[[Music/GarthBrooks This voice of nineties country music]] isn't burnin' the house down, [[TearJerker he's making you blubber]].

* "Burning Bridges", in which a man contemplates his string of broken relationships, and knows that despite wanting desperately to change, he probably won't manage to do so until it's far too late.
* "Standing Outside the Fire" can make one cry tears of amazement that someone could write such a wonderful song. The video is just as much of one, chronicling a boy with Down Syndrome refusing to compete in the Special tournament and going for the regular one instead.
* "Good Ride Cowboy", despite (or maybe even because of) its upbeat tune, is still a tribute to his late friend Chris [=LeDoux=].
* "The Change" was written just after the Oklahoma City bombings.
* The video for "The Dance" contained clips of UsefulNotes/JohnFKennedy, Martin Luther King, the crew of the Space Shuttle ''Challenger'', John Wayne, country singer Keith Whitley, and bullrider Lane Frost (who died during an event).
* Others include "When You Come Back To Me Again" and "More Than A Memory".
* "Mom" can really get to anyone who has a close relationship to their mother.