Tear Jerker / Electric Wonderland

  • A good portion of "Deviantaaargh" can cause sadness, such as when Shroomy struggles to endure the insults of DeviantArt visitors complaining that her pictures don't live up to what they expected of the first member to get DDs two days in a row.
  • From "Wings":
  • From "The New Adventures of The Nettropolis Narvel," Vicky deeming herself undeserving of an incorruptible boyfriend like Narvel, and deciding to send him to rehab so he can get the treatment he needs to live a normal life. The reader's tears can quickly change to Tears of Joy, though, as Narvel's kiss turns him and Vicky back into superheroes.
  • "Into Thin Aerynn" examines the lack of stability in online relationships compared to real-life ones through recollections that Shroomy and NJ make of friends and lovers disappearing without explanation or trace.