[[Music/GarthBrooks This voice of nineties country music]] isn't burnin' the house down, [[TearJerker he's making you blubber]].

* "Burning Bridges", in which a man contemplates his string of broken relationships, and knows that despite wanting desperately to change, he probably won't manage to do so until it's far too late.
* "Standing Outside the Fire" can make one cry tears of amazement that someone could write such a wonderful song. The video is just as much of one, chronicling a boy with Down Syndrome training to run in the Special Olympics.
* "Good Ride Cowboy", despite (or maybe even because of) its upbeat tune, is still a tribute to his late friend Chris [=LeDoux=].
* "The Change" was written just after the Oklahoma City bombings.
* The video for "The Dance" contained clips of JohnFKennedy, Martin Luther King, the crew of the Space Shuttle ''Challenger'', John Wayne, country singer Keith Whitley, and bullrider Lane Frost (who died during an event).
* Others include "When You Come Back To Me Again" and "More Than A Memory".