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Tear Jerker: Friday Night Lights
     The Film 
  • Boobie's injury. In most other films, it would feel cliche and probably only be used to set up some final tension for the game. Here, it is absolutely devastating to watch as he slowly realizes his dreams are gone forever (the scene where he has to clean out his locker is almost unbearable). The truly devastating part is that Boobie was a skilled and talented runningback who was able to carry the team through several tough patches just by getting the ball. But then he decided to disobey his doctor and suit up before he was fully healed.
  • The whole film is a big one as these guys (who, we have to remember, are still just kids) are forced to carry the weight of a town's hopes and dreams while still dealing with all the uncertainty and anxiety that goes into being eighteen-years-old. The entire town basically lets Them know that They will never matter as much as They do right now and that all that awaits Them after graduation is blissful nostalgia of a better time or bitter cynicism at Their failed ambitions.

    The Series 
  • Matt leaving his first date with Julie to help his grandmother, pretending to be his grandfather and singing "Mr. Sandman" to get out of the closet. Combined with Moment Of Heartwarming.
  • "Everybody leaves me! What's wrong with me?"
  • Matt's reaction to his dad's death.
  • Tim's sacrifice for his brother: taking full blame for his brother's crimes and going to jail to Billy can stay home and provide for his family.
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