FanFiction. We can't ever be sure what is going in our own head when writing them, but if the readers [[TearJerker wanted tears they got their wish]].


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* TearJerker/AceCombatEquestriaChronicles
* TearJerker/ActuallyImDead
* TearJerker/AdviceAndTrust
* TearJerker/AkiChansLife
* TearJerker/AllHeEverWanted
* TearJerker/AndTheMeekShallInheritTheGalaxy
* TearJerker/AndTheStoryContinues
* TearJerker/AvatarTheLastAirbenderNonCanon
* TearJerker/AxisPowersHetaliaNonCanon
* Tearjerker/BackgroundPony
* TearJerker/BattleFantasiaProject
* TearJerker/BeingDeadAintEasy
* TearJerker/{{Beloved}}
* TearJerker/BetrayMeNot
* TearJerker/BeyondTheWindingRoad
* TearJerker/BigHero6NonCanon
* TearJerker/BlueSky
* TearJerker/TheBookOfLifeNonCanon
* TearJerker/BreakingPoint
* TearJerker/TheBridge
* TearJerker/ABriefHistoryOfHistories
* TearJerker/{{BZPRPG}}
* TearJerker/CalvinAndHobbesTheSeries
* TearJerker/ACanterlotWeddingAftermath
* TearJerker/TheCaptainOfTheVirtualConsole
* TearJerker/TheCATverse
* TearJerker/CatchYourBreath
* TearJerker/{{Cenotaph}}
* TearJerker/AChangeOfPace
* TearJerker/ChaosTheory
* TearJerker/TheChildOfLove
* TearJerker/ChildOfTheStorm
* TearJerker/ChildrenOfAnElderGod
* TearJerker/ChildrenOfTime
* TearJerker/{{Cinderjuice}}
* TearJerker/CodeGeassCorneliaOfTheDefection
* TearJerker/CodeGeassMegiddo
* TearJerker/CoreLine
** TearJerker/LegendsOfTheFourthOfJulyCoreline
** TearJerker/RiseOfTheExtraordinaryAvengersCoreline
** TearJerker/CorelineATaleOfTwoMaris
** TearJerker/CorelineOperationEndgame
* TearJerker/CosmicWarriors
* TearJerker/ACrownOfStars
* TearJerker/CrownsOfTheKingdom
* [[TearJerker/CrucibleMassEffect Crucible]]
* TearJerker/{{Cupcakes}}
* TearJerker/{{Dangerverse}}
* TearJerker/{{Dakota}}
* TearJerker/TheDarkLordsOfNerima
* TearJerker/DeathAndKer
* TearJerker/DeliverUsFromEvilSeries
* TearJerker/DemonSpawnsSeries
* TearJerker/DespairsLastResort
* TearJerker/DetectiveConanNonCanon
* Tearjerker/DiamondInTheRoughTouhou
* TearJerker/Digimon02TheStoryWeNeverTold
* TearJerker/DigimonFusionKai
* TearJerker/DistortedReality
* TearJerker/DoingItRightThisTime
* TearJerker/DragonBallMultiverse
* TearJerker/ADragonOfTheNorth
* TearJerker/ADreamerReborn
* TearJerker/TheDresdenFillies
* TearJerker/DumbledoresArmyAndTheYearOfDarkness
* TearJerker/TheDuskGuardSaga
* TearJerker/{{Duties}}
* TearJerker/EbonyDarknessDementiaRavenWayVsCanon
* TearJerker/{{Echoes}}
* TearJerker/EchoesInTheDark
* TearJerker/TheElementsOfHarmonyAndTheSaviorOfWorlds
* TearJerker/TheGreatAlicornHunt
* TearJerker/{{Empathy}}
* [[TearJerker/TheEmptyRoom Empty Room, The]]
* TearJerker/TheEndOfTheAffair
* TearJerker/EqualAndOppositeAttraction
* TearJerker/ErinsTotalMagicalAdventure
* TearJerker/{{Evangelion 303}}
* TearJerker/FacingTheFutureSeries
* TearJerker/FailToTheKing
* Tearjerker/FairyDanceOfDeath
* TearJerker/FairyWithoutWings
* TearJerker/FallenKing
* TearJerker/FalloutEquestria
* TearJerker/{{Fellowship}}
* TearJerker/FlightOfTheCondor
* Tearjerker/ForHisOwnSake
* TearJerker/{{Forward}}
* TearJerker/FriendshipIsBetrayal
* TearJerker/FriendshipIsWitchcraft
* TearJerker/FromFakeDreams
* TearJerker/FrozenHearts
* TearJerker/FrozenNonCanon
* TearJerker/GameTheoryFanFic
* TearJerker/Gensokyo20XX
* TearJerker/TheGirlFromWhirlpool
* TearJerker/GhostghostIknowyoulivewithinme
* TearJerker/GodsAngelsAndKings
* TearJerker/GoldenAge
* TearJerker/GravityFallsNonCanon
* TearJerker/AGrowingAffection
* TearJerker/GuiltyCrownTheLostKingdoms
* Tearjerker/{{Guidestuck}}
* TearJerker/HalkegeniaOnline
* TearJerker/TheHarmonVerse
* Tearjerker/HarmonysWarriors
* TearJerker/HarryPotterAndTheMethodsOfRationality
* TearJerker/HarryPotterNonCanon
* TearJerker/{{HERZ}}
* TearJerker/HetaOni
* TearJerker/HigherLearning
* TearJerker/{{Hivefled}}
* TearJerker/HogwartsHousesDivided
* TearJerker/AHollowInEquestria
* TearJerker/HopeForTheHeartless
* Tearjerker/HopeSpringsEternal
* TearJerker/HorseshoesAndHandGrenades
* TearJerker/HowToTrainYourDragonNonCanon
* TearJerker/HuntingTheUnicorn
* TearJerker/TheIkaris
* TearJerker/ImperfectMetamorphosis
* TearJerker/{{Intercom}}
* TearJerker/ItsNotTheRaptorDNA
* TearJerker/TheInfiniteLoops
* TearJerker/InheritanceOfCardsAndDemons
* TearJerker/InFlight
* TearJerker/{{Intrepid}}
* TearJerker/{{Kage}}
* TearJerker/KillLaKillAU
* TearJerker/TheKiritaChronicles
* TearJerker/KitsuneNoKenFistOfTheFox
* TearJerker/KoujaNoSenshi`
* TearJerker/LastChildOfKrypton
* TearJerker/TheLastSpartan
* TearJerker/TheLegacyOfTheCursedMaskSeries
* TearJerker/TheLegendOfKorraNonCanon
* TearJerker/TheLegendOfTotalDramaIsland
* TearJerker/LifeIn16Flavors
* TearJerker/TheLionKingAdventures
* TearJerker/LongRoadToFriendship
* [[TearJerker/LovesJourney Love's Journey]]
* TearJerker/LuckyStarAfterStory
* TearJerker/MaimDeMaim
* TearJerker/MarieDSuesseAndTheMysteryNewPirateAge
* TearJerker/MarioAndSonicHeroesUnite!
* TearJerker/MassEffectHumanRevolution
* TearJerker/MegaManDefenderOfTheHumanRace
* TearJerker/MegaManReawakened
* TearJerker/MegaManRecut
* TearJerker/{{Memoirs}}
* TearJerker/MightyMorphinMechaRangers
* TearJerker/{{Moratorium}}
* TearJerker/MykanTributeFallOfStarfleetRiseOfHarmony
* TearJerker/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagicNonCanon
* TearJerker/MobileFighterEvangelion
* TearJerker/NarutoNonCanon
* TearJerker/NedStarkLives
* TearJerker/NegaverseChronicles
* TearJerker/NeonGenesisEvangelionGenocide
* TearJerker/NeonGenesisEvangelionR
* TearJerker/NeverHadAFriendLikeMe
* TearJerker/NickelodeonFanon
* TearJerker/NineteenEightyThreeDoomsdayStories
* TearJerker/NobodyDies
* TearJerker/TheNorthRemembers
* TearJerker/OldWest
* TearJerker/OnceMoreWithFeeling
* TearJerker/TheOneILoveIs
* TearJerker/OnePieceParallelWorks
* TearJerker/OnStrangeWings
* TearJerker/OsanaReimu
* Tearjerker/{{Outcry}}
* Tearjerker/{{Oversoul}}
* TearJerker/PastSins
* TearJerker/APieceOfRebellion
* TearJerker/APikachuInLove
* TearJerker/PlanktonsEyeView
* TearJerker/PokemonBlackandWhiteTaleofaLegend
* TearJerker/PokemonFalseRed
* TearJerker/PokemonRiseOfTheRockets
* TearJerker/PonyPOVSeries
* TearJerker/PowerRangersGPX
* TearJerker/PowerRangersGuardiansOfGaia
* TearJerker/PrisonIslandBreak
* TearJerker/QueenOfAllOni
* TearJerker/QueenOfShadows
* TearJerker/RainboomsAndRoyalty
* TearJerker/RainbowDoubleDashsLunaverse
* TearJerker/RainOnTheJust
* TearJerker/RazorsEdge
* TearJerker/RedactionOfTheGoldenWitch
* TearJerker/ReRevengeOfTheIslandAnAlternateReality
* TearJerker/{{Respect}}
* TearJerker/RespectAWoman
* TearJerker/ReTake
* TearJerker/RomanceAndTheFateOfEquestria
* TearJerker/RosarioVampireBrightestDarkness
* TearJerker/RoseOfPollux
* TearJerker/RyuugisTheGamesWePlay
* TearJerker/TheSagaOfAvatarKorra
* TearJerker/SayItThrice
* TearJerker/ScarTissue
* TearJerker/TheSecondHandFool
* TearJerker/TheSecondTry
* TearJerker/ShadowsAwakening
* TearJerker/AShadowOfTheTitans
* Tearjerker/SevenDaysInSunnyJune
* TearJerker/ShinjiAndWarhammer40K
* TearJerker/ShinnenNewYear
* TearJerker/SilentPonyvilleChronicles
* TearJerker/ASnowflakeInSpring
* TearJerker/SonOfTheSevenKingdoms
* TearJerker/SoulChess
* TearJerker/SoulsArtOnline
* TearJerker/SpellboundFireflies
* TearJerker/SpidersAndMagicRiseOfSpiderMane
* TearJerker/StarsAbove
* TearJerker/StarTrekGenesis
* TearJerker/TheSteepPathAhead
* TearJerker/StevenUniverseNonCanon
* TearJerker/StitchingHearts
* TearJerker/StraightThrough
* TearJerker/TheStrexFamily
* TearJerker/AStudyInRegret
* TearJerker/SOE2LoneHeirOfKrypton
* TearJerker/{{Symbiosis}}
* TearJerker/SystemRestore
* TearJerker/TheTaintedGrimoire
* TearJerker/TalesOfBleachUnrealSociety
* TearJerker/TamersForeverSeries
* TearJerker/TangledAdventuresInArendelle
* Tearjerker/TeachingDarkness
* TearJerker/ThatsWhyTheyCallItThePresent
* TearJerker/TheresAlwaysMore
* TearJerker/ThousandShinji
* TearJerker/ThronesOfTheFourPillars
* TearJerker/ToAruverseRewriteProject
* Tearjerker/TotalDramaAlphaKidz
* Tearjerker/TotalDramaDictionary
* TearJerker/TotalDramaEquestria
* TearJerker/TotalDramaLetterz
* TearJerker/TotalDramaStranded
* Tearjerker/TotalDramaTweenabet
* Tearjerker/TotalDramaTweenTour
* TearJerker/TurnaboutStorm
* TearJerker/TheUltimateEvil
* TearJerker/UndertaleNonCanon
* TearJerker/UnwelcomeStormsHunter
* TearJerker/{{Vigil}}
* TearJerker/TheVow
* TearJerker/WakingNightmares
* TearJerker/TheWalkingDeadRealMonsters
* TearJerker/WalkingInTheShadowOfDreams
* [[TearJerker/WeightlessMassEffect Weightless]]
* TearJerker/WeissReacts
* TearJerker/WhatLiesBeyondTheWalls
* TearJerker/TheWheelAndTheButterflySaga
* TearJerker/WhyAmICrying
* TearJerker/WithBigShellsAndWings
* Tearjerker/WithThisRing
* TearJerker/YoungJusticeDarknessFalls
* TearJerker/YoungJusticeTitans
* TearJerker/YuYuGiDigiMoon
* TearJerker/YukariIsFree
* TearJerker/Zero2ARevision
* TearJerker/ZuluSquadNoTsukaima



* The gigantic Franchise/StarWars[=/=]Franchise/StarTrek crossover ''[[ Unity]] has quite a few, the most powerful is [[ Seven of Nine being trapped in the Borg hive mind when it reboots unexpectedly early as she tries to shut it down]]. Back in the real world she sings the ending of Puff the Magic Dragon (which she mentioned a few times as a song her mother always sang to her) and falls into a coma.
* A combined TearJerker and CrowningMomentOfAwesome occurs during chapter 26 of the ''Franchise/{{Terminator}}[=/=] Anime/SailorMoon[=/=]Manga/RanmaOneHalf'' crossover fic ''[[ Tunnel Vision]]'' when [[spoiler:Ryouga]] makes a HeroicSacrifice to take down Sky Net. As always though, [[spoiler: the StatusQuoIsGod and the ResetButton is hit hard by the end of the story]]
* Even if a lot of the slash stories between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark are sad, there's one that had me bawling all over my pc the first time I read it. Even so, it stills make me cry every time. It's an Avengers/Sandman crossover and it's the biggest TearJerker I've faced in my life. [[ ''"The Sound of Wings - Aliana Iskassa"'']] You've been warned.
* Empatheia's House/Doctor Who crossover [[ As The Crow Flies]] is intensely emotional without resorting to fan fiction's usual melodrama. It really rings out with a strange, haunting kind of sadness. But it doesn't really become a tearjerker until [[spoiler: you realize the Doctor, having been trapped on Earth by the Q - yeah - is going to ''become'' House. This doesn't seem so bad until you think about how intensely miserable House has been most of his life.]] A more blatant one is when [[spoiler: House steps off the "magic mountain" and the pain in his leg comes back. This is amplified by the fact that we now know this will be the Doctor's pain someday as well.]]
** A somewhat Anvilicious but nonetheless powerful Torchwood/Doctor Who fanfiction, ''Ashes and Dust'', has Jack dreaming of the Doctor abandoning him on Satellite Five, begging him not to leave him behind, an event which is only connected to the story via it's foreshadowing of the Doctor.
* An untitled (but sometimes referred to as The Smeg is Out There) Red Dwarf/The X-Files crossover fic has two touching moments. First, after an alternate version of Kochanski (it makes sense in context) is killed by CSM, Lister finds his apartment and presses a Bazookoid to his head. CSM dares Lister to shoot, but Lister just coldcocks him instead saying (paraphrase) "I've learned a lot today, and it makes me feel better to know that in at least one universe, I did pull the trigger." This is later followed up after our heroes have parted ways (which includes Mulder getting a new tie from Cat, and Scully taking the talking toaster with her) when Rimmer finally reveals the location of Kochanski's personality disc, which would allow Lister to have her back, even though it would mean his own deletion. Lister erases the disc instead. Awwww.
* [[ This]] Film/{{Labyrinth}}/9 crossover.
* [[ End of The Line]]. All of it. It's classified as Angst/Humor, but it's much, much more. Just read it.
* TheMadScientistWars has a few of these, most notably in Tales of Madness.
* The very epic crossover fic between ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight'' and ''LightNovel/TheFamiliarOfZero'' named ''Fanfic/TheHillOfSwords'' has, despite it's incredible moments of funny and awesome, a surprisingly large number of these. Whenever Shirou thinks about [[spoiler: Saber]] and their promise that "[he] will always search, and she will always wait for him for eternity" is bad enough, but there's that one moment where, after [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome having fought off an army of 70,000+]] [[OneManArmy by himself]], Shirou dies and arrives at Avalon and sees [[spoiler: Saber there. However, just as they are about to embrace, Tiffania resurrects Shirou, dragging him away from the love of his life just as he had met her again for the first time in an eternity.]]
-->''"Ah," a soft voice beside me said in surprise. I had tried to move, and found that it was probably a better idea not to do that again. "You're awake," the voice, a quiet girly voice, noted.''
-->''Awake? Was I asleep? The cotton began to clear, and I began trying to remember the last thing I was doing…. It struck me. Images, sounds, memories; they came rushing back to me. The battle, my falling, the clearing in the trees I had found myself in…''
--> ''No.''
--> ''"You're very lucky that I found you," the voice assured me, sounding worried. "You were very close to death when I did."''
--> ''No. No. No. No. No.''
--> ''"Even while I was treating you, I wasn't certain you'd pull through," the voice continued. "You very nearly didn't."''
** No-one realises that Shirou was [[spoiler: waiting/hoping for death]] until his sword notices that [[WhamLine he never thanked Tiffania for resurrecting him.]]
* The Manga/SailorMoon[=/=]Series/DoctorWho one shot ''[[ The Last Light]]'' is, in its entirety, a carefully calculated fusion of TearJerker and FridgeHorror.
* The Manga/LuckyStar / Multiple Crossover fic ''[[ Other Worlds Than These]]'' has one in [[ Chapter 15]], when [[spoiler:Konata chooses to leave the ''Lucky Star'' universe... and the actions she takes and people she hurts doing so.]] Don't worry though, the story has a lovely ending.
* [[ This]] ''Comicbook/{{Watchmen}}'' {{kinkmeme}} fill takes the Blair Roche murder, subtracts Grice's two dogs, and adds [[WesternAnimation/{{Up}} Dug]]. The result is... disturbing. The ending manages to be [[BittersweetEnding bittersweet]], though.
* In Fanfic/OneAndOnlySon, [[spoiler: Euphemia dies, just like in canon, but this time she was killed by Kinue, following orders of Nena Trinity. To see her begging Suzaku and Alexander (Soran) to not hate Lelouch before she dies is pretty sad. Not to mention Saji's freakout when he discovers that it was her sister who killed her.]]
* In ''The Three Kingdoms,'' a mega crossover fanfic written by ''Dra2k4'' at Website/DeviantArt where fictional beings and vehicles were transported at the real world in Dec. 21 2012, followed by a war. Then at Dec. 21, 2013, a war in a day happens, this time breaking the law that states for no one to die. [[spoiler: Naluri and Sasaki travels back through time, make sure nobody dies or stays dead. They make sure that Doom and Magneto's plans doesn't work. Then there's the Past Naluri and Sasaki riding the [=De=]Lorean to go back through time. Future Naluri and Sasaki died when they stopped the attempt of time travel, in order to prevent overriding any changed in the timeline.]] In the end they do stop the on going war, but at the cost of two deaths.
* In ''FanFic/GameOfTouhou'', we have chapter 101. [[spoiler:Tojiko, who is dying slowly, has the opportunity of making a LastStand in the City of Flowers. After slaying Gengetsu, she finally is reunited with Futo. Futo is scarred, barely recognizable due to Gengetsu continuous torture, and dying. However, before dying, they remember their rivalry back then when they were serving Prince Miko and realize that in other times they could be good friends. After Futo expires, Tojiko uses her remaining forces to dig a grave for Futo and for herself, and finally lets herself to die.]]
* The entirety of the Anime/SailorMoon/Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer story ''[[ End of the Line]]''. In an effort to protect their hometown from an apocalypse they'e foreseen, the Sailor Senshi draw magic out of [[ExactWords everything fighting]] to create a barrier around their hometown. Unfortunately, due to survival of the fittest, they draw magic out of everything in the world. Then entire world starts dying, water no longer flows, winds stop blowing, etc. Several Slayers and witches in the New Council die immediately. Xander, Faith, and insane Willow manage to travel to Japan and stop whatever's causing the end of the world. Despite the seeming set-up, no one is portrayed as being villainous. [[spoiler: Not that it saves them. Xander, Faith, Willow and ''all'' of the Sailor Senshi die tragically]]. [[spoiler:[[BittersweetEnding The story ends with the wind returning]].]]

* The ''WesternAnimation/{{Nine}}'' fanfic [[ Fly, Fly Little Wing]] (it may be helpful to read it's [[ prequel]]), has [[spoiler:4 eventually [[DeathByDespair dying from despair]], in 7's arms, after 3 is killed by the Cat Beast]]. Listen to [[ the song]] the title was based off, particularly the final couple of lines.
-->''[[spoiler: "[7] sang again, louder now, for it to reach where ever her children played.]]''\\
''[[spoiler: "Mama loves you too.""]]''
** Adding to the tear-jerking is towards the end, the fact that 1, [[JerkAss of]] ''[[JerkAss all]]'' [[JerkAss people]], [[spoiler:suggests praying for 4, and is apparently having trouble speaking himself.]]
* [[ Bleak But Hopeful]] is a fanfic for 9, written before the movie was released and back when people thought the feature film would end in a similar way the short did. It's told sort of through the point of view of the Fabrication Machine (known as 114-DOM in the story) as 9 comes to it and basically talks to it about what has happened.
** Bleak, But Hopeful is in an archive, and you have to be a member of the forum to access it. But if you want to read the fic without having to register there, [[ here's a PDF file for you.]]
** Yet another fic written pre-movie, when everyone was under this belief, is [[ Daybreak's Light]]. The fic actually begins with 9, all alone, wandering the desolate wasteland in mourning of his friends, [[spoiler: and later collapsing in exhaustion. He believes himself to be hallucinating the other Stitchpunks, but is actually dying. The part where he finally dies and is reunited with the others in Paradise manages to give one tears of sadness then happiness within ten seconds.]]
* [[ Delirium]], a fanfic for 9, has one part where we follow the memory of a little boy shortly before the machine rebellion, and then him as an adult. The transitioning paragraph says this:
--> The next thing I remembered was standing at a train station, but I knew I was no longer a kid who tossed snowballs to fight. The noises in the background told me that war was no longer a game. A woman stood in front of me, her eyes shifting from my face to the train not far behind her. The crowd milling around us didn’t matter to me, it barely registered in my memory. This woman had always made sure I wore a jacket when it was wet or cold, reprimanded me when I did something I thought would be a good idea but was really stupid, told me she loved me even when I thought I was too old to hear things like that. My mother did not want to leave me.
* [[ This]] ''9'' one-shot follows 1's last thoughts before [[spoiler:he gets his soul sucked out of him.]]What makes it ''especially'' sad is who is he thinking about? 2. He spends the entire story thinking about 2, "talking" to him as if 2 could hear him, and telling himself he hadn't meant [[spoiler:to send 2 out to die, he was hoping he'd come back later but he just couldn't say anything because of pride.]] It's a simple story, simply-written but it still hurts, ''especially'' the last line.

** The excellent ''Franchise/AceAttorney'' fanfic [[ Piano Man]], in chapter 4. Edgeworth, the victim of [[spoiler: an attempted murder by Kristoph Gavin]] and is gravely injured and about to enter surgery. Phoenix is by his bedside, practically sobbing his eyes out, while Edgey feebly tries to comfort him. That alone is a tearjerker, but then what Phoenix ''says'':
--> [[spoiler: "I can't keep you involved in this, trying to nail Gavin, trying to get my badge back. This isn't worth it. I'd lose a hundred badges, a thousand, I don't care; they aren't worth anything next to you. ... You're my entire world. You're my heartbeat; you're in the marrow of my bones and under my skin, and--if I lost you--I wouldn't be able to go on."]]
** Another excellent fanfiction, Trucy's Daddy, has Trucy Wright dying and Phoenix falling apart in grief and his return to normalcy, realizing that being Trucy's dad was better than being a defense attorney.[[]]

* I'd like to nominate the WesternAnimation/{{Animaniacs}} fanfic [[ Family]]. It's a telling of the Warners' origins, and it really is full of moving moments. For example, there's the moment that the Warners' mother dies from drug and alcohol abuse, and Yakko has to try and explain to his siblings why she isn't there anymore. To make matters worse, the siblings' father is a con artist and doesn't want anything to do with the kids. Then there's the part where Yakko and Wakko are put in a home and seperated from Dot after being caught stealing in an attempt to help their father. And then there's the saddening death of Yakko's mentor. All of you should check out this fic; the author is an excellent writer and comes up with a lot of background information.
** I can't help but second that nomination as well as suggest this for any future FanficRecommendations for WesternAnimation/{{Animaniacs}}.

* A while ago I read an {{Animorphs}} fanfic that was so well written, it ruined the actual series for me. Everyone had already died, Rachel and Tobias were the last ones left as fugitives. The story ended with them bleeding to death and professing just how much they loved each other. Sadly, I have no idea what it was called or where to find it. :(

* The Literature/ArtemisFowl fanfic "The Sword of God": the part about [[spoiler:how Butler died]].

* The ending of the Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfic ''Fanfic/GuideMeHome''. Thanks to identifiable MommyIssues, [[spoiler:when Azula shouts "You left me! Everyone left me! Everyone, but you most of all! You left me, Mom! ''You left me!''"]] I just sob. It can be found [[ here]].
** Ursa [[spoiler:and Zuko are reunited, ''finally'', after seven years and ''way'' too much suffering]].
** Ursa's HeroicBSOD after finding Zuko's wanted poster also qualifies.
* In the Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfic [[ The Chong Sheng Trilogy]], the story's second installment has a few of them: 1) [[spoiler: Jet]]'s death, which results in Katara [[RoaringRampageOfRevenge getting her berserk on]], and then going into a full-blown HeroicBSOD once she realizes what she just did. 2) Zuko's final showdown with [[spoiler: Ozai]], ''oh God.'' It's too good to even risk spoiling. 3) The author's OC Shen Lei confessing [[spoiler: his involvement in Lu Ten's death. To Iroh's face]]. 4) And lastly, [[spoiler: Pakku]]'s death and the beginning of the third installment. [[spoiler: His]] last words to Katara are [[spoiler: "I'll say hello to her for you."]] ''Dammit, I'm sobbing all over again.''


* The excellent BabySittersClub fanfic [[ When Forever Wasn’t Enough]]...dear GOD. Never since Disney/{{Bambi}} will you ever come across something that knowingly plays your emotions like a fiddle and yet you can fully appreciate it for that. There are a few chapters that can get you misty-eyed if you have ever gone through what most of these girls have, if only because of how ''true'' they are (such as Claudia’s insecurity about not getting high enough grades, or Abby realizing she’s gay and has a crush on Kristy)...but the moment that ''really'' gets the waterworks going? The suicide of [[spoiler: Stacey]], the chapters depicing the aftermath of it, and the chapters leading up to it, especially the chapter featuring said character right before their last chapter, where they display a warning sign for suicide (namely, [[spoiler: giving away prized possessions]]). And then in the chapter featuring the suicide itself...apart from painfully illustrating the inner thoughts of the character as they are about to end their life, there are two songs featured which the character listens to as they die and go through their inner thoughts: “The Freshmen”, and “Come Home Soon”. As if this wasn’t sad enough, play these songs while reading said chapter...and then try listening to them afterwards ''without'' shedding a tear. I dare you.
** I really don't cry at fiction, but this fic is the joint closest (with [[spoiler: Jo's death]] in ''Spooks'') I've ever got. It wasn't really [[spoiler: Stacey]]'s death that got me, but when they are sat in Claudia's room afterwards and want to [[spoiler: buy some flowers, but realise that without Stacey they have no-one to be treasurer]]. There's just something about that moment that made me well up.

* Chapter 10 of Batman Begins/Dark Knight fic [[ Fear and Malice]] is actually painful to read. Beautiful, but holy crap. You've got a severely ill, scared little boy whose one desire is for his mother to visit him--after the woman ran off with a shiny new husband, mind you. She comes reluctantly at his father's request, refuses to comfort the kid, and is threatening to leave when her son nervously asks for a goodbye kiss. The response?
-->''"I hate you, can't you understand that? I hate you. I can barely stand the sight of you, you filthy, disgusting little--it's a wonder your grandmother lets you live in the house." She paused, glaring steadily at him. "Do you think I even wanted you? You ruined me, you destroyed my reputation--no one wants an ugly, overweight whore who's tied down to a little freak with mental problems. You have no idea how lucky I am to have found Nathan--he loves me no matter what--''
-->''I love y--''
-->''Don't," she hissed, pointing a threatening finger at him. "Don't you dare say that to me.''
->And believe it or not, things still manage to get worse. Is it any great wonder Jonathan Crane became the Scarecrow?

* ''[[ Diamond Eyes]]'' is one where [[spoiler: Rock is killed and Revy survives]]...and now she's trying to kill herself with booze. The last line, [[spoiler: "I don't want to miss him any more!"]] shows just how much pain she's in and how little she knows how to handle it.

* The Manga/{{Bleach}} fanfic ''The Night After'' has one in [[ Chapter 16]] where [[spoiler:Gin, mortally wounded and having betrayed Aizen, carries Rangiku away to a secret location so that she will be with him as he dies.]] The scene is...M rated, let's say, but still very sad.
* The Penultimate chapter of Bleach Fanfic entitled ''[[ Bleach: Gift of our Fathers]]'': Ichigo and Rukia are both trapped under the rubble of a destroyed building after defeating a demon-possessed Orihime, they both pretty much know they're about to die, so Rukia does the only think she can: she cuddles up to an unconscious Ichigo and mutters her last words, "Sleep... keep your strength... when you wake up... you will be somewhere better...I will find you again..." Ichigo proceeds to wake up and unknown amount of time later and finds a dead Rukia lying on his chest. After that, he snuffs it roughly a paragraph later, and then Yoruichi discovers their dead bodies.

* [[ A Life Rescued]], a BridgeToTerabithia fanfic, sounds in the summary like your average PeggySue fic, but it is actually very different and somewhat more realistic. [[spoiler:Instead of Jesse's soul or physical body being sent back in time, it is only a thought. Spefically, a few words which will hopefully lead to Leslie's life being saved.]] In the past, younger Jesse suddenly gets sick just before leaving with Ms. Edmond's for the Portrait Gallery [[spoiler: just after uttering the phrase that had been sent to him by his future self.]] This results in the trip being cancelled, and [[spoiler:Jesse going with Leslie to Terabithia, therefore being present when she falls in and able to save her. If the scene of Jesse frantically giving Leslie mouth-to-mouth isn't bad enough, later on, when Leslie and Jesse are in the hospital, Bill Burke informs his wife that he'd tried to get Jess to let him take over resuscitating Leslie but he wouldn't let him, and all while he kept muttering a single phrase under his breath, presumably the phrase sent back in time. What is the phrase? "Can Leslie come with us?"]]
** In that same chapter, there's this exchange between Leslie and her father:
-->Leslie: Did you say Jess saved me?
-->Bill: Yes, he did. He's a very good friend.
-->Leslie: * mutters something unintelligible.*
-->Bill: What was that, Les?
-->Leslie: Love 'im.
-->Bill: Yes, I know.

* [[ Virtual Mutant]], a website hosting many spin-off series in the {{Buffyverse}} and continuations. At the end of Buffy Season 8, [[spoiler: Dawn is killed, as the Big Bad has taken over her body]]. It's heart-wrenching to read.
** Oh, and [[spoiler:Anya]]'s HeroicSacrifice in "The Offering". Especially how Xander keeps talking before he realises she's dead. Ow.
** ''And'', Willow's speech to [[spoiler: Kennedy's Grave]] in "Buried", finally admitting [[spoiler: she truly did love Kennedy, but never really told her because it felt like a betrayal to Tara - and now it's too late]]
* In ''[[ Faith: The Series]]'', when Jonathan (who's dating Willow) shows up early to a meeting at Willow's house walks in on her and Amy making out. When he runs away, he runs right into Angelus and Spike who beat him to death.
* In the final chapter of ''[[ Echoes of the Fallen]]'', Buffy dies fighting Glory, causing Xander (who's dating Buffy in this story) to awaken Magneto's powers and brutally kill Glory. The final scene of the story is Xander talking to Buffy's grave about how he's leaving Sunnydale because he can't stand the place without her in it.


* [[ Pouncing Mistake]].

* For a ''Franchise/CareBears'' fanfic this ''[[]].

* Usually I wouldn't cry at a songfic, but [[ Left Behind]] by VerizionKittypet always gets me. [[spoiler: Poor C2. :'(]]

* [[ Cell Block F]] by the Island Hopper: Taking place after the 2005 movie, we find that [[spoiler: not everything ended going as one had hoped for -- especially for Charlie and Wonka in particular, as the latter lost everything thanks to jealous rivals...]]

* Not complete without mentioning another TearJerker in ''FanFic/TiberiumWars''. Specifically, [[spoiler: the suicidal Zone Trooper charge at the end of Chapter 15]].

* The ''WesternAnimation/{{Coraline}}'' fanfic ''[[ Right Beside You]]'' has two moments: where Coraline tells off Wybie and then, after he lets her, she realizes that, without him, she has no friends and in the last chapter where [[spoiler: the Beldam kills Wybie. Yeah, the Beldams kills Wybie! But it turned out that was a DisneyDeath, but it doesn't make it less heartwrenching.]]

* [[ Song Shots]]: First sad tears, then they turn to happy tears.
* The moment in the WesternAnimation/DannyPhantom fic ''[[ Ghosts in the Closet]]'' when you realize what happened to Danny. This being a major part of the driving mystery behind the story, finding out that he [[spoiler: used his ghost powers to save a kid, despite knowing full well he'd be hauled in for government experiments or even killed for doing so]] was stunning, and really fit in with the overall tone of the story.
--> [[spoiler: ''Think he'll save that kid?'']]
--> [[spoiler: ''Damn straight he will.'']]
* Any part of [[ Phantom of Truth]] and it's companion pieces that isn't terrifying is easily this trope. Perhaps best summed up by Danny in chapter 9:
--> '''Danny''': "I was stupid, thinking you couldn't be like that... Why did it have to be you? Not some GIW crony, not a ghost, not some random sicko. It had to be Maddie Fenton. It had to"

* {{Daria}} FanFic definitly loves this trope. Two good examples are in Doggieboy's '' 'A Little Vacation' '', when Daria and the man she's falling for spend their last few moments together before [[spoiler:the ''Ringbearers'' modify their memories and then reset the timeline so that they never met, and their experiences together never happened]]. Even more heartbreaking; in The Angst Guy's '' 'Winter In Hell' '', Sandi and Quinn think they see a small white flash and think that it's Fluffy, Sandi's cat who ran off and got lost when her JerkAss brothers deliberately let the cat out. [[spoiler:They find that it's a scrap of white paper blowing along the road.]] A fic that is both TearJerker and CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming from beginning to end is Richard Lobinske's '' 'A Home At Summer's End' '' (from his ''excellent'' PostCanon series ''Falling Into College''), where we see how the character of Bump, a homeless kitten, becomes Daria's pet.

* The Manga/DeathNote fandom has a couple of pieces by [[ Serria.]] "The Golden Son, Light" is about Light's depression prior to the series, through his mother's eyes, and at the end, she relaxes, but the reader knows why Light seems all right: He's decided to be Kira. But that moment's got nothing on "It Rains On The Living", when Sachiko attends [[spoiler: Light]]'s funeral and considers the wreck of her family. Basically, take MamaBear rage and make it useless and impotent, and then add the bitterness of having lost ''everything''. It really rubs your nose in the easily-overlooked fact that at the end of the series this woman has been through [[spoiler: the death of her husband, the death of her son and the kidnapping and ''insanity'' of her daughter.]] What's she got left?
* The same fandom has [[ Bialy's]] pieces about several of the Wammy's boys. A couple standouts are "Evangelos" and "Where The Heart Is." The first is a brief, lyrical piece about seven halfway decent moments in Mello's life - the author calls it 'Mello in seven kisses' - and it's a heartwrenching examination of how he became who he is. In the second, [[EnsembleDarkhorse Matt]] is searching for Mello, and he stops by Wammy's House to find his records. One-line character Linda meets him there, and thinks about him, and thinks about Mello, and thinks about how much Matt changed from the last time she saw him. And at the end, she discovers what became of them at the end of the series, and because she's a painter, she resolves to use that to tell their story. The whole idea that maybe they weren't completely gone...
* The Manga/DeathNote fanfic [[ Daddy Eyes]], especially the last line.

[[AC:Manga/DetectiveConan[=/=]Case Closed]]
* BeckyTailweaver 's [[ I'm Already There]] in the Detective Conan fandom.

* In this AU DGrayMan fanfiction [[ Of Gangsters and Willow trees]], Kanda is a gangster who happened to stumble upon the [[IllGirl dying boy]] Allen. A strange friendship is struck up and Kanda often goes to the hospital to visit him. Allen wistfully wishes to die under a nearby willow tree, as anywhere else is better than dying in the hospital. Then, at the end of the story, [[spoiler: when Kanda tried to get out of his gang, they turned on him, badly injuring him and he dragged himself to the willow tree. His last thoughts (and the story's last words), as he laid dying under the tree, was:]]
--> [[spoiler: I'll have to apologize to Moyashi; I stole his freakin' death bed.]]

* [[ This]] AU Digimon fanfiction that involves one of the characters on a plane flying back home from America...on 9/11.
* [[ Final Hope]], another Digimon fanfiction, qualifies. It deals a lot with Hikari and Takeru, and [[spoiler:at one point both of them seem to die, and the news reports it, and the chapter that follows, with the parents and other kids learning what has happened or reacting to the news]] is wrenching.
* [[ Challenge of Fatherhood]], another Digimon fanfiction. The main idea of the story is based on the fact that Gatomon[[spoiler: dies right after giving birth to the daughter of her and Patamon. Not only is Patamon left completely devastated, but he also has to take care of an infant on his own]]. Not to mention, it seems that every major original character in this fic has more or less tragic backstory. Especially[[spoiler: the backstory of Neko, how BOTH OF his parents were killed when he was a baby, how they never came back so he had to grow up as an orphan, and later on how he was apparently destined to die]] brought me to tears.
* I found an OldShame Digimon fic that, while badly written, ended in a tear jerker where the Digimon had to go back to the Digital World just like in ''Anime/DigimonTamers''. Except the Digidestined seemed like completely built to be woobies - these included a wheelchair bound [[IllGirl ill boy]], a social outcast who was bullied relentlessly, a kid with a fiery temper, a foster kid with AbusiveParents, another girl with only one essentially, the Digidestined were saying goodbye to their ''only friends''. Well, there was at least themselves.
[[AC: DragonBall]]
* [[ Waken, a Frieza-centered story by Vickychan]] It really says something when you fell sorry for ''Frieza.'' The worst part is not so much how it ends, but ''when'' it ends, for he's going to earth, and we all know what happened there...

[[AC: Creator/{{Disney}}]]
* In [[ this]] Disney fanfiction, Mickey gets to see [[spoiler:Walt Disney again during some sort of timey wimey situation]]...which was tear tugging enough, but it was trumped a few chapters later by the revelation of the identity of a mysterious benefactor: [[spoiler:Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, a character Disney lost the rights to and on whom Mickey himself was based]].
** There is a moment in this fic where Mickey and his friends hear ''Disneyland itself'' wail in anguish as Walt dies. Imagine for a second that you had to re-kill your father in order to save everything else. And for those of us who have always suspected that the [[Ride/DisneyThemeParks Disney Parks]] are alive in some way to have to read about Disneyland screaming for its father...* sniff*

* Series/DoctorWho: Think Reinette's death was depressing in canon? Try reading it from the Doctor's perspective if the alternate telling fanfic [[ On the Slow Path, or Two and a Half Centuries in Two and a Half Days]] as he ponders the ways in which he could, actually, if he really tried, save her - but can't because that would change history. Or how about earlier, as she's explaining to him about the castle she wants to have built - and he can't tell her she'll never see it completed.
--->He could do it, tell her what's going to happen. That she'll never see the palace built, that she'll be dead in a couple years. That little Louis-Auguste, who was sailing one of his toy boats around the fountain yesterday, is going to see the monarchy destroyed. That his future wife is a vapid but charming Austrian countess who once gave the Doctor a first-rate set of lock picks in the very castle that Reinette hopes to have built. And that they are going to be executed in a public square, which he knows, because he stood and watched.
* An alt.drwho.creative regular named B.K. Willis wrote an excellent series of mostly-hilarious stories where a psychotic Nyssa kept killing off Adric in various violent ways, while he kept working his way through all of the death-associated red tape and popping back up over and over again. In one particular story called "Friendly Hopes," Adric had been having the bad day to end all bad days and, after his latest death, seriously considered permanently passing on to the afterlife. Definitely a three-Kleenex moment.
* The Ninth Doctor story [[ Of More Value Than Many Sparrows]]. Even if you're ambivalent about the event itself, the WhamLine just tears your guts out as you realise [[spoiler: they're about to watch the Twin Towers fall]].
-->'''Doctor''': Stay here, Rose. Listen to me. It's not the future yet, but the future is coming. Can you feel it? The world turning under your feet. You can almost hear it. But listen to me, listen to my voice. Don't look up. Look around you.

''(No entries yet.)''

[[AC:The Familiar of Zero]]
* ''LightNovel/TheFamiliarOfZero'' fanfic ''[[ Zulu Squad No Tsukaima]]'', is a ''VideoGame/SpecOpsTheLine''/''Familiar of Zero'' crossover and although it has load of [[HilarityEnsues comedy]], is at its core a {{redemption quest}} of a Zulu Squad sergeant with a {{dark and troubled past}}. The backstory has [[spoiler: the [[LudicrousGibbs messy death]] of Pete Gobbi, friend of the main character]], Konrad's suicide is shown, and the death of [[spoiler: Lt. Gordon, aka the Heavy Trooper in the Water Coliseum]]. Then there's [[spoiler: Prince Wales' death]], and the [[spoiler: death]] of Sgt. Crosby's [[spoiler: wife and estranged son.]] Really takes the whole {{Hurt Comfort Fic}} angle to new levels.

* The ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyIX'' fanfic [[ "Go Not Gently"]].
* [[ Summoning Courage]], a ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyX'' fanfic featuring a very uncommon pairing (Baralai/Isaaru). It's not so much the first three chapters, but the last one.
* [[ Handle With Care]] and its sequel [[ Mislabelled]] are a pair of ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII'' fics that manage to be both mind-bendingly hilarious and gut-wrenchingly sad. In this fic, instead of burning down Nibelheim, Sephiroth destroyed Jenova and in doing so basically gave himself a psychic lobotomy. Severely brain-damaged and mentally ill, one day he mistakes a small trooper (Cloud Strife) [[ItMakesSenseInContext for a chocobo toy.]] Although both stories are generally sweet and heartwarming, they are peppered with many heartbreaking scenes (Sephiroth confronting Genesis and Angeal after they abandoned him, Cloud's desperation during Sephiroth's freak out in the sequel, the interlude with Genesis telling Angeal why he left in the first place), the sequel takes the cake when [[spoiler: Cloud is kidnapped. Sephiroth's breakdown without Cloud there to help him through day-to-day life is HEARTBREAKING]] and then when [[spoiler: Cloud is rescued]] he gets the courage to finally ask [[spoiler: if Cloud is really a toy.]] And that's not even looking at the alternate ending to the sequel, where [[spoiler: Cloud is killed before Sephiroth can rescue him and Sephiroth kills himself because he can't face life without Cloud. At least they can be together in the Lifestream - only NOT, because Cloud is absorbed into it and Sephiroth is not, leaving him alone and waiting forever for any tiny bits of Cloud that remain...]] *sob*

* The Firefly story [[ Everything Burns]]. Basic premise: Serenity's crew didn't make it back in time to save the Tams during "Safe."

* [[ Tabula Rasa]] is a VideoGame/FirstEncounterAssaultRecon fic taking place in a AU post Project Origin. After getting some new team members, [[spoiler: one of which is Alma Wade]], the FEAR teams see videos and listen to audio recordings concerning Alma as a child. You know that she is a monster in-game, but to see evidence that Alma was a child ([[spoiler: She wanted to be a singer!]] ) makes you feel much more pity for her.
** The Video and Audio logs include Alma's first word ("Papa!") which is quickly followed by "Help," which causes a young Harlan genuine horror. Then he describes Alma's nightmares, how the room shakes as she screams, how she is suffering, and how he wants to study her abilities to let her sleep peacefully. Then it cuts away to a light conversation with Alma in the car about how she wants to be a singer and a good mother and fix the world. [[spoiler:Little did he know, Alma did more than that. She took it to an entirely new level.]]

* The Manga/FullmetalAlchemist oneshot [[ Passing Hands]] is definitely a tear jerker (and twice as much for dog lovers).

* There's a lot that's sad in Merlin Missy's ''WesternAnimation/{{Gargoyles}}'' series "[[ Consequences]]" but [[spoiler: Delilah's HeroicSacrifice]] is absolutely heartwrenching, both in the thing itself and in the reactions from the whole cast.

* ''Series/{{Glee}}'': [[ Rescue Me]] is a great Puck/Quinn fic in general but the part that gets me is when anything about the six-word stories are brought up. Particularly [[spoiler: the Hemingway short story: "For sale: baby shoes, never worn". And Quinn's one: "I've changed my mind. Please rescue me."]]
* Another ''Series/{{Glee}}'' is [[ Controlled Chaos]]. The first chapter and the flashbacks in the middle chapters come close but it's the last chapter that'll have you sobbing.
* ''Series/{{Glee}}'' fic-writers sure seem to enjoy crushing their readers' souls. Special mentions go to [[ Never Again]], [[ You Have Stolen My Heart]], and [[ Even Angels Have Their Wicked Schemes]], the latter two of which are Klaine. A brief warning (as though the title of this page weren't warning enough) about the second one; I literally felt like I was going to be sick after reading it. Totally worth it, though.
* ''[[ Hunting the Unicorn]]'' is a Klaine fic drawing on ''Literature/TheLastUnicorn'', of all things. While it does have happier parts, it [[CerebusRetcon retroactively]] [[DeconstructionFic deconstructs]] their [[TastesLikeDiabetes sugary,]] [[ButNotTooGay chaste,]] [[SatelliteLoveInterest "perfect"]] romance ''really'' thoroughly. To the point of [[RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap rescuing Blaine from the Scrappy Heap]].

* [[ Great Deal, Great Deal]] provides a backstory for the Rube. He was turned to wood and sentenced to trade with Glitchen indefinitely, [[AndIMustScream unable to say anything other than the predetermined script embedded by the giants]] -- not even to his lost love, who he has had to trade with a hundred times, always unrecognized. Of all the giants to piss off, it had to be Tii, the closest thing Ur has to a {{Jerkass God|s}}.

* ''Literature/GoodOmens'' fic ''Fanfic/TheSacredAndTheProfane'' pretty much exists to be this. The ending is the worst part for reducing readers to a sobbing wreck, but there's plenty of other bits to help.
* ''Fanfic/ManchesterLost'' is a hilariously funny ''Literature/GoodOmens'' fanfiction, full of [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome ridiculously awesome moments]], [[CrowningMomentOfFunny moments that will reduce the reader to a helpless, gasping ball of mirth]], and [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming moments that will make you squee]]. However, there are quite a few heartwrenching moments in it as well, particularly [[spoiler:the deaths of Aziraphale and Crowley. Sure, they get better, but Raphael and Crowley's reaction to Aziraphale's HeroicSacrifice, Crowley's resigned acceptance of his own death, and Aziraphale's reaction to finding out that Crowley died, were genuinely heartbreaking.]] Even worse was [[spoiler:Crowley's response to God's offer to make him an angel, unaware that Aziraphale was already alive again.]]
-->[[spoiler:Crowley: Listen, as much as I appreciate the offer, and only since it means there’s no torture involved for me, I’m not interested. I somehow doubt you’ll let me keep messing with people. I’d rather be in pain than bored, and your side is blessedly boring... Besides, after all that shit you just put me through, I ''really'' fucking hate you. And Aziraphale! Why the fuck would you bring me back to life and not him? What the fuck is ''wrong with you! What am '''I''' without '''him'''?'']]
** Also, in the sequel, Fanfic/ParadiseThwarted, there was [[spoiler:[[DeadpanSnarker Gabriel]]'s [[NotSoStoic reaction]] to Michael's death]].
* [[ Prodigal Son]] and its remix, [[ Safe Haven]], about Crowley taking care of a broken Aziraphale who had been trapped in a Nazi concentration camp and has lost faith. [[spoiler: Especially when Crowley sacrifices the relationship they had developed to encourage Aziraphale to talk to God and restore his faith.]] Incidentally, it's by the same person who wrote Manchester Lost.

* Music/{{Gorillaz}} fic [[ A Man Out Of Time]], in which [[spoiler: a teenage Murdoc, referred to as "Mud" to avoid confusion, travels in time, meets teenage Noodle, falls in love with her, and ends up selling his soul to save her life even though he can't stay with her]]:
-->"Do I ever regret this?" Mud asked quietly, his voice breaking. He looked up at his older self.\\
"No." Murdoc gently squeezed Mud's shoulders and let go. "But I'm not going to lie to you, it's not exactly a stroll through the daisies either."

* [[ A Rose Without Petals]] has Mabel in an abusive relationship. Nothing else needs to be stated.
* [[ Behind the Mask]], a story about Pacifica's demons.
* [[ When Gravity Fails]], a seemingly lighthearted, average story about a girl moving to Gravity Falls and helping the twins take down Gideon. Right? Nope. This story takes place in a timeline where Gideon Rises didn't happen. In turn, Gideon has transformed the once sleepy, beautiful town into a concrete jungle, clouded it with pollution, and destroyed the Mystery Shack. Dipper and Mabel started fighting on the bus ride home, and have had a complete hatred of each other since. They've been sent back to 'repair their bond'. Everything in the town has become gloomy and industrialized. It's pretty least it's an awesome story.
** The first chapter is an introduction, with both Ana (the OC) and Mabel mentioning how the rain seems to fit the sad, dark mood. [[spoiler: Halfway through the story, Ana's parents have been brainwashed into making them leave the town. Her reaction? A repeat of the first line:]]
-->'''Ana:''' It's raining. Of ''freaking'' course.

* The ''Anime/HaibaneRenmei'' fanfic [[ "Before We Had Wings"]]. It's a prequel to the series, showing the events that led various Haibane to Glie. [[spoiler: And considering that it's strongly hinted that Haibane are the souls of children who died young...]]

* In ''FanFic/EnemyOfMyEnemy'', [[spoiler:when the Hunter pair is overwhelmed and killed, the last one's final thoughts are of the sweet little girl who reached out and befriended them. Also, Rukth's death can be quite heart-wrenching, as can Vtan's reaction to it: "A wail of sorrow [that] echoed across the battlefield... the Jiralhanae... felt an irrational prick of fear... Something had awoken; [[UnstoppableRage something]] [[TranquilFury terrible]].]]

* [[ From the Mouths of Infants]]; a chat between Flippy and Cub, at Cub's mother's grave.

* Anybody who could read [[ Winter's Debt]] by La Guera and stay dry-eyed has a shriveled black coal for a heart. It's [[spoiler: Draco Malfoy]]'s account of how he found that he had a younger sister that had been kept hidden---and ''why'' she had been hidden. Some of the passages will haunt you...
** "I have done far crueler things since then, but I have regretted none so much as that. I have slaughtered innocent women and children, and their screams have not haunted my dreams. I have raped and looted and tortured in the name of purification and felt not the slightest twinge of guilt. And yet the face of my silent sister contorted in grief as I trod upon her only plaything has never left me. It followed me as I lay in the bedchambers of virgins and prostitutes. It was with me on the day I watched Aurors kill my father. It is with me as I stand here now, and it will be with me when I go to seek Winter's justice."
** "Even at the end, she had still been very much a child. When Death had reached out his arms to her, she had fled to the sanctuary of my father, wanting his comfort for the journey ahead."
* [[FanficRecommendations ''Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Future Past'']]: Harry "talking things over with Hermione" [[spoiler:after Hermione's death]] as a way to clear his mind and think things through got right to me. Not to mention [[spoiler:Luna's sadness when Neville isn't allowed to visit over the summer]], and quite a few other things. Particularly the [[spoiler:{{Glomp}}]] when he admits what he's been up to, fully expecting his friends to reject him in horror...
* ''[[ An Analysis of a Mother's Love]]'' (''[[Literature/HarryPotterAndTheDeathlyHallows Deathly Hallows]]'' spoilers). What was going through Molly Weasley's mind during her CrowningMomentOfAwesome?
* The Literature/HarryPotter fic [[ Survivor]] has Hermione die in the final battle, then spends 4 chapters watching Harry complete his tasks so he can kill himself and join her. All the other characters are quite aware that's what he's doing, too.
** Anybody not utterly against Harry/Hermione would get choked up when [[spoiler:Hermione goes down in the final battle, and Harry's just waiting to avenge her before joining her, with his friends helplessly watching]].
* Deadwoodpecker's Harry Potter fanfiction [[ Backwards with Purpose]] is full of moments like this.
** For example:
-->'' "You can't die, Luna," she whispered, her voice still hoarse from screaming. "We've got to go hunting Crumple-Horned Snorkacks. I've… I've been doing some research, and I… I'm pretty sure we can find them in Finland… Between the two of us, we'll find them, we will. But we can't if you die…"''
-->''"You don't believe in them," Luna said. Her voice was fading away and so was she. Still, she smiled that familiar, dreamy smile.''
-->''"Yes, I do," Hermione sobbed. "I really, really do. I promise. We're going, just as soon as you get better…" ''
** ''"Neville had been a champion and fearless when it came to defending his friends. This time around his life would not end in murder; he would not leave Hannah a widow less than a year after their marriage. He'd work with plants, have a bunch of round-faced babies, and live to be a doddering old man, and Harry would never, ever have to watch him die."'' [[spoiler: Neville dies again in this timeline.]]
** The moment when Harry finds out that the mysterious rune he's been studying isn't the rune for pain - which was what he thought it was, based on all his terrible memories and emotions associated with it - but was actually the rune for love.
* The seventh book of the excellent Harry Potter fic "Sacrifices Arc". [[spoiler:Regulus Black dies before Snape admits that he loves him; it was just as sad for its aftermath.]]
* Bellatrix's backstory in ''[[ The Spoilers Of War]]''. Perhaps best summed up when Harry and Bellatrix are reviewing her memories.
-->'''Young Narcissa''': "No, I don't think I want [Andromeda] back. Now I get to be the oldest. And I'll be the one to get the best husband. And I'll get to live in the biggest Palace!"
-->'''Young Bellatrix''': "No you won't! I'll go and find her. Then I'll live in the biggest castle in the world!"
-->'''Bellatrix''': "I was right, you know. I did get to live in the biggest castle in the world."
-->'''Harry''': "You did?"
-->'''Bellatrix''': "Yes, The biggest castle in the world is Azkaban."
* The final chapter of ''[[ I Saw My Lady Weep]]''. An aged Harry Potter is sitting vigil next to the hospital bed of his dying wife, Ginny. Nothing said by the doctors, or his children, can assuage the overwhelming grief he feels. And when she dies, he just lets his own life go and follows her into death. But what really causes the tears to flow is what happens when his son James finds his body.
* The fanfiction ''[[ Time Heals All Wounds]]'' is an extraordinary example of a buildup to a happily-ever-after which is suddenly '''wrenched''' away and leaves a gaping hole in you when you read it. Chapter 33, to be precise.

* [[ This]] HerculesTheLegendaryJourneys fic. Especially the part where an ailing Hercules is cared for by an angelic Iolaus. (I'm not being metaphorical with the word "angelic", BTW.) We finally learn what Iolaus had to atone for in "Revelations".
-->'"Close your eyes, Herc," Iolaus urged him warmly, stroking his hair. "And I'll tell you the story that Gabrielle told me that time I was wounded when we were trying to free Prometheus. Once, a long, long time ago, all people had four legs and two heads..."'

* A ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'' fanfic, entitled Into The Dark, focusing on Aradia's relationship with Sollux. There are comments from people who actually cried while reading it.
* [[ Closing Time]], a one-shot that takes a look at the kids post-SBURB from the perspective of a narrator that is in a relationship with each of them. Most of it is rather sad, but Jade's part is by far the worst, especially the way the narrator breaks up with her.
* [[ Seam by Seam]] which is a short AU where Earth and Alternia went to war, but Alternia still has human slaves long after. Rose is captured at a young age and has to grow up on that planet, eventually coming to terms that her time away from earth has changed her, her only friend, John, hasn't seen her for years and has grown up without her, her mother is long gone, and she's part of Alternia now.

* ''[[ Crazy]]'' by thepandathatrawrs.
* [[ Haunted]]. If you don't cry or cry inside when [[spoiler: Freddie's ghost is telling Sam how much he loved her and how his last living thought was about his love for her]] or [[spoiler: Valerie is brutally murdered by Missy for no reason at all]] you have no soul.
* ''[[ Bruised]]'' gets the tears rolling from the first flashback. It follows a character from iCarly at a counseling session and basically investigates the Backstory of the character. Even though the entire story is a TearJerker it's when you realise that [[spoiler: The main charecter of the story isn't Sam as the story leads on but rather ''Carly'']].
-->[[spoiler:"Nobody needs to be perfect, kiddo." The counselor says reassuringly, You smile as you wipe your eyes and head towards the door and whisper loud enough for only you to hear. "I do."]]

* I can't find the fic anymore, it might be gone now, but...there was an ''WesternAnimation/InvaderZim'' fanfic where Zim was poisoned and slowly dying. While Dib, Tak, and Gaz frantically look for a cure, Zim vows he'll stay alive long enough to see Autumn, his favorite thing about Earth. The biggest gutpunches in the fic were Zim being forced to shut off GIR so he won't have to watch Zim slowly waste away (and the entire time, GIR is sobbing and pleading for Zim to take GIR with him), Zim and Dr. Membrane discussing the afterlife (and Zim confesses he's terrified of the thought of going to a place like Hell), and finally, [[spoiler:after all the hard work and sleepless nights everyone pulled, the group can see he won't last a day longer, so Tak uses one of her inventions to forcibly change Earth's climate so it becomes Autumn. Zim, who at this point has to be ''carried'' to the window to see outside, gives a satisfied smile, everyone admits he's a friend to them now...and then he dies not a minute later.]]
* I was reading through fanfiction and I found this story that was collection of songfics, all but one were all overly happy, the one that makes me cry every time I read it is the one based off of The One That Got Away, about Gaz being in love with Zim for a long time, and Dib exposing Zim, and Zim having to leave the planet, and Gaz regretting never telling him how she felt. The fact the lyrics were there, didn't really help anything. Here's the lnk, don't forget your kleenex. [[ IZ Songfics:The One That Got Away]]
* The ending of ''Possessed.'' Dib and a brain-damaged Zim have escaped from their tormentors and are now free to live out the rest of their lives together in peace. [[spoiler:Unfortunately, Zim being an alien, Dib has realized he will outlive him by hundreds of years and builds a robot duplicate to keep Zim company for the rest of his life. Due to brain damage inflicted on him by Membrane, Zim does not realize this for years, thinking the robot really is Dib. When he finds out, the robot takes him to the real Dib, who by now is ancient and old and too weak to move from the bed. He gives Zim his final goodbyes, tells him that he was "more family than anything I ever had", and thanks him for being his brother. Cue the waterfall tears.]]

* An ComicBook/{{Ironman}} [[ fanfic]] dealt with Tony Stark, in the aftermath of the Civil War, raising Steve Rogers' little girl. No, not an m-preg fic, no, not a bastard Cap left behind with Sharon Charter. A little girl who was Captain America's X-23, his OppositeSexClone, and had been raised since birth to be a ChildSoldier SuperSoldier. This child has a stoic face and robotic personality, having been giving nothing but routines and orders her whole life. She doesn't understand love, home, normalcy, and what's worse is we don't see this from Tony's perspective but HERS. She's so terribly confused and afraid at living with Tony and Jarvis, who are attentive and affectionate if flustered at raising a child. She doesn't understand and wishes to go back to the compound if only becase things are simpler there. Goddamn it's heartbreaking.

* [[ Bertie and the Bowler Hat]]: An elderly Bertie Wooster [[spoiler:is found dead with a picture of the late Jeeves in his hand]]. It was topped by the very last sentence: [[spoiler: "Mr. Wooster had given me the black bowler hat."]]

* Quite a bit of the ''WesternAnimation/KaBlam'' fic ''TroperWorks/GoodbyeJune''. Especially the first chapter.

* The [=RyuMako=] fanfic ''[[ Fragile Thread]]'' is heartbreaking. It concerns Ryuuko's, a troubled high school student, newfound friendship with Mako, a happy go lucky bullying victim. However, the kicker comes in the end where, [[spoiler: a revealed to be suicidal Mako summons Ryuuko (who works as a prostitute) to her side to be with her in her last moments, leaving Ryuuko devastated in the aftermath of her death]].
-->'''Ryuuko''': [[spoiler: Mako, I hate you for this. I hate you, because I love you.]]
* [[ stop, come back, stay with me - (please)]] is another [=RyuMako=] that ends on a rather tragic note.
-->'''Narration''': [[spoiler: Then it's just black, and the face of the one who gave her hope.]]
* ''[[ Endless Numbered Days]]'' that is all, especially the ending.
* ''[[ Severed]]'' is how the series could have really ended and it isn't a happy ending, as it implies that [[spoiler: Ryuuko didn't survive her fall, as Satsuki failed to catch her in time]]. The [[ fanart]] in which is ''Severed'' was based on isn't much better.
-->'''Satsuki''': [[spoiler: “I loved you too, Ryuko.”]]
* While the fic itself is disheartening, a certain line from ''[[ Do You See How They Shine?]]'' really seals it, especially with it being spoken by [[spoiler: Nui]] no less:
-->''"Time enough to regret, but not nearly enough to atone." ''
* '[[ say something, i'm giving up on you]]'' can be devastating for those who don't expect it, especially in Part III, [[spoiler: while Uzu (according to the version) holds her hand as she quietly passes away]].
* ''[[ Rest]]'' started out rather sweet yet ends with a rather heartbreaking twist.
* The fanfic ''[[ Raindrops]]'' and, its sequel, ''Sunshine'', which concerns a depressed Satsuki remembering the events up until her [[spoiler: sister's death]] some time before and, in the sequel, we have her revealing to their friends that she is ill with leukemia, the which she dies of. However, the sequel also has a BittersweetEnding with [[spoiler: Satsuki and Ryuuko reuniting in death and their spirits into a butterfly before fluttering up to the sky so they can watch over their friends from beyond.]]
** A Third in the trilogy, titled ''As the Wind Blows'', deals with Mako and Shiro, now elderly, and the events leading up to their deaths of old age but both of their final chapters are bittersweet.
* The ''[[ Kiryuuin Chronicles]]'' is a rather depressing story but we get three chapters in particular. From Chapter 11, we have [[spoiler: Rei's death]] and Satsuki's ruminations on it.
-->'''Satsuki''': The person who had looked after us since birth was gone, gone for good. She was trapped, yet she had sacrificed, endured, lost, and promised so much and, in the end, she was free, like the caged bird that she was.
** Three chapters later, we have Satsuki with her little sisters coming back to that house and her realization:
-->[[spoiler: Very little remained apart from the doorway and a few--''her''-- bloodstains in the floor. She couldn't take care of us because of him and was trying to protect us as only she could, just like Rei was.]]
** Earlier, we get Ragyou holding Satsuki for the first in a long time.
--> She was stroking my hair, before she held me in her arms for a little while. As she put me back, she kissed me on the forehead, saying, ''So sorry, I love you.”'' She stroked my hair a final time before leaving the room with tears streaming down her face.
* This [[ fankoma]].
* Chapters 4 and 5 of ''[[ Strictly for the Birds]]'' by [=BadMitt=] (Badmitton on FanfictionDotNet). Chapter 4 has Nonon's feelings about what happened with Satsuki during Episode 19 and [[spoiler: her guilt thereof]] and the chapter afterwards has Rei and one could only wonder how she might have felt with the [[AbusiveParents thi]][[ParentalIncest ngs]] going on between Ragyo and Satsuki.
* ''[[ I Always Will]]'' has Uzu telling his son about his mother, a passed-on [[spoiler: Ryuuko]], while her ghost watches from afar.
* Satsuki and Ryuuko's situation in ''[[ Piano Notes]]''. A line from Ryuuko can really nail it:
-->''[[spoiler: "I don't want you to go,"]]''
** To explain further, Satsuki is very critically ill by the time Ryuuko goes to visit her and they both know that their visit could have been the last time they get to see each other, as the former is going into surgery the next day and had a very high chance of not making it.
** The alternative ending [[]] is even worse, as despite it all, [[spoiler: Satsuki still passes away]] but not before telling her sister that she loved her and made her happy.
* Any Fanfic where Ryuuko dies after the ending, due to her life-fibers dying off, an example of this being ''[[ everything could have been different]]''.

[[AC: Kingdom Hearts]]
* ''[[ Deae Ex Machina]]'' is 13 chapters, plus a prologue, of a funny, slashy Franchise/KingdomHearts fic where the Nobodes are reborn as humans, and have wacky hijinks with the heroes and other characters. It also contains an Epilogue, which is almost 3,000 words worth of being punched in the stomach.
* "[[ You Don't Miss It Till It's Gone,]]" one of the recommended ''Franchise/KingdomHearts'' fanfics here has a couple of real ''kickers.'' [[spoiler: Sora's fading away after going completely insane, but finally being free of Antiform, leading to a DyingAsYourself moment in Kairi's arms,]] then later on on we have [[spoiler: Roxas and Namine fading away together.]] Although to some it may be a bit [[{{Narm}} cheesy,]] the last conversation they share is sob inducing, [[spoiler: ending with both telling that they love each other,]] then giving us this line:
--> [[spoiler: And that was the last thing Naminé heard before the both of them faded back into their Others, their bodies fading away into strands of light, back into the seventh Princess of Heart and the Key to Kingdom Hearts.]]
* While it wasn't as much of a tearjerker as others, a Franchise/KingdomHearts fanfic about a person who didn't know he had become a nobody got a bit depressing when one considered that he couldn't feel emotions and even though the guy was supposedly in his 20's, he had the mind of a naive kid. The nobody was being taught by a distant family member how to feel emotions again, but while being taught he was brought to his grandmother's funeral and wondered why everyone was so sad. This was more of an "...Oh god this would be so embarrassing" but it was still kind of sad that he still didn't know how to feel when he saw his grandmother buried.
* In the Franchise/KingdomHearts fanfic, ''Fill the Moon,'' almost damn near everyone and everything gets a depressing backstory or miserable moment. The author seems to love dragging literally EVERYONE through the DespairEventHorizon or, by proxy, delivering an emotional gut punch to the readers. "Highlights" include:
** [[spoiler: The adorable little OC protagonist, who is [[PuritySue purity incarnate]] and barely thirteen years old, is impregnated by Zexion, who is understandably conflicted about the whole ordeal, considering his guilt for initially desiring a sexual relationship with her. The best part? The man who orders Zexion to do it? Her own father.]]
** [[spoiler:Oh, and not to mention, she almost dies because of the pregnancy, and spends about three to fourth months in constant, screaming agony that she tries to put on a happy face over her pain, so as not to make her family worry.]]
** [[spoiler:Zexion's HeroicSacrifice is just AWFUL. Senayax pulls a PleaseWakeUp and everything, which, considering how brutally she has had her innocence stripped from her, just emphasizes the fact that a very scared little girl in a lot of pain just watched her lover die because one of her best friends tried to kill her father.]]
** To anyone reading those above spoilers and openly weeping; yes, it is THAT kind of fanfic.
** Oh, and some of the stuff that happens to Demyx is horrific. The scene where he literally tries to [[spoiler:clean the castle with his own blood, not noticing the fact that the chemicals in the cleaner had worked his hands raw]] is a disturbingly realistic portrayal of PTSD. It doesn't help that [[spoiler:even after Xigbar finds him and tries to help him, Demyx is adamant it's all his fault and begs for Xigbar to BITE HIM...because that's what his big brother did.]]
** Oh god; there's a scene after [[spoiler: the other Apprentices -- including the baby's ''father,'' Zexion -- find out that Senayax is going to die because of her pregnancy]] in which Lexaeus, [[spoiler: who had already seen an experiment like this one fail, with fatal consequences]] is basically having a HeroicBSOD in front of Kingdom Hearts. Zexion comes out to find him and basically tears him a new one before breaking down in tears and begging for Lexaeus to help him. Lexaeus, who is normally the Organization's most emotionally stable member, basically tells Zexion that there's nothing they can do.
** The part of the chapter in which [[spoiler:Zexion tells his lover, Senayax, that she's going to die]] is one of the worst parts of a chapter that is basically the fanfic's Crowning Moment of ''Absolutely Goddamned Depressing''. The only thing that Senayax says to him is just the sadness cherry on the misery cake.
-->[[spoiler:"Zexion, if I die...can you promise to hold my hand?"]]
** The worst part? The chapter's title is, of all things, ''Hope''.
** The next chapter isn't much better. [[spoiler:Xemnas]] is having a MyGodWhatHaveIDone-induced breakdown over [[spoiler:inadvertently killing the girl who he considered a daughter]] when [[spoiler:said daughter he condemned to death]] comes in. Frankly, the author just spells out the depressing for us, so I'll just leave a little segment for you to sob over here...
-->[[spoiler:"Zexion told me I was gonna die soon." She said. "He wouldn't lie to me like that." Something odd and alien flashed behind her eyes, but it faded as soon as it had come, and it left a frightened little girl in its' place. "A-am I gonna die, Xemnas?" She asked. Xemnas didn't know what to say. She shook her head. "Cause I see'd Zexion coming back t'our room, an' then he just...he looked so sad. Like he'd given up. I knew he did, 'cause all he did was hold me an' cry until he fell asleep..." She shivered.]]
-->[[spoiler:"I'm scared. I don't...want to be givened up on..." She broke down in tears, trying to stifle the sounds of her sobs as she looked up at them. "''Please don't give up on me''..." Xemnas pulled her into his arms from across the bed, desperately trying to cradle her close and stroke her hair as he sobbed with her. "No, no Yaya." He whispered. "We won't give up on you. I promise, I promise..." He felt Saix settle in beside them, holding his hand in his and stroking her hair with his other hand, and Xemnas could only think of one thing to say. "Daddy's here, Yaya," he whispered, voice hoarse with agony, "daddy's here. It's going to be all right, sweetheart, daddy's here..."]]
** [[spoiler:Larxene's backstory]] is almost as bad. While it's not as cry-your-eyes-out drama worthy as some of the other instances explained already on this page, seeing the normally snarky and caustic [[spoiler:Larxene]] crying and having a nervous breakdown because of [[spoiler:being raped and abused by her ex-husband for about three years]] is...jarring.
* [[ Lost Boys]] brings us a AU where the X-Blade was forged at [[OhCrap Destiny Islands.]] HOW is this tearjerking? Not only is the small world destroyed, [[BloodSplatteredInnocents Sora sees Venitas kill his dad right in front of him]], and he and Riku are thrown out to Traverse Town and are forced to grow up way before their time. They struggle for ''eleven years'', which turns Sora into [[AntiHero a bitter,]] [[DrivenToSuicide suicidal,]] and mentally unstable young man. Riku copes better, but even he's gotten at least slightly depressed. And that's just what happens before the fic even takes off. Oh yeah, and Sora repeatedly gets caught in mental breakdowns where he either becomes a violent JerkAss or a blubbering pile of BrokenTears or [[TakeAThirdOption both.]]

* This ''Franchise/{{Kirby}}'' [[ fanvid]] is deliberately played for over-the-top comedy... but isn't quite over-the-top enough. After the block holding him in is freed, a Gordo drifts off into the sky... and far beyond. The music-and-imagry combination is enough to make you mist up. And while the ending is more giggle-worthy than tear-jerking--initially--you quickly begin to feel bad for the little guy that he didn't get to see ''everying'' before [[spoiler: getting boinked back to Pop Star by a stray asteroid.]]

* TwilightValley is alleged to have one. [[spoiler:When Ducky contemplates suicide after being rescued from her imprisonment.]]

* [[ Warlocks and Witches]] has a particularly tear-jerking moment when [[spoiler:Cale dies in a particularly sudden and tragic manner]].

* While not sad, as such, Noriko's [[spoiler:speech after her entire family was killed]] in the FanFic/DevaSeries had me tearing up through sheer emotional powerfulness.

* [[ A doll woke up]]. [[{{Bookends}} He couldn't remember anything]].

* This Franchise/MassEffect one shot fic called [[ The Hundred Year Distance]] is bittersweet at best. To sum up the story in basic detail without any spoilers: It's about Garrus and Shepard spending their last days together, as they are near the end of their lifespan.
* The Franchise/MassEffect fanfic [[ Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained]] has just featured a rather poignant moment, in the opening to the eighth chapter. [[spoiler:Kolyat Krios is trying to write a message to Thane, and can't find the words.]] It's simple, but it's so in character and right.
* VideoGame/MassEffect2 fic [[ Pariah]]. It shows a different angle on Morinth by introducing a character she can't control and turning everything upside down. [[spoiler: This character dies via LastStand[=/=]TakingYouWithMe and sacrifices herself to ''protect'' Morinth. The half point of the chapter finishes with a DiedInYourArmsTonight[=/=]MercyKill moment]] One reviewer drew [[ this]] in reaction to that particular scene.

* Most of the reviews [[ Whispers in Time]] make mention of crying or causing heartbreak.

* [[ This]] ''Series/{{Merlin}}'' fanfic, which sort of... creeps up on you.

* ''FanFic/{{Stray}}'' isn't depressing in its entirety, but it has its tearjerker moments. Particularly during the Shadow Moses section, when [[spoiler: Big Boss has his final conversation and LastKiss with "his" Ocelot, whose spirit is currently being channeled by Adamska.]]
* [[ Howling At The Moon]] is a fanfic recounting Sniper Wolf's life from slightly before Big Boss met her all the way to her death. You'd think that the tear-jerkiest moment would be her ever so famous death, right? WRONG. [[ Chapter 4]], at the very end, a sixteen-year-old Wolf leaves her home with FOXHOUND. The whole time, a fourteen-year-old Naomi is begging her, nearly in tears, not to go. The worst part of it is that Wolf mostly keeps her cool as she tells Naomi that she has to go, then breaks down when she's just a few yards down the road. And that's not even the tip of the iceberg.
* The Franchise/MetalGear fanfic [[ Look Up]]. Starts out with Otacon and Snake stargazing some time after VideoGame/MetalGearSolid4. Otacon's being his usual {{Adorkable}} self about constellations... and then he realizes [[spoiler: Snake's quietly dying beside him.]] And he keeps talking, refusing to break down until he finishes his last sentence. [[spoiler: "Do you know what is is, Dave? Dave? ...It's Jupiter."]] The [[spoiler: callback to the "Otacon ending" of Metal Gear Solid 1]] is what clinches it.
* Another Franchise/MetalGear fanfic, the excellent [[ Hold On]]. (Everything Otasune by that author is highly recommended.) Meryl's [[spoiler: faked Otacon's death]] in order to get Snake to take out a mercenary group that's killing off members of New Foxhound. The scene in which Snake is shown [[spoiler: Otacon's "body"]] is heartwrenching. After [[spoiler: yelling "God fucking dammit, Hal!", spending several silent moments leaning against his "corpse", meticulously and tenderly cleaning the blood away from his mouth, and slipping Hal's glasses into his pocket,]] he says this, [[DissonantSerenity deathly calm]]: "Tell me where they are, and I will kill them." Later [[spoiler: Otacon wakes up and is informed by Meryl of his faked death. He's so distraught by this that he ends up severely damaging his hands in an attempt to tear out the hinges of his cell door.]] Raiden discovers the [[spoiler: faked death]] and correctly guesses that Snake will [[spoiler: let himself be killed on his mission to take out the mercenary group, as without Otacon he has nobody left to live for.]] The fic [[spoiler: ends happily, but man alive, will it wring out your heart.]]


* The oneshot [[ Eat Too Much Ice Cream]]. Seven-year-old Tam gets sick, and asks for his mother. He still has no idea that she's dead, or what happened during the events of the show.
--> '''Tam''': Was she pretty?
--> '''Chris''': Kim, your mom, was beautiful. You have her eyes and her mouth and...''(SingleTear)'' Your mom was the bravest and kindest person I've ever known. You're so much like her.
--> '''Tam''': Did - did she love me?
--> '''Chris''': More than...anything.
--> '''Tam''': I want her. ''(starts to cry)'' Why isn't she here?
--> '''Chris''': [[HeroicSacrifice She isn't here because of how much she loved you.]]
** And after that line: "Tam doesn't understand, thinks he would prefer to have her here over her loving him so much."

* [[ ''The Last Treasure'']].
* They have yet to be reposted anywhere else, but one ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' thread on /co/ had an Anon ask "Which character makes you feel the most sympathetic when they cry?" Someone answered "Pinkie Pie. [[TemptingFate Can you even imagine,]] [[FunPersonified someone as constantly happy and upbeat as her,]] [[BreakTheCutie being reduced to tears?]]" [[ Two writers rose to the challenge.]][[note]]Keep in mind the [[{{Fanon}} fan interpretation]] that Pinkie Pie has MediumAwareness.[[/note]] My body wasn't ready.
** I may be overthinking this, but [[ this]] [=AMV=] is both sad and heartwarming. It just seems to be about all the cynical adults who watch this innocent, adorable show about ponies and feel like kids again. "[[GrowingUpSucks I'm never growing up.]]"
** The background character known as Derpy Hooves seems to attract [[ a]] [[ lot]] [[ of]] sadfics. (Read these three in order for maximum effect.)
* ''Growing Up''. Just the fact that Spike is [[WeAreAsMayflies outliving all his friends]], and has seen the deaths of many of them, including Fluttershy, Big Macintosh, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, and Rainbow Dash. The descriptions of their deaths make things even worse. Moreover, it's implied that most of the other cast members are dead, including the Mayor, Zecora, the current Wonderbolts, Hoity Toity, Photo Finish, and Braeburn, just to name a few.
* ''Forever is Forever''. Applejack [[spoiler: in heaven,]] period.
* ''The Best Medicine'', by zaptiftun. (Because there ''are'' others by that title.) The death of [[spoiler:Sun Drop]].
* ''Background Pony''. you have no soul if you weren't at least heavily depressed after finishing reading.
** Well, most of Shortskirtsandexplosions's early stories qualify, actually.

* The Naruto fanfic "[[ Blind]]" has several of these...including one in the middle that manages to be a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming as well. I'm not going to spoil that one for you, but the premise of the story is that [[spoiler: Sasuke blinds himself to prevent Orochimaru from taking control of him.]] (Alternate future fic--breaks off shortly after the beginning of Shippuuden.)
* A ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'' SelfInsertFic where a girl ''intentionally'' made her SelfInsert a MarySue (She said so in the description.) who thought her two team members and her sensei loved her and was so confident they'd take a sword for her. Turns out, the two other members of the team absolutely ''hated her'' '''guts''' because she was so show-offy and smug. Then they tried to stop Hidan and Kakuzu, they literally didn't even ''try'' to save her as the others were trying to save ''their Sensei'' instead and literally ''threw her right in the way of Hidan's scythe'' and let him taste her blood so he wouldn't do that to them. Hidan then decided to break her legs and watch Kakuzu murder her sensei ''right in front of all three'' while the two members finally showed what they really thought of her and said "So you finally lose, miss perfect!'' and are then murdered. Hidan decides she wasn't worth his time and instead just stabs himself through the stomach so she'll bleed to death, rejected by her friends and for the first time in her life, tasting failure.
** FromBadToWorse because she actually ''survived'' and the Raikage thought ''she'' was behind the Akatsuki invasion and the loss of Yugito, and she would have been executed ''by his hand'' if not for the fact that someone else spoke up and saved her...and she had told that one person to "fuck off" earlier in the fic because she hated him.
*** For the love of God post a link
*** I know the fic... unfortunately there's a meta tear jerker in there considering that the author had written the story (As well as many other ''extremely'' depressing fics!) but deleted them within about a year before vanishing off the internet, given that the author said she was really depressed and wrote the stories during a CreatorBreakdown, chances are she might have actually committed suicide.
* Fanfic/{{Team 8}}, Chapter 20. The death of what is probably the best written, most likeable, version of [[spoiler:Kurenai]] in all Naruto Fanfics, qualifies. You spend the rest of the chapter thinking [[spoiler:she's just hiding]], but [[spoiler:she isn't]].
** And to a lesser extent, Hinata, pretty much throughout the entire fic. The ForWantOfANail nature of the story has turned the entire Hyuuga clan from merely aloof to outright abusive toward her, to the extent that Hinata can't even conceive of anyone giving her a compliment without there being some kind of veiled insult behind it. Even from her own teammates! What the hell is ''wrong'' with those people?!?
* [[ Chapter 12]] of the Naruto fanfic [[ Who I Am]] has a strong tearjerker: [[spoiler:Kakashi's Log: ...Sensei, I'm sorry. I'm a failure as a teacher. I know you'll never forgive me for everything I've done, but I'm sorry, and I always will be.]]
** Just chapter twelve? For me? The whole goddamn thing. Especially [[spoiler: the way Sasuke frets over Naruto. A far cry from the cold, unempathetic ass he is in canon.]] Even sadder is that it hasn't updated since January.
* From this Naruto fic [[ Shinigan]] , Naruto apologizing to Hinata for not telling her about the fox.
** Naruto:"He sealed me. Inside me. What I did there...was I pulled out some of its power. I wasn't fast enough to get that guy otherwise. I...I'm sorry I didn't, didn't tell you already, but...everyone else hates me for it. All the civilians...I just wanted...I wanted to have a friend...I'm sorry..."
* A ficlet where Naruto dies on the bridge is pure TearJerker but the worst is [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold Sasuke's]] reaction.
-->'''Sasuke''': "I want you to train me. I need to get stronger, I need to get faster and I need to learn how to use these eyes of mine."
-->'''Kakashi''': "Back only a day and already thinking of training, take a break."
-->'''Sasuke''': "No, I need to get more powerful."
-->'''Kakashi''': "I'm not going to train you Sasuke. I'm not your sensei anymore, not that you ever truly acknowledged me as such anyway, and I don't feel like fuelling your self destructive obsession. So no, I won't help you."
-->'''Sasuke''': "You have to! I-I need to be stronger. If I'd been stronger or if I'd been faster, I could have stopped him... I-If I had mastered my eyes, I could have seen him and stopped him before... Before he died."
-->'''Kakashi''': "You, you're not talking about Itachi... Are you?"
-->'''Sasuke''': "If I'd been stronger or faster, I could have beaten that ice user before he had too... If my eyes were more powerful I could have seen the senbon, could have dodged better or countered or... If I'd been better... If I'd been better, he wouldn't have had to die. If I'd been better they would still be here... Everyone dies because I'm weak. I-I need to get strong, I need to make sure no one else dies... I can't, I can't have anyone else die on me."
** Links to the chapters in the collection featuring the above mentioned story [[]], [[]], [[]] and [[]].
* From the first part of ''[[ Alternate Beginnings of an Uzumaki]]'' we get Naruto searching a graveyard until he finds a grave with "Uzumaki" on it.
-->'''Naruto''': "My name is Uzumaki Naruto... Are we family?"

* [[ ''At Death's Door'']]: It is based on Shinji as a dying old man, the last person alive to remember the Angel Wars. Everyone else has died, Rei, Misato, Asuka, Toji, Kensuke etc. And Asuka. And Shinji, can't tell any more if it was real or if it was all just "a life he constructed for himself, to prove his own existence?". And then he remebers the image of Asuka and that he had one loved her, but not her name... And as he is dying, he desperately tries to remember her name: [[spoiler: He Does: 'Death smiled down at Shinji Ikari... and he smiled back. The old man opened his mouth, and breathed his last word."Asuka..."']]
* [[ ''Die With Me'']]. It is NOT a tragic-romantic. It is just tragic. Kyoko's POV after the Unit 02 experiment. Here is the first paragraph: "I never paid enough attention to Asuka. My entire mind was on Unit-02. And now, I can concentrate on my beloved daughter. I hope she isn't still mad at me for ignoring her. No one but Asuka cares about me. The only person besides the doctor and my husband who comes to see us is that little girl. I think she just wants to tease Asuka. So Asuka must eat her dinner so the girl won't laugh at her." To those that don't know [[spoiler:'that little girl' is Asuka. Her mother has gone mad and thinks that the doll is her daughter. Yeah...]]

* [[ Icarus's Curse]] is about the friendship of Pell and Chaka. When they were younger, Chaka promised Pell if anything happened to him, he would pull him out of any sea that threatened to kill him. Then, flashforward to the scene [[spoiler: where Pell was killed]], Chaka was useless to prevent it.
* Another OnePiece one, where it was implied that [[spoiler: Zoro was killed in battle and they never found his body]]. The rest of the Straw Hats had continuously searched for him, clearly in denial, even when the years passed and they had fulfilled all their dreams. The most heartbreaking moment was when [[spoiler: Mihawk had found Zoro's treasured sword and gave it to Luffy and they were simply forced to accept that Zoro was gone.]]
* ''[[ Existence]]'' has Zoro fighting to not disappear from being erased from existence and all of his friends has forgotten him. The BigBad has thoroughly enjoyed manipulating everyone and he sics an enraged Luffy on an already injured Zoro by tricking the Straw Hats into believing that Zoro had attacked Chopper. It went FromBadToWorse as [[spoiler: Luffy accidentally stepped on the hourglass that contained Zoro's existence, effectively killing his swordsman without realizing it.]] The flashback at the end of that chapter made it even worse.
--> '''Luffy''': "Hey Zoro? Would you stay with us forever?"
--> '''Zoro''': " ... Sure, Captain."

* The one-shot fic [[ Castle Down]], detailing the life of Kyoya's mother. It starts off with [[spoiler: Yoshio more or less [[RapeAsDrama raping her on the wedding night]]]] and just keeps going downhill from there until [[spoiler: she is inevitably DrivenToSuicide]]. The most powerful part, however, is probably the final two lines of dialogue, spoken by Kyoya and his father [[spoiler: after his mother's funeral]].
--> '''Kyoya''': [[spoiler: It's ''your'' fault she died.]]
-->''long pause''
--> '''Yoshio''': [[spoiler: I know.]]


* [[ Persona 3: Fairly English Story]] Had a fantastic one in the already [[TearJerker Tear Jerking]] [[spoiler:Fortune Full Moon - Akihiko got there in time to take a bullet for Shinjiro and died.]]

* [[ Fractured Stars]] (see also FanFicRecommendations for the entire trilogy). It starts going downhill around chapter 9 in terms of sadness; by 12-14, you're in impact-crater-like depths of despair. "In fact...I...I don't think anyone cares about me anymore."
* This author wrote a Franchise/{{Pokemon}} story based on the song "The Green Fields of France" as performed by Dropkick Murphys. I intentionally wrote it to invoke a tear jerker and to get people thinking if war is really necessary. The end includes a scene where [[spoiler: the ghost of Willie McBride confronts the characters and salutes them before fading away.]] One reviewer said they would have cried had they known whom Willie McBride was.
** ''FanFic/NoAntidote'' by Tropers/FalconPain: It's not merely watching a kid essentially falling apart mentally. Not even the highly-hinted twist. It's someone ''forced'' to care about something falling apart.
*** Going by reviews, the teariest point appears to be the end of chapter 4, in which the kid reaches the DespairEventHorizon, [[spoiler:gives up on trying to live his life and entrusts himself to his Pokémon]].
** All sorts of Pokémon stories can have TearJerker moments, including {{lemon}}s.
*** ''Luca's Saga'': this ones long and it's all happy for a while, but then some terrible things happen and people die.
*** ''Her Biggest Fan]]'': depressing right from the start this time, even worse at the end.
*** ''Journey to another World'': The story itself isn't really that sad, until you realize that [[spoiler:the main character is actually hallucinating the entire thing in a comatose dream]].
*** ''Don't Beg'': A short one-shot which despite the lack of any real backstory manages to be a very moving piece of work.
*** The two biggest works by XD-385, ''Chronicles of the Chosen One'' and the ''Forbidden Love'' saga (including its sequel): The characters may be predictable, and the fights are usually overpowered, but there are more than a few tearjerker moments in each, particularly [[spoiler:Ashton's death]] and [[spoiler:Frost's redemption]].
** [[ The Ties that Bind]] by Saffire Persian: If you're not sobbing hysterically by the time [[spoiler: [[SecondPersonNarration you]] find out your Charizard is dead]], you definitely will be in the final scene where [[spoiler: you are scattering his ashes over all the memorable places from your journey]].
* Goddamn, how is Fanfic/{{Pedestal}} not on this page? The Tournament had me alternately bawling, squealing and sobbing. Letting the actual consequences of what's happening sink in is...''horrifying''.
* [[ Five Days Of Midnight]] is a pokemon fanfiction that starts out light enough..and then everything just goes- watching Ash panic when Misty, Brock and the others vanish is awful enough, but when [[spoiler: he finds what he thinks is Misty's dead body, encased in magic!ice]] it's just way too much. but there are enough CMOH and [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome Crowning Moments Of Awesome]] to make it way worth the read.
* ''[[ sixteen tons]],'' a story of Byron's depressing childhood growing up in the poor mining town of Oreburgh City. He starts out as a bright-eyed child with dreams of leaving the town and starting a better life, but that goal is slowly crushed as the years go by and things only get worse. His older brother dies in a mining accident, he has to start working in the coal mines at 12 to support his family, his baby sister dies of an unspecified disease because his family can't afford the medicine she needs, his father suffers a crippling injury that leaves him unable to work, and when he's 24, his wife abandons him and their two-year-old son, Roark. [[spoiler:In the end, when the mine is shut down, Byron never leaves the city, instead volunteering to become its Gym Leader.]]

[[AC:WesternAnimation/{{Phineas And Ferb}}]]
* [[ the first in a trilogy of sad stories]]. In it, Phineas and Isabella are [[spoiler:hit with a sadness ray]]. And the longest they stopped crying for those [[spoiler:22 hours and 12 minutes]] they were sad in was [[spoiler:5 minutes]]. They also lost the [[spoiler:ability to smile on the 29th day of the season]] in the 6th chapter.

[[AC:VideoGame/{{Portal 2}}]]
* [[ Test Of Humanity]] . Just seeing the normally cheerful and bumbling Wheatley in a suicidal depression in "Ch. 12" of the story is heartbreaking.
** The end of "Ch. 16" and most of "Ch. 17", especially when [[spoiler:Chell is begging him to [[PleaseWakeUp get up]].]]
*** Heck, GLaDOS torturing Wheatley in "Ch. 16" ends up reducing him to a mess of incoherent sobs.
* [[ Soft Shock]] takes the 'Wheatley comes back to apologize' story and subverts it ''hard''.

''(No examples yet.)''

* Without a doubt, ''Fanfic/TheBitterEnd'' is perhaps the most depressing and sad story set in the ''Manga/RanmaOneHalf'' universe, ever.

* Also includes fanart, but regardless; the [[§ion=&global=1&q=%22brian+jacques%22+tribute tributes from the fandom]] upon the AuthorExistenceFailure of Literature/{{Redwall}} creator Brian Jacques, particularly [[§ion=&global=1&q=%22brian+jacques%22+tribute#/d3925im this one]].
* A Redwall Fic called Vengeance Quest. It starts with a young squirrelmaid seeing her father brutally killed by a wolverine...but that's not the sad part. She grows up filled with hate and revenge...still not the sad part. She ''tortures'' a stoat from the wolverine's hoard to ''death'' for information...still not the sad part. Meanwhile, some time ago a young subcaptain in the hoard was horrified at the wolverine's methods and left, leaving her fiercely loyal superior and good friend, Keirn (whom she also loved), behind. She left in the direction of the squirrel...and that, while gutwrenching, ''still'' isn't the sad part. The sad part is when you remember what that stoat's last words were: [[spoiler: "''Keirn...I'm so sorry...''"]]

* ''FanFic/RWBYReckoning'' shows Darrel revealing his origins to Ruby, Weiss, Yang, and Sun. Coupled with the fact that he's failed to save Blake from getting a broken leg, [[MyGreatestFailure the stress]] [[TheChosenOne of the]] [[YouCantGoHomeAgain entire situation]] [[HeroicBSOD finally gets]] [[DespairEventHorizon to him.]] Even though Ruby and Yang promise to listen to him, he just lashes out, and runs off. As one reviewer put it, Darrel may have promised to make things better in the universe of RWBY, but in actuality, all he's done is make it worse.

* [[ Cyber Moon]], a [[{{Doorstopper}} very long]] ''Franchise/SailorMoon'' fanfic, has an interesting way of avoiding DeathIsCheap: Sailor Saturn and OC "Dragon Saturn" have the power to resurrect, but each can only resurrect a given person once, so the third death is permanent. This finally comes into play near the end when [[spoiler:Yuichiro]] is killed for the third time [[spoiler:while protecting his and Rei's young daughter]].

* [[ Cosmic Warriors]] has Naru Osaka being attacked by a mysterious man, she is saved and seems to have only minor injuries. Two chapters later it is revealed Naru was [[spoiler: raped]] that night either before Usagi arrived or while Usagi had been knocked out. Usagi weeps on the hospital floor after hearing the news.

* Evremonde's ''Series/SesameStreet'' fanfic "[[ Sanctuary]]". (Yes, ''Sesame Street''.) Anything to do with the death of Mr. Hooper is a tearjerker by definition, but oh, that last line.

* Arguably, the entirety of ''[[ Alone On the Water]]'' is this for almost anyone that reads it.

* Many of the Literature/SherlockHolmes fics on [[ The Seventeenth Step]]. It doesn't help that they are actually very well written.

* [[ The Blessed Disaster]] probably qualifies. The entire first half is a stand-in for one of the dwarfs telling about [[TraumaCongaLine his miserable life]]. And then he gets to the part where [[DespairEventHorizon Snow White dies]]...

* The SonicTheHedgehog fan comic ''[[ Ghosts of the Future]]''. Before you get to know the characters, the opening slaughter doesn't have quite the same impact, but once the universe is established, there are tearjerkers every time Sonic thinks of the friends he lost... such as [[spoiler:when he [[ uses Tails's Emerald Radar for the first time, and finds that Tails left a message on it]]]]... but the clincher was during the [[spoiler:Arabian Nights]] issue, where he has to [[spoiler:apologize to Amy through Morgianna, and [[ the line]], "Amy... I know you're not really her and all, but I gotta say this..."]] Sniff...
** And it really plays rough with your heartstrings toward the end of Issue 6. [[spoiler: Shadow's Arabian Nights counterpart is forced to MercyKill Blaze's counterpart, his partner, to save her from a FateWorseThanDeath. As he [[PietaPlagiarism cradles her dead body]], he tells a distraught Silver to go home, find his version of Blaze, then "look into her eyes and tell her, 'I love you.' Do it while you still can. Do it for me," while tears run down his cheeks.]] Just to twist the knife further, when Silver tries to fulfill his promise, [[spoiler: Blaze shuts him down, tearfully asking why he [[LockedOutOfTheLoop hasn't told her what's been going on,]] then tells him that she doesn't want to see him any more.]] Ouch.
* ''FanFic/SonicXDarkChaos'': Episode 77 and 78. [[spoiler: Tails's HeroicSacrifice defeats Dark Tails and ends the Metarex war]].

* Fanfic/LexTalionis is one of the most depressing fanfics ever written, but the tears will definitely start falling when you find out that [[spoiler: Stan killed Cartman on purpose to save his one true love.]]

* Go read the ''Film/StarTrek'' fanfic ''Atlas'', specifically [[ chapter 4]]. Now try not to choke up when Kirk gets his orders for the ''Enterprise''. While it loses quite a bit of impact without the other three chapters behind it, it is still a gut-punch (of the extremely awesome variety) all by itself if you know anything at all about the backstory.
*** Even more gut-wrenching is the second to last chapter in the "Atlas and the Dogs of War" chapter. And both the end of the first chapter and all of the second part of the "Claiming Atlas" Chapter.
* ''[[ A Meditation on Leaving]]''. It's a ''Franchise/StarTrek'' fanfic written from Spock's perspective just before he leaves for Gol. Rare is the fic about Spock that manages to be angsty and ''in character'', but this one manages it. It's written beautifully. Especially tear-jerking is this WhatIsThisThingYouCallLove moment:
-->[[spoiler: "Is this love?" I asked him once as he lay full length on me, the warmth of his body augmenting mine, his lips sending flame along the webwork of my nerves, his hands gently tearing away uncounted centuries of Vulcan conditioning.]]
-->[[spoiler:"It's what I've always called love, Spock," he answered. "The only kind I know." And he drew me down into the furnace of passion and silence.]]
-->[[spoiler:I should have seen my undoing in that silence. For in the end, how easily he gave up everything he should have fought for. The ship, his command. Me.]]
-->[[spoiler:"We can be together on Earth," he said.]]
-->[[spoiler: "I cannot live with a shadow of the man I knew," I told him.]]
-->[[spoiler:"It must not be love, then," he said.]]

* [[ This]] ''Franchise/StarWars'' fanfiction, about the very end of Episode III when C-3PO has his memory wiped...just...just read it, you'll see what I mean. *sob*
* ''[[ Resist Order 66]]'' retcons the Clone Troopers from calmly killing their generals to being brainwashed and forced to do it. Each of Aayla's men made sure to shoot her non-fatally then convinced themselves she was dead long enough to get her into her ship and have her droid record a message before sending it off. In the message, Commander Bly is noted as looking seconds away from breaking down and crying as he begs Aayla's forgiveness.

* [[ I'm your biggest fan]] The part where [[spoiler: Abel dies protecting Fei-Long]] and his subsequent reaction to it is so sad. All in all, it's beautifully written.
* There was a fan video that began with Ryu getting ready to enter the World Warrior championship from SFII. Fast-forward to 20-30 years later, and Ryu is now stuck being a really boring businessman. He stops his current work for one moment in order to look at a picture of himself from his glory days, and gets really choked up upon doing so.

[[AC: Super Mario Bros]]

* The ''Franchise/SuperMarioBros'' Flash cartoon ''[[ Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom 3:]]'' The part where [[spoiler: Luigi dies.]]
* [[ Nintendo Old School Revolution]] is a Flash animation done in the style of a movie trailer, where Luigi rallies up the rest of the Nintendo heroes, as well as other acquaintances such as Sonic the Hedgehog, in order to get revenge on Sony and Microsoft for killing Mario. It's a very powerful video as it's symbolic to what modern-day gaming has become: Sony, Microsoft, and all of their fans being treated with god-like respect while Nintendo and their fans are constantly bashed and mocked ''everywhere'' on the internet, most gamers hating everything that doesn't have guns and/or extreme violence, and most gamers choosing to own a [=PS4=] or XO rather than a WiiU or 3DS.

* I find Super Mario Bros Z incredibly depressing. Especially the part about [[spoiler:Sonic's friends all being killed by Mecha Sonic]]

[[AC: Series/{{Supernatural}}]]
* ''[[ Deterioration of Reason]]'' has OC!Gabriel in the hospital watching [[spoiler: Castiel]] who was dying. Gabriel was given orders to end [[spoiler: Castiel]]'s life, even if following the command would break his heart. There was a brief recollection Gabriel had before doing the deed that simply drove his anguish further home.
--> [[spoiler: "Am I getting too heavy for you Gabriel? You worry too much, brother." A gentle chuckle, the warmth of brilliant sapphire blue eyes - ]]
* The fic ''[[ Twist and Shout]]'' is fairly infamous among the fanbase for emotionally destroying anyone brave enough to read it. A certain Elvis song becomes an instant tearjerker, as well as:
--> See you then.

[[AC:Tales of the Frog Princess ]]
* [[ If You Could Have a Second Chance]], from the Tales of the Frog Princess section. This entire fic is one big TearJerker. Emphasis on Zoe's death, especially since the last thing she ever did was tell Francis she loved him.
** In Chapter 4, when Francis realizes [[spoiler: he can't use the stone to bring Zoe back to life after all...]]
** Not to mention Zoe's parents' reactions to her death.
** ''Happy'' tears when Francis [[spoiler: instead uses the stone to go back in time, and sees Zoe alive again]].

* [[ Two Worlds Combined]]. [[VideoGame/TalesOfSymphonia The Tower of Salvation]]. Words cannot do it justice.
* This Jade/Guy VideoGame/TalesOfTheAbyss story: [[ Untitled]]. Even if you're not a Jade and/or Guy fan, this character death story will be bring forth many tears. Very sad and touching fanfic.

* FanFic/RespawnOfTheDead. Early in the story, Heavy gets stuck in the fence, and it's played for laughs. Then much later, [[spoiler: the team is fleeing, and he gets stuck again. They can't get him out, and are forced to leave him to the zombies. Poor Medic's distraught, as he's already had to kill his pet zombie, and can't bear to leave his beloved to die. He is convinced to do so, and he and Heavy share a LastKiss before he is pulled away. The clincher may be the words Medic screams at the others: "YOU COULD HAVE SAVED HIM! I WOULD HAVE KILLED YOU ALL, IF ONLY IT WOULD HAVE SAVED HIM!"]] *SOB*
** Early in the story, [[spoiler:the BLU Spy succumbing to zobification, whilst wanting his mother and to go home]], which leads to this line...
-->''"His eyes shot open wide, and suddenly he could see his home, in a small village, his mother calling his name with open arms, and the sun was so bright and everything was yellow and green and warm... And then he was home."''
** [[spoiler: Pyro]]'s death, especially considering how he had spent most of the fic as Medic's MoralityPet.
* [[ ''Transcripts from a Series of Therapy Sessions'']]. It really has to be read to be believed.

* Fanfic/TitanLegends, the fanfic that's an alternate universe in and of itself, has three. All are spoilers, but, in order, [[spoiler:Noel being manipulated into betraying the Titans and going insane, the ending of the Zap Pack arc, and the ending of Boogeymen IV]].
** The last one in that list is made even worse when you find out [[spoiler:the Lord of the Night had taken over Noel's mind against his will at the time, and what trying to fight it must have done to him]] afterward in Silent Night. Thank God for the memory wipe...

* By the same author of the ''{{Series/Firefly}}'' fanfiction "Forward": ''[[ Perfection]]'', a ''Series/TerminatorTheSarahConnorChronicles'' fic that explores the screwed-up mental state of future John Connor, while also exploring a possible John Connor/Allison Young [[{{Shipping}} ship]]. Anyone who's seen the episode "Allison From Palmdale" knows how this one is going to end, but the real hitter comes at the end of the story.
-->'''John''': ''"Welcome back, [[spoiler: Cameron.]]"''

* FanFic/ThatGuyWithTheGlassesInSpace is a [[Website/ThatGuyWithTheGlasses TGWTG]] DarkFic with a lot of gore and a lot of TearJerker moments, but the clincher is this bit between That Chick With The Goggles and Chester A. Bum:
-->"Urgh!" she yelled and turned down to kick it away. Sheer shock registered on her face for the second time, "Chester?!"
-->"Ya got change?!" the bum said eagerly.
-->"Chester, don't you recognize me? It's me, Goggles! And you're..."
-->(A bloody heap of bodies - or body parts - at her feet, blood spattering her clothes and hands. All she felt was the quickly-cooling blood on her face. The killing didn't even hurt her anymore.)
-->[[spoiler:"'re dead"]]
-->The image vanished and Goggles was left gaping.


* [[ Proof Of Life]] it's just a tearjerking moment after another. Basically,[[spoiler: Joshua gets stripped off of his status as the Composer for the rules he broke and gets a time limit of seven days after which he will die, Mr. Hanekoma gets erased,and Neku stays with Josh until the very last moment.]] Just the description alone of how [[spoiler:Joshua]]'s health gets from bad to worse as the time goes it's enough to get you teary-eyed. And less not even begin with the epilogue...

* "Behind your shed, I never move again" is an absolutely heartbreaking story about Smudger's life as a generator. If you didn't feel bad for him before, you will now.
* [[ No Matter The Cost]], soaked in AdultFear, Otto mysteriously goes missing from the satellite and while freaking out trying to find him Larry and Tuddrussel get called to a disturbing mission, [[spoiler: they figure out that they must make sure Otto's parents get killed. They are terrified as it is, watching Otto's house burn and knowing that they can not save his parents, the horror escalates when they come to the realization that no one is going to get Otto, who is a baby in this time, out alive.]] The most heart breaking moment is when Larry goes into the burning house to rescue a baby Otto, he runs into his mother who is weakly trying to protect Otto from the flames but is about to lose consciousness. She gives him up to Larry, without a word about saving her, she resigns to her fate with saying to her baby, "I'm so sorry, Otto..."

* The VideoGame/{{Touhou}} fanvid [[ Alice Dere]] makes me want to cry because it reminds me SO much of my own IncompatibleOrientation crushes. [[spoiler: Granted, she does fair a bit better than me on that merit... but then it ends up as a MayflyDecemberRomance , which doesn't help at all.]]
* Koishi Komeiji's Heart-Throbbing Adventure Part 7 - Before this, it introduces Kochiyah Sanae to be a sadist against youkai. And then her past is introduced.
** The Yakumos plight in all of this, along with it being NightmareFuel.
* ''FanFic/TouhouTonari'' focuses on Yuyuko's backstory how it must have been like for her when she was alive. [[DoomedByCanon And even if you knew it was comming]], her crossing the DespairEventHorizon still hit's really hard.
* [[ Fanfiction: Goodbye Chen]] is where it has Yukari and Ran dying of illness and Chen being left alone.
* This [[ fankoma]] is in the site's heartbreaking pool for a reason. To elaborate, it concerns Yukari encouraging Rinnosuke to pursue his feelings for Reimu, [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy despite having feelings for him herself]]. In the end, her heart is shattered when she is shown [[spoiler: to have [[MayflyDecemberRomance outlived]] [[MayflyDecemberFriendship them]]]].
* We also a heartbreaking take on a "Maribel-Yukari" theory from [=KrazyKatQueen=] (otherwise Known as "Chenkari") in the form of ''[[ Regret]]'', which has [[spoiler: a dying Renko telling Yukari (once Maribel) that she forgives her, after the latter apologizes for absence]].

* For all the Transformers fans out there who want a good cry should look no further than Oni-Gils [[FanficRecommendations ''Rise'']] and its spin off works
** [[spoiler: In chapter 21, Thundercracker is shot down, the pain of his bond to Starscream and Skywarp being violently severed causes the blue seekers bond mates to colapse. An extra layer of sad is spread on with Nova thinking- 'They had lost their wingmate, their bondmate, and I was the one responsible.']]
** [[spoiler: If you thought 21 was sad, 26 is even worse: Starscream is mortally injured while he rescues Nova from captivity in Ratbat's estate, and dies in the arms of his rescued son and Skywarp, his last remaining bond mate. The worst thing is Nova cant even remember his father because of mental blocks set in place by Ratbat and doesn't quite grasp the importance of Starscream until the red seeker sends him a data burst of memories and emotions (all of them about Nova growing up) The last thing Starscream mutters to Nova is 'Rise up', the Decepticons rallying call.]] I was a gnats wing away from breaking down while reading this at my work camp.
* In [[ Transformers Animated: Cybertronian Genesis]] this troper admits to having teared up when [[spoiler: Soundwave dies. Granted, he got better, but still]].
* The ending of [[ Best Laid Plans]]. Yeah, Demolishor and Sideways practically have thirty seconds each in the [[TransformersRevengeOfTheFallen film]], but their relationship develops throughout their two years on Earth in an impressively realistic way...and then they die. In some of the most unimpressive [[HalfTheManHeUsedToBe death]] [[BoomHeadshot scenes]] ever.
* [[ Lost Voices]]. Oh GOD, Lost Voices. To elaborate, Sam is killed by drunk drivers while inside Bumblebee, who is also badly injured to the point where he ends up in stasis for a fortnight. At the funeral, a grieving Ron blames the Autobots for his son's death even though what happened had nothing to do with the war against the Decepticons, and a later chapter makes it clear that he still hasn't forgiven them for what he sees as their failure to protect Sam. When Bumblebee finally awakens, the Autobots are forced to tell him about Sam's death, which upsets the poor Bot so much he secludes himself for several weeks. Bad enough, right? It gets worse. While out driving one night after the accident, Bumblebee comes across the idiots who caused Sam's death, and realizes with horror that they intend to drink and drive again, having learned nothing from what happened last time. This makes him so angry that he actually ''slaughters'' them. The human authorities demand that he be punished, which causes the Bots more angst as they debate whether or not to terminate Bumblebee, who happens to be the last child ever created by the All Spark...[[spoiler: which all turns out to be moot when Bumblebee kills himself by letting his spark fade away.]] There's a small heartwarming moment when Judy goes MamaBear on the chief of police (who was stupid enough to claim that the drivers who killed Sam were innocent boys), but that doesn't make the ending any less heartbreaking.

* ''Fanfic/{{Luminosity}}''. It goes into the psychology behind having someone whom your life really, truly and completely revolves around [[DespairEventHorizon dying]].
** Demetri is a bad guy. There is no arguing this point. However, regardless of what he is doing, regardless of the fact that he did it, being forced to know and live [[spoiler:the five and a half ''years'' of his mate's life that he destroyed]], and then trying, desperately, to pretend it wasn't so...
** Elspeth has effectively been MindRaped irreversibly, to the point that, well...
-->I wasn't sure whether to say "Yes, Mama" or "Yes, Your Highness", so I simply nodded and went with Jake out of the compound.
::And now Bella knows she will never get it back.

''(No examples yet.)''


* In TheVampireDiaries story Disaster, [[GenderFlip Jill]] has to compel Elena to go home and stop trying to get her to come back. You can tell it's not something that she wants to do, but something that she feels that she has to do to Elena safe from Klaus

* A Piece of [[ fanart]] for ''[[ shiningray]]''


* The ''WesternAnimation/WallE'' short story ''[[ Where Fires Begin]]''. Very short and philosophical, but holy ''heck''; it can be sob-inducing if you understand what's happened.
* The ''WALL•E'' fanfic [[ "Hold my Hand"]] is just PACKED with these...The premise alone is sad enough: WALL•E is breaking apart and has no more spare parts for himself, so he and EVE go far away to find more. Trust me on this, you'll need a lot of tissues before it's over. ''Especially'' for the ending, which has [[spoiler:WALL•E being shot at so that his most important inner parts are destroyed. He and EVE spend his last hours alive dancing together, until WALL•E finally dies in EVE's arms.]]

[[AC:TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}]]
* A short TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} fanfic, about two Ogryns named Gav and Bob. Manly. Fucking. Tears.
** [[ Here it is, complete with /tg/'s reactions]]
*** [[spoiler: "Bob wuz a good friend. He liked to fight. He liked potato skins. He was a good soldier fer da Empruh. Now he's wif dah Emprah."]]
*** "Gav couldn't eat another potato skin. It didn't taste good anymore."
*** The saddest thing about this linked story? [[spoiler:"HTTP 404 Not Found"]]. ...BAAAWWW!!
*** Rejoice! Here's a working [[ link.]] Also, [[spoiler: Gav's continual habit of making dear friends with his innocence and love of the Emperor only to have them die or worse on him is heartrending, but the end when he finds himself as the bodyguard of an Inquisitor? With a ragtag group of new people that like him right away? ManlyTears, man. MANLY. FREAKING. TEARS. Tears of joy!]]
* ''[[ Warhammer 40k Group]]''. Every post, I say ''every single one'', about the Emperor.

* The ''Comicbook/{{Watchmen}}'' slash fanfic [[ The Little Match Boy]] is nothing short of heartbreaking. Considering that it's basically a retelling of "The Little Matchgirl", you should have a pretty good idea of just how sad it gets...
* [[ "Kindle a Light"]] is about the life of [[Comicbook/{{Watchmen}} the original Silk Spectre]], which is tragic enough as it is. The ending is a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming.

* The West Wing fic [[ Background]] is still the only fic that's ever made me cry.

* Several in ''Fanfic/WithStringsAttached'':
** Chapter 17, “Just an Earthbound Misfit,” Paul's drunken day of despair (one of many) as he struggles with not having any magic and being completely alone while the others soar around him.
** The BittersweetEnding, as Ringo learns he cannot take his life-changing magic back home... but he still hugs Shag and Varx for giving him the chance to experience it.

* This particular fanfic by the name of [[ ''Freak'']]. It tells the story of how Miss Power came to be by showing that [[spoiler: she was bullied as a kid by her classmates because of her green snakelike eye]], and how she was inspired to use hatred to defend herself from the bullies, and how she [[spoiler: ran away from home]]. It shows how she became the Miss Power that is featured in TheMovie.

* One of the very first fics I read, Poi Lass's ''[[ Dialogue]]'' is, hands down, the saddest X Men fic I ever read. The realisation, at the end, that Bobby [[spoiler: knows how screwed up he is and doesn't care...]] Breaks my heart every time.

* [[ A Time to Burn Bridges]], by [[ Artemis's Liege]], is already sad in its premise: it's about Rogue returning to her home to arrange the funeral of her adoptive mother Irene, one of the few people to ever truly care about her. There's a subtle compare-and-contrast explored about the way Irene treated Rogue versus the way Mystique betrayed Rogue after using her to defeat Ms. Marvel and then realizing she was too traumatized to exploit any longer.
** Whenever Rogue thinks about Ms. Marvel, she hastens to mentally add "not Carol," in afterthought. She does this because she feels so guilty about her role in nearly killing Ms. Marvel that she can't bear to think of Ms. Marvel as a real person. It's especially heartbreaking when Rogue tries to convince herself she doesn't care about hurting Ms. Marvel, when she so obviously does.
*** If that isn't bad enough, the story is brimming with nostalgia and longing for a simpler time as Rogue walks through the house, revisiting her home and reawakening forgotten memories. She's tempted to stay in the house longer and reminisce, but she doesn't because the memories are too painful and just remind her of Mystique's manipulations. And at the story's conclusion, [[spoiler: Rogue burns her childhood home to the ground in order to prove to herself that she's moving on and leaving the past behind.]]

* [[ Stars From Home]]: Scott has a lack of self-worth that leads to a few of these moments. When Charles won't have the cat indoors, Scott sleeps in the garage. He apologizes and quickly reassures Charles that he never took anything with him. He understands why Charles wouldn't want a good blanket left in the garage overnight, but assumes it's okay for him--he doesn't matter as much as a blanket.


* [[ Good Old Days]], a very short Manga/{{Yotsuba}} fanfic. We all know how innocent, outgoing and dependent on her father Yotsuba is. [[spoiler:Youtsuba grows up; and in turn outgrows all these. Gone is the little six year old we all knew and loved, replaced with a deadpan, apathetic teenager]]. Worse still that it's in [[spoiler:Mr. Koiwai]]'s point of view.

[[AC: ComicBook/YoungAvengers]]
* A whole GENRE of sadfic was born with the heartbreaking idea that [[spoiler: Wiccan magicked Hulkling into falling in love with him.]]

* One fic on is about Tommy and Billy during House Of M. The ending always get me.
-->[[spoiler: Tommy: She's going to set it back you know.]]
-->Billy: Yeah, she is.
-->Tommy: What's going to happen to us?
-->[[spoiler: Billy: We'll go back too.]]
-->Tommy:...Will we remember?
-->Billy: I don't think so.
-->Billy: Still scared?
-->[[spoiler: Billy: Then I'll take it all next time.]]
-->[[spoiler: Tommy: But what if you become like Mommy? What if you destroy everything?]]
-->[[spoiler: Billy: ...Then I guess you'll have to be fast enough to stop me.]]

[[AC: WesternAnimation/YoungJustice]]
* ''[[ Hammurabi's Robin]]'' is basically a retelling of the [[WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries B:TAS]] episode "Robin's Reckoning" in the ''WesternAnimation/YoungJustice'' universe. During the climax, which consists of Robin dangling Zucco off an office building while the team tries to convince him not to drop him, pretty much everything out of Robin's mouth is a TearJerker.
-->'''Superboy:''' That would make you [[HeWhoFightsMonsters like him]], and you hate him too much for that.
-->'''Robin:''' Maybe it would be worth it. Maybe I could make it look like an accident. Maybe he ''tripped''. Maybe he ''fell''. Or the line—maybe the line was ''cut'', and there was nothing I could do—
-->'''Kid Flash:''' Stop it. Just ''stop it''. You aren’t a murderer, and you can’t ''do'' this, Robin, just ''stop—!''
-->'''Robin:''' I’ve already seen him walk away once! I’m not— I won’t watch it again! Why does ''he'' get to live, anyway? He’s the reason good people are dead. Everyone loved them, and they’re ''gone'', and it’s ''all his fault. Why should he get to keep breathing if they had to die!''
** And right then, [[spoiler:Batman shows up and almost instantly convinces Robin not to go through with it]]. As the rest of the team handle Zucco, [[spoiler:Batman gives Robin a hug, while the boy just clings to him and apologizes]]. The whole fic is even harsher than the episode it's based on, because at least in the animated show, Robin was an adult. Here, though, he's just a kid who misses his parents.
* ''[[ Go The Distance]]'' has five times someone mistakened Wally as Barry and Iris's son. Wally's [[AbusiveParents biological parents]] in this story are either abusive or neglectful and one scene shows Wally feeling tremendously guilty for even wishing that Barry and Iris were his real parents. The way he beats himself over it and convinces himself that Barry and Iris don't want him was heartbreaking.
--> “I’m a horrible son,” he croaked.

* A scene in LeDiz's ''Anime/YuGiOh'' fanfiction Akh. You wouldn't think that a fanfic with the major purpose of keeping Atem from dying could be packed with one TearJerker after another, but it is. It ''so'' is.
** In particular the beginning of chapter two, with most of the gang in hospital and an in-his-own-body Yami stressing the hell out over not being allowed to see Yugi while Anzu tries and fails to calm him down. Then he manages to get past her and find his way to Yugi's room and see him for the first time since the accident. In intensive care. Buried in every type of medical keep-you-alive device known to mankind. When Yami damn well breaks down, so do the readers.
*** It gets worse a few paragraphs later when Atem creeps back into the room after dark for no reason other than to climb into the intensive care bed with him and begs him to be strong, because he needs him back.
** Then there's Scribbler's [[ Forget Everything I Ever Told You]]...
*** Also: [[ Earrings]], which is, essentially, a story about not being able to acchieve your dreams, no matter how much you want and believe in them.
* Another ''Anime/YuGiOh'' fanfiction, ''[[ Lessons Learned]]'' by ''Periphery,'' has a few tearjerkers crawling about. The gang are put through hell and back by being dumped in a rain forest, when they thought they were being sent off to duel a crazy woman who still holds the fact that Seto beat her in a game of chess when he was ''eight'' against him, wants revenge, and to this end has kidnapped his brother (long, long story). What makes the whole story a tearjerker is the fact that Yugi isn't even in a lot of the story because he's somewhat preoccupied with trying not to ''die,'' the stress of his friends trying to deal with this, right up to the moment where his heart stops, takes up a good third of the story, but by far the worst scene is when Joey gets a call from his sister, the formerly IllGirl, Serenity (who only has eye sight because Yugi gave his three million yen prize money at Duellist Kingdom to Joey to pay for her operation):
--->'''Serenity:'' Tomorrow. Could you tell [Yugi]... tell him I can see the buttons on the telephone. And the trees outside. And the stupid news on TV. Tell him I am so, so grateful.
* Another ''Anime/YuGiOh'' fanfiction, ''[[ Phoenix]]'' by Mittens no Hikari that also involves Serenity. It's only a two chapter story, but after Yugi's house burns down with him and his friends inside, you better believe the entire second chapter is a tear jerker.
* "[[ Loss and Blame.]]" It's all about the effects of Yami losing Yugi in Doma.
* LittleKuriboh's ''[[ Spirit]]''. Yes, you read that right.
* One of the takes on the 5D's game ''[[ Stardust Accelerator]]'' has [[OriginalCharacter Rena]] in the place of the amnesiac PlayerCharacter and the tragic interpretation of the game's later stages. Rena, already emotionally and psychologically beaten discovers at the worst moment that [[spoiler: [[TomatoInTheMirror she's a clone,]] [[CloningBlues modelled after a girl that died in a hit-and-run]]. The original Rena begged for the man who came to her aid first to stay by him, something he does until her final night. Rena, alone in the hospital, forces herself tos tay awake all night to see the sun rise one more time, something she did with her father as a child, and finally passes away shortly afterwards. Alpha-Rena, the clone, was created by Godwin as Rena's dying wish for him to do something to lessen her parents' suffering as much as possible. Those parents moved before the project was completed. Alpha-Rena discovered she was a clone through one of the others and her automatic fear of death following Rena's passing caused her to run away in a blind panic, winding up in the state of the story's beginning.]] What makes this worse is that she's wondered about any family that could be waiting among other things. She's gone through the same traumatic incident twice, only this time, there's no escaping what she's been searching for.


* TearJerker/ZootopiaNonCanon

* There's a fanfic on Deviant Art that looks for the first few paragraphs like a normal and even fairly cool story about a group of people gathering to warmly greet the crew of a returning space shuttle. One guy seems to be unduly complaining about the shuttle being unsafe. But then it's revealed that [[spoiler: the shuttle is the Columbia and everyone who appears in the story is a ghost, including some astronauts who died in earlier disasters. ]] And the guy who was complaining? He was [[spoiler: Gus Grissom, Commander of Apollo 1. ]] [[spoiler: As an even bigger punch to the gut, the man he's talking to is Dick Scobee, the commander of the Space Shuttle Challenger on its last, doomed flight.]]
** That would be [[ Good Landing]] by Royce Day (Sir-Talen on Website/DeviantArt. Well, myself actually.) Thank you kindly for the ref.
*** It's a true artistic TearJerker. You're welcome.
** I didn't see it on Deviant Art, but Google showed it in [[ Sabledrake Magazine.]] Sent chills up my spine.
* [[ This wrestling fic]] swings hard between this, ParanoiaFuel, and just plain scary, but the current newest chapter, 18, where [[spoiler:Kane has convinced Rey Mysterio that he has died and is in Hell]] and Rey's begging and pleading reaction after all he's been put through [[spoiler:apparently bouncing between two crappy realities]]...especially while [[spoiler:Kane is STILL torturing him during it]]...just holy crap.
** [[ Chapter 19]] is up...apparently the final chapter and major downer ending...[[spoiler:Rey puts a comment from his friend Batista from earlier together with what's happening, and thinks he's caused the damnation of him as well, and completely gives up, just waiting to fall sleep in the hospital bed which will send him back to be tortured by Kane.]] A sequel is promised with a title that implies things may not stay so bleak though.
* The wrestling fic, ''Hello Again'', has Molly Holly [[spoiler: lose a title vs. career hardcore match against her former protege, the WWE Divas Champion, Natalya. She also gets a public apology from Jerry Lawler for all the jokes he's made about her during her career, Gail Kim cries on her shoulder and ends with a reunion in her dressing room with her former boyfriend, Spike Dudley]].
* A pretty bad fanfiction where a BigBad kidnapped two people, made one into a robot and the other into a cyborg and wiped their memories. Then the cyborg fell in love with a girl who didn't run and another kid who followed them...then the BigBad caused a bomb in the organic robot to detonate when they confronted him. Kid survived cause he was pushed out the way, but the girl was blown up too bad to survive, and the cyborg survived...cause he was protected. Then he came too and noticed the BigBad plotting to make his love interest into a cyborg like him and he just finally snapped, ripped ''all'' the implants out, strangled the obsessed genius with his bare, unmodified, and bloody hands before the chip controlling his nervous system cracked, gave him a major spasm and caused his hands to ''lock around'' the doctor's neck until he died. Then finally he got out, trashed the life-support equipment hoping his girlfriend would DisneyDeath but instead she saw his bloody face and said "I'm glad you fixed yourself" before passing away...and then the dude faints and is sent right to the hospital. The utter absurdity is that he wound up blocking the trauma out when the paramedics and firemen pulled his twisted body out so he didn't at even ''remember'' the girl he loved or even being a cyborg and only the kid who got pushed out the window at the ''right moment'' really remembered.
** Honestly this was better than the other ending...the girl had a DisneyDeath, but the guy just collapsed and never got up because he used all his strength to strangle the doctor because he thought he killed the kid ''and'' the girl.
* I can't provide a link, but there's an author by the name Slash Firestorm, who has an epic called Sinners. I'm not going to get into the plot, but there's one point where the main character's group is crossing the desert, and they get attacked. In order to protect and save his love interest he [[spoiler: gives up most of his lifespan.]]
* I can't remember the name or the series, but it was set in one of those games where you can have wildly different levels of civilization coexisting. In it, a primitive seagoing force (in wooden, oar-powered ships) is repelled by a modern force (metal boats, that ram the wooden ones as missiles won't take and lay down machine-gun fire. One of the survivors, completely broken by the attack into a childlike state, pityfully asks what's going on several times, before one of the soldiers gives him a MercyKill.
** Note - You might be talking about the game Civilization.