Tear Jerker / Panic! at the Disco

  • Both "Camisado" and "Nails for Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks" become much more upsetting once you realise they're about Ryan Ross's difficult relationship with his father.
    The bruises and contusions will remind me what you did when you wake
  • Post-Split, a lot of Pretty. Odd. songs have become this for people. Folkin' Around especially.
    • "Northern Downpour," apparently even for Brendon
    • "Behind The Sea". Ryan Ross is the main singer on this song, and it really makes one miss Ryan Ross. Doesn't help that the instrumental is so beautiful.
  • "Trade Mistakes". It's made even sadder if you listen to it after somebody you know dies, as the song's chorus is too fitting:
    I may never sleep tonight as long as you're still burning bright/If I can trade mistakes for sheep, count me away before you sleep...
  • "The End Of All Things" being about Brendon's wife, his vows to be exact
    In these coming years, things will change, the way I feel, will be the same
  • Brendon's post on the website about Spencer's addiction and departure is quite sad as well.
  • In one interview, Brendon was talking about how they got signed. He can't bring himself to say Ryan's name, and instead says "one of the other members". Even 5 years after their split, it's apparent that it still hurts him.