Tear Jerker: Motion City Soundtrack

This pop-punk band from Minnesota has a few tear inducing songs.

  • "Happy Anniversary", which is about the dead of Justin Pierre's (the lead singer and songwriter) grandmother. According to an interview, they had to do various takes of the song because he kept choking up from the tears.
  • "Time Turned Fragile" features the lines "I know I say that I'm just fine, but I hope you wonder from time to time" and "One day I'll fail to breathe, and all you'll have are memories."
    • This song is one of the only songs that has literally brought me to tears before. '"I was worried from the start that our muscles might tear us apart (are muscles tearing us apart?) From the words that carve our lies to the words that take us by surprise (I was never taken by surprise) From the sounds that disappear to the changes we begin to fear (I can hear you clearly) One day I'll fail to breathe and all we'll have are memories (All we are are memories)"'
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