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Tear Jerker: Noein
  • Episode 4 has Haruka and Ai's falling out, with a brief vision of a bad future where Ai was left crying in the rain alone.
  • Episode 5 had Isuka's death, and Karasu's reaction to what he'd just done while in his fit of rage.
    • Isuka's last words about finally being at peace didn't help much. Pretty moving for a character with such a brief role.
  • Fukurō's death.
  • When Yuu fades to dust in Haruka's arms and is blown away in the wind at Shangri'la, while Haruka starts to cry. Especially sad considering that Karasu and Haruka had just stormed through Shangril'la to rescue him, only to fail at the last moment. When Yuu reappears seconds later, those tears become tears of joy.
    • So much of this show; for instance, Atori, once he gets past his bastard phase. Just try not feeling sorry for him after his backstory.
  • The possible future scenario in episode 22.
  • Watching Kōriyama get shot.

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