''Splicers'' is an RPG by Creator/PalladiumBooks (makers of ''TabletopGame/{{Rifts}}'' and the ''{{Anime/Robotech}}'' RPG). It is best described as "''{{Manga/Guyver}}'' vs. ''[[Franchise/{{Terminator}} The Terminator]]''".

In the far future, Humankind had grown dependent on a machine intelligence called N.E.X.U.S. We're fairly certain you can see [[RobotWar where this is going]] already: [[AIIsACrapshoot Computer goes crazy]], decides to KillAllHumans, LaResistance rises up to fight them, yadda yadda yadda.

Here's where it gets interesting: The Machine gets clever and tries to disarm the Resistance with a Nanobot Plague. This plague turns not only machinery, but even otherwise inert metal into deadly weapons if touched by organic life. (Guns only fire when pointed at humans, HumongousMecha come to life and attack their users, even a ''spoon'' will sprout CombatTentacles and try to impale your hand). In response, the Humans turned to powerful bio-weapons, genetically engineered monsters, and living PoweredArmor to continue the fight.

!!This game provides examples of:

* AcePilot: Archangels, though they "pilot" a suit of winged PoweredArmor. Outriders, though largely ground-bound, are described in terms clearly evocative of this type of character.
* AIIsACrapshoot: As if the whole "KillAllHumans" thing wasn't bad enough, N.E.X.U.S. has [[SplitPersonality Split Personalities]] too. Some of them even ''help'' the Resistance from time to time.
* AutomatonHorse: Averted with both War Mounts and regular horses, who need a certain amount of food and sleep every day. Most War Mounts need a ''lot'' of food, but just four hours of sleep; horses need way less food, but twice as much sleep plus periodic naps throughout the day.
* BeastOfBattle: War Mounts, living tanks bred by the Resistance to replace the regular ones.
* BeneathTheEarth: Most Human settlements are underground, due to the fact that The Machine controls the local KillSat network.
* {{BFG}}: The Bio-Rocket Slinger. For ordinary humans it's a two-man weapon, with one aiming and shooting and the other supporting it in their shoulder.
* BladeBelowTheShoulder: "Combat spurs", which protrude from the elbow, are available for Host Armors.
* BloodyMurder: The appropriately-named Gore Cannon.
* BodyHorror: Saints, Engineers, Gene Pools, Gene Thieves, and ''especially'' Librarians. Yeah, Skinjobs and Scarecrows don't even come close to these guys.
** On that note, Skinjobs and Scarecrows. The "Downsides" section for the Skinjob OCC takes care to note that you look like "a monster out of a nightmare" with your nasty new super-skin.
** Metamorphs can be this too, depending on which form they are and are switching to.
* DudeWheresMyRespect: Technojackers are usually shunned by people, despite the fact that they were likely the ''only'' thing keeping the Resistance (and by extension the Human race) ''alive'' between the introduction of the Nanobot Virus and the development of the first Host Armors and War-Mounts.
* ChestBlaster: Yes, you ''can'' equip your Host Armor with a [[Manga/{{Guyver}} Mega Smas-]] er, Omega Blaster.
* ChestBurster: A Metamorph changing to a smaller form will simply use the old form as a cocoon, then rip their way out of their old body once they're finished changing.
* CodeOfHonor: Dreadguards follow one based on the principles of honor, benevolence, propriety, courage, and wisdom.
* CombatTentacles: You better believe these are an option.
* EatDirtCheap: Host Armors and certain War Mounts are(or can be) lithovorous
* TheEngineer: Technojackers, though the technology they handle isn't the same stuff anybody else uses.
* EyesDoNotBelongThere: Extra sets of eyes are among the available for Host Armors. It's mentioned, though, that eyes on your hand or forearm would mostly get in the way and get damaged easily. They can also be mounted on eye stalks, if that's your thing.
* FastTunnelling: A noted ability of Tunnel Rat War Mounts. It ''is'' mentioned that they can't build tunnels as fast as they can burrow because of a need to pack down soil and reinforce walls, though.
* FantasticRacism: Technojackers, who are unaffected by the plague, make up about 1% of the human population, and are looked down upon by basically the entire remaining 99% at every echelon of society. They actually have a special power called "Scorned by Humanity"; even Scarecrows and Skinjobs are better regarded.
* GaiasRevenge: The N.E.X.U.S. personality so named also sees herself as this.
* GeneticEngineeringIsTheNewNuke
* HealingFactor: Host Armors can have three different levels of it. A variant is the "Quick-Clotting Blood" feature, which causes wounds to close up faster.
* HorseOfADifferentColor: There don't seem to be any equine War Mounts described or shown, though normal and enhanced horses see widespread use among humans as regular transportation. Examples of War Mounts include creatures based on rhinos, crabs, and even ''dragons''.
* InvisibilityCloak: Skinjobs' special skin allows them to generate a stealth field that makes them nearly invisible. It's noted that they remain visible under night vision and infrared sight, but can be detected in motion by motion sensors and the like.
* LethalJokeCharacter: In-universe, the Tunnel Rat War Mounts were designed as something like a joke on the Machine, which hates rodents as much a humans. They were mostly used to draw fire away from human forces until Splicers in the field saw how fierce and capable they were.
* MadeOfIron: It takes Mega Damage to pierce the super-tough skin of a Skinjob. They're also very resistant to pain -- no amount of pain can impair their performance. Handy for them, since they can't wear real armor without compromising their role as stealth operatives.
* MasterOfDisguise: Deliverymen can perfectly mimic the facial features of any human or human-like android they encounter with their Second Skin
* {{Mon}}: Packmasters, Geneticists, and other Splicers who have monsters to fight alongside them.
* MrFixit: Technojackers have the ability to repair basically any mechanical technology, or at least jury rig it to work for a little while.
* ObstructiveBureaucrat: The "Freya" personality, who has found that replacing all the Humans in a town with androids makes them run ''much'' smoother now.
* OrganicTechnology: You'd be surprised how far this can be taken -- how do organic rocket launchers sound?
* PoweredArmor: Host Armors. Also the less advanced Living Armors, which are available to a wider range of classes.
* ReverseShrapnel: A bio-weapon called the "Needle Death Blossom".
* TheRustler: Mount Rustlers, Waste Crawlers unaffiliated with the Resistance who steal War Mounts for their own purposes.
* PlayingPossum: A special ability of the Skinjob O.C.C.
* PsychoForHire: N.E.X.U.S.' "Kali" personality.
* PsychoSerum: The "Elixir of Life" used by Scarecrows. It makes them strong, fast, durable (etc.) enough to tear robots apart with their bare hands, but it's addictive and carries a number of nasty physical and psychological side-effects.
* {{Samurai}}: This is pretty much what Dreadguard are, and it's even {{lampshaded}}.
* SpikeShooter: The Needle Death Blossom, Quill Launcher, and Spike Launcher weapons for Host Armors
* TechnoWizard: The Technojacker CharacterClass, which is able to mutate the Nanobot Plague in their own bodies into a usable weapon and can still use technology without it turning on them.
* ThemeNaming: Each of N.E.X.U.S.' personalities is named after a mythological Goddess (except Lilith).