The Villain Whitewashing Service is where you take some MisaimedFandom, add a lot of DracoInLeatherPants, a hint of BunnyEarsLawyer and/or {{Flanderization}}, a small chunk of BadassDecay, and you make your favorite villain sound like a pretty decent but incredibly misunderstood guy. List your examples under your {{Troper}} name, alphabetically, and hide the answers using [[spoiler: spoilers]]. Avoid links in the answer. Please include the story your character is from[[note]]i.e.. Darth Vader, Star Wars[[/note]], [[FanMyopia no matter how popular it is.]]

Compare DarthWiki/WorseThanItSounds. Contrast DarthWiki/PaintTheHeroBlack.

%% Mod note: fictional characters only. No pot-shots at real world folks, thanks.
%% Historical figures may be okay, but if there is the least doubt, leave it out.

!!Example subpages:
* VillainWhitewashing/TropersOtherToB
* VillainWhitewashing/TropersCToF
* VillainWhitewashing/TropersGToK
* VillainWhitewashing/TropersLToM
* VillainWhitewashing/TropersNToQ
* VillainWhitewashing/TropersRToS
* VillainWhitewashing/TropersTToZ