Tearjerker / Love and Capes

  • Love and Capes is mostly a warm and lighthearted book, but Abby gets a genuinely heartbreaking moment near the end of #10:
    "Fifteen people fell off the bridge...and I could only save fourteen."
  • The death of Windstar in Ever After. Especially when Windstar's father painfully observes that the rest of the world doesn't believe that the death of a superhero is real...but it's real to him. There's a certain amount of Fridge Tearjerker, when you realize that the heroes can't just mourn the loss of their friend either. They have to subject his body to a large amount of invasive scanning and testing, making sure they aren't dealing with a clone, a shapeshifter, an alternate universe version of him, or any number of other things - and the list of things to check for just keeps getting longer.