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Awesome: Noein
  • Haruka's shielding Yuu inadvertently causing the Dragon Torque to activate and fry Atori mid-attack in episode 3.
  • Karasu vs Atori.
    • Karasu vs Fukurō, though it was brief.
      • Hell, just about all of the fights involving any of the Dragon Knights in this show are awesome!
  • Haruka undoing the damage to the dam in episode 5.
  • Haruka managing her own escape from her cell in La’cryma in episode 6.
    • When that fails, and all hope for Haruka seems lost. Karasu shows up for the Big Damn Heroes moment and saves her.
  • Fukuro swooping in to save Yuu and Isami from Atori.
    • Also Yuu standing up to Atori instead of panicking like he'd always done before.
  • An amnesiac Atori defending Haruka and the others from Kosagi's attacks.
  • Kōriyama beating up Shinohara.
    • Atori's last stand
  • The final episode, Yuu and Karasu freeing themselves from Noein and declaring that they will never become like him.

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