Tear Jerker / A Snowflake In Spring

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  • Beneath her silence and Moe-ness, Elsa is heart-wrenchingly tragic.It's implied she could speak normally when she arrived, but was lobotomised due to discovering what the Institute Doctors are doing on Level Four.
  • In the world of Snowflake, Olaf is a young boy and fellow patient at the Institute. Olaf has two conditions: Autism Spectrum Disorder and a deathly allergy of sunlight (Of course, that may be the Institute's fault). His favorite season is summer, and he cannot go outside without getting burned. To make things worse, he was effectively abandoned at the Institute by his parents.
    Oaken: "Olaf comes from a rich family, my dear. A family that has other children, normal children. Perhaps they simply didn't want to put themselves through the trouble, ya?"