Tear Jerker / Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth

  • Two-Face's condition after the 'doctors' get through with him. Specifically, psychiatrist Dr. Adams took away his coin and replaced it with a die, giving him six options to choose from instead of two; she then moved on to a Tarot deck, and plans to complete the process with the I Ching. As a result, Two-Face has to consult his cards for every decision he makes—including using the bathroom. When Batman finds him, he's lying on the floor under a table, wetting himself because it took too long to choose. What makes it even worse is that Two-Face is genuinely apologetic for making a mess, which makes him sound like a sad, frightened child (an interpretation that lasts throughout the book). And Dr. Adams supports this.
    The moon is so beautiful. It's a big silver dollar, flipped by God. And it landed scarred side up, see? So He made the world.
  • Two-Face at the end, whether through gratitude to Batman or a small part of Harvey Dent reemerging for a brief moment, lying about the coin toss to let Batman leave the asylum.
    Two-Face: "Who cares for you? You're nothing but a house of cards."
    • More likely was because it was April Fools' Day.
    • Or because he equates Batman's death with going free, and his survival with (figuratively) remaining in the Asylum with the rest of the madmen for the rest of his life ("He dies here").
  • Amadeus Arkham's Mercy Kill of his mother. And by implication, Dr. Adams' of Cavendish.