Tear Jerker / Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

  • Any scene involving both Fate and Precia. All of them are heart-wrenching.
    • In particular, the reveal that Fate is just a clone and her mother has always hated her. The poor girl can't handle it and just shuts down.
    • The whipping scene. Probably the most painful part is that they don't even show it. Instead, we repeatedly get the sickening sound of a whip hitting flesh followed by Fate's screams, while Arf is desperately trying to block out the horror that she's powerless to stop. When the screams finally stop, we get a shot of Fate's face that focuses on her eyes. Her empty, broken eyes.
  • In episode 8, Arf begs Fate to give up on her quest for the Jewel Seeds and for the two of them to just run away since it's tearing her apart seeing Fate suffering so much. Fate just says she'll have to do a better job suppressing her feelings to avoid worrying her.
  • The bridge scene in the last episode.
    Fate: There's something that I figured out. When a friend is crying, you're sad in the same way.

The Movie 1st

Movie 1st: The Comics
  • The last scene in the fifth chapter.
    Nanoha: I couldn't help anyone at all, could I?
  • Linith's fate, being unable to stay with Fate for her very limited lifespan, both by her contract as a familiar and her master Precia's radiation poisoning. She hoped Fate would be able to have a good relationship with Precia, but that proved impossible because of Fate's nature as a Replacement Goldfish, so all Linith could do for Fate was train her well and express her hopes that she can find a friend.