Tear Jerker / It

  • Georgie, in both the book and movie. It helps that Jonathan Brandis absolutely nailed the role of Georgie's grieving brother, Bill, and was very convincing in all of his scenes, but the bit that brings on the waterworks is when he rallies the other kids to help him. The line delivery for "Help me. Please help me. That thing killed my little brother. Help me," was what really did it.
  • Why are they crying so far apart ?
  • Eddie Corcoran's death in the book. Also, his little brother Dorsey: "Daddy had to take me up 'cause I'm bad."
  • For anyone who has ever known the feeling of falling out of touch with close childhood friends, the ending takes that Up to Eleven when the protagonists, having defeated It and returned to their homes, begin to forget one another. Especially Mike's last lines in his journal as he feels it all slipping away, and has resigned himself to it.
    I loved you guys, you know. I loved you so much.
  • "...if this was a story it would be the last half-dozen pages or so; get ready to put this one up on the shelf and forget it."
  • All of the Turtle's lines in the book. It begs Bill not to blame it for creating their universe, imagine the depths of Despair Event Horizon you would have to sink to think like that. That an act of creation, either literal or metaphorical is unclear, would make you think that the sentients from that creation would spite you for being responsible for making them exist. It implies that its lost any notion that life is beautiful and that everything is only pain and existing is a curse.
    • For that matter, the thought of your only companion for eternity being a child-eating monster.
  • The last confrontation between Mike and Henry. Henry's been It's fall guy for the '58 murders, and It's been whispering in his ears since he was a kid. He's hopelessly insane after years of guilt, abuse, and fear, emotionally and mentally stalled at twelve years old forever. Mike trying to talk him down is the closest thing to genuine fatherly concern that Henry ever got. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome for Mike for pretty much that entire frockin' chapter.
  • The destruction of Derry by the Storm during the final confrontation between the Loser's Club and It. For all its awfulness, all its manipulation by It, the reader will grow attached to the Town and its lovingly-written descriptions. And to see it systematically destroyed- the Water Tower, the Standpipe, the library tunnel- combined with the deaths of the constable and many other minor characters, leads to an absolutely wrenching sequence.
  • For animal lovers, the discussion of Patrick Hockstetter's activities with that refrigerator. (sniffle) Poor puppy.
    • In the same way, the murder of Mike's dog by Henry is also heartwrenching. Henry regularly pets and feeds the dog several days before to get it used to his presence, and then one day he leads the dog apart and give it poisoned meat, before attaching it to a tree to prevent it from going back home. and then during the painfull agony of the dog, Henry cruelly makes fun of it and gives it very racist nicknames...while the dog gently wags its tail.... Urrrrgh