Tear Jerker / Big Fish

  • Edward's death, reasonably. "Exactly..."
    • The circumstances around it are equally saddening: it's William telling Edward a ribald story about how the two escape from the hospital after Edward suddenly makes a recovery. William then carries Edward through the woods into the river, where everyone from his tall tales is there to applaud him. When William lets Edward go, he becomes the big fish.
  • When Sandra joins Edward in the bath, but starts to cry ("I don't think I'll ever dry out") comes to mind.
  • Young Sandra's reaction when the Army gives her Edward's death notice.
  • When Will gives Edward his "proper ending".
    • The hitch in Will's voice when he calls his mother moments later when his father dies.
  • If you're especially close with your father, the entire movie.
    • Doubly so if your father has passed on.
      • Even more so, if you were close, but never quite managed to achieve closure on the issues that were between you.
  • The credits song "Man of the Hour" by Pearl Jam.
  • Imagine this: you've spent 3 years and been through a whole lot of hell to try and find the girl of your dreams that you only saw for a single moment. When you finally track her down, you go up to her and propose your love to her, only for her to respond saying that she's already engaged. That sucks.
  • This movie especially hits people who have lost their beloved father. For those with their fathers still alive, it makes them want to hug them harder than ever.