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Something Completely Different: Comicbooks
  • Y: The Last Man has two issues that focus on a theatre group trying to make important work about the post-Gendercide world. Their first effort is not received well. Later they try films and comics. Also, a supermodel whose profession is obsolete and is now clearing bodies (a minor character from early in the story) gets a issue later on.
  • Peter David, fed up with the Wolverine Publicity that drives the X-Men franchise, once wrote an issue in his X-Factor featuring none of the usual cast, instead focusing on popular characters like Wolverine and Cable.
    • In a similar vein, Walt Simonson wrote a three-issue Fantastic Four arc(with art by Arthur Adams) in which the FF are temporarily replaced by the four most over-exposed(during the 90s) characters in the MU: Wolverine, Hulk (during his gray-skinned Mr. Fixit phase), Spider-Man and Ghost Rider.
  • The classic Uncanny X-Men story Kitty's Fairy Tale. The cover even featured Kitty Pryde announcing, "And now for something completely different!"
  • Strangers in Paradise had a Superhero Episode, as well as a send-up of Xena: Warrior Princess, after it was pointed out by fans that Francine and Katchoo resembled Xena and Gabrielle. (Katchoo was less than thrilled to wind up as Gabrielle.)
  • Adam Warren started the last run of volume 2 of Gen 13 by doing a whole issue in the style of VH-1's Behind the Music, featuring each character's fake demise in ironic ways.
  • Issue #34 in both series of Marvel's "What If?...?" were all-humor issues.
  • The Mighty Thor #356 makes a pause in the dramatic aftermath of the destructive Surtur Saga, and features Hercules instead, narrating a completely made-up fight against Thor.
  • The shift from the Brian Michael Bendis Era Avengers to the Jonathan Hickman Era is a very noticeable example. From the more accessible, Bendis-voice-filled Avengers to the more high-concept, sci-fi Hickman Avengers.
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