings. This suggests that Jirachi will have a caretaker during his time awake. He may or may not become friends with this caretaker. Either way, he has to go back to sleep when the week is up whether he wants to or not. And never again will Jirachi see that person alive to greet him back. It's unknown whether he maintains the memories of the people he befriended or not (pick your poison), but chances are very high he does, and he has to live with this. This is probably one of the most tragic cases of Fate Worse Than Death there is, because there's nothing Jirachi can do about it, almost like he was created for this.
  • Diane sacrificing herself to save Butler from the pseudo-Groudon.
    Diane: Oh, Darling. If this is the end, then I'm glad that the last thing I see is you!
    Butler: DIANE!
    • And then later, when Butler makes his own sacrifice:
      Butler: This way... I'll be with Diane...

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