Tear Jerker / Persona Rebirth

Considering that we enjoy torturing our characters so much, it's no wonder we have some of these.
  • In Parting of Ways, Akiko's cousin Hoshiko jumps in the way of a blade meant to kill Akiko. She ends up dying, and Akiko leaves, shocked. It gets worse once you take into account that Hoshiko was raised to kill Akiko by her father, who was also the one doing the killing.
  • The Ryuuins topic.
  • His Last Wish ends with Kyousuke detonating to a nuclear overload. Before he does so however, he leaves a heartfelt goodbye and note to Kira. The combination of the two (especially the note) caused everyone online to cry, or at least tear up.
  • Too Late To Help, Too Late To Do Anything combines this with Nightmare Fuel.
  • Torako Yamanoken's backstory in There Is A Light That Never Goes Out filled the head admin with sobbus. Probably everyone else who read it, too.
  • Natsumi Aizawa's parents finally breaking up after years of trying to stay together in Confusion Will Be My Epitaph and the ensuing mother-daughter talk might prove an emotional read for anyone who can relate to those particular, unnameable sort of feelings.
  • Everything Will (Not) Be Alright ends with Shinta being rejected by Natsumi Aizawa, who he'd had a crush on for a while, and finding out his mother's cancer might be terminal. Remembering that he used to be a hot-blooded, courageous punk makes watching him break down and cry much more difficult.
  • Before leaving the Persona community, Naoya sends letters to the people that were important to him.