Heartwarming / Panic! at the Disco

  • "The End of All Things", a beautiful love song that Brendon wrote for his wife (as his wedding vows, to be exact!). The lyrics never mention his wife's name, though, so it's a good song for lovers to grow fond over.
  • "Always" is also quite cute as well.
  • Although under sad circumstances, Spencer Smith’s farewell letter is full of loving references to his 10 years with the band, his appreciation for all of Panic!'s fans, and his excitement for the band's future.
  • After their old manager tweeted saying that the Pretty. Odd. lineup should get back together, Ryan tweeted (though not in a direct reply) "Wouldn't be against it."
  • Brendon and Ryan seeing each other after six years at Adam Levine's Halloween party was pretty amazing too.
  • Jon Walker's tweets about Pretty.Odd going gold.
  • "When the Day Met the Night" is just lovely.
    So he said, "Would it be all right
    if we just sat and talked for a little while?
    If in exchange for your time,
    I give you this smile?"
  • this live performance of the piano version of This Is Gospel. Not only is it a beautiful rendition, but it was also dedicated to two fans who had attended a Panic! concert just a few days before, only to lose their lives in a tragic car accident after the show. Hearing so many people in the crowd sing along makes it even more heartwarming.