[[TearJerker Heart-twisting]] moments in the ''Eagle Eye Mysteries'' series:
* ''EEM London's'' "Case of the Blitz Beryls," especially when you're told the history behind the titular beryls and the fact that Roscoe Fishwick has a dead little sister who was killed during World War II.
--> '''Jake/Jennifer:''' We're very sorry that Fiona died, Mr. Fishwick.
--> '''Mr. Fishwick:''' It was many years ago, but I still remember her and miss her.
* In the same game's "Case of Macavity's Mace," the protagonists learn from Lady Edna Saltcoats' GirlFriday, Julia Beeswing, that [[spoiler:Lady Edna used to have a pet monkey who died after being caught in a rabbit trap]]. Later, when your partner tries to bring it up directly to Lady Edna, this is the response (and Lady Edna's voice actress is very convincing):
--> '''Lady Edna:''' I'm sorry, but I won't discuss it with anyone, ever.
** Try not feeling awkward afterward...