Funny / Big Fish

  • Edward's Combat Pragmatist moment at a North Korean theater.
  • When Edward goes to the bank, he runs into Norther Winslow, the poet from Spectre. Edward asks Norther what he's doing here. "I'm robbing this place."
    • And he uses Edward as an impromptu accomplice.
  • "This is my attorney, Mr. Soggy Bottom."
  • Edward promising the Twins a way to the States.
    Edward: I know the biggest max in show business.
    Twins: Bob Hope?!
    Edward: Bigger.
  • Danny DeVito's nude scene.
  • The montage of Edward's Dissonant Serenity after he receives a new fact about Sandra from Amos each month, always with the same reaction ("X...she likes X"). This extremely blissful demeanor never changes in any situation, from cleaning elephant feces to being inside of a cannon.