Heartwarming / Pokémon: Jirachi: Wishmaker

  • Max and Jirachi, aw cute!
    Jirachi: Max!
    Max: Huh?
    Jirachi: I'm gonna miss you! We'll be best, best friends, forever and ever.
  • And when Butler reforms and is reunited with Diane.
  • Every time May sings her lullaby.
  • When Max puts his life in danger, the moment he gets back, May asks him if he's okay, then hugs him tight.
  • When Max was feeling bad at the thought of losing Jirachi, Ash was able to cheer him up by mentioning a "special friend", a charmingly obvious reference to Misty.
    Ash: A good friend left me and, I miss her, every day... but I... I know we'll always be friends forever!