Tear Jerker / Anne Frank: The Whole Story

"Margot and Anne are not coming back."

Just try picking one moment!
  • The scene when Anne is separated from her father. Yes, we all knew it was coming, but the way Anne screams and cries "Pim!" is enough to make you bawl like a baby.
  • Any time Anne or the entire family gets their hopes up about the war ending, since we all know there is no hope for them anyway.
  • The ENTIRE scene when they first get in the concentration camp. They show the hair-cutting (which was not staged, by the way,) and their arms getting tattooed on camera!
  • Jacque and Anne promising they'll still be friends after the war. Jacque lives.
    • Even the scene when Jacque calls Anne and asks if they can come to each other's houses the next day, but it's the day the Franks are going into hiding. Anne has to lie and tell Jacque she'll try to make it to her house tomorrow.
    • A lot of scenes with Hannah, actually. What about when they find each other on opposite sides of the fence? Hannah is in the 'better' part of the camp, seeing that her hair is still all there and she's being fed fairly well. And when she tries to smuggle food for Anne, it gets stolen. It's worse when you know that that entire scene was word-for-word the real Hannah Goslar's accounts of that night.
    • How about when the Nazis come to arrest Hannah and her family? We had saw Mr. Gosler as both a serious family man and a clown that dressed up as Hitler for a prank at Anne's birthday party, and right before the Nazis come and take the family he and Hannah are weeping over that and the fact that Hannah's Mother died giving birth to a stillborn.
  • "Birds...I had almost forgotten about birds."
  • Anne clinging to her cat when she learns they can't take him with them.
    • Anne hearing birds outside is what led to her accidentally killing Margot.
      • She didn't kill her; Margot was already dead from illness. Anne accidentally pushes her off the bed.
  • "I still believe people are good at heart." That line is the most heartbreaking one in the diary, the play, and this series.
  • Edith receiving a summons for Margot to report to the concentration camps.