* Graduations, the members (not just the one leaving) may provide examples of CryCute (maybe descending into InelegantBlubbering) and TheWoobie during the goodbye speeches.
* When Morning Musume won a JRA for Best New Artist [[TearsOfJoy but out of happiness]]
* Kaori Iida's announcement that her son had died as a result of renal failure at only six months old.
* The [[http://blog-project.net/special-translations/189283 announcement]] that Tsunku was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer.
** Followed up by Tsunku making his first public appearance in almost a year at his alma mater's entrance ceremony and [[http://blog-project.net/special-translations/228515 revealing]] he had his vocal cords removed.
* Riho Sayashi (and members around her) fighting back tears while singing her big solo in "ENDLESS SKY" during her last Morning Musume concert and her graduation concert:
-->''There's no reason for me to cry, I shouldn't be crying\\
After all, this is the future I chose for myself''