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Shrinking Violet: F Ilm
  • The title character of Stephen King's Carrie starts out as a normal Shrinking Violet and is pushed over the edge into supernaturally psycho territory by a malicious prank pulled by the popular girls.
  • The title character of May is a similar example, minus the telekinesis. Poor May's only comfortable social interactions are with the doll she calls her best friend. She's so shy that she can barely talk in the presence of other people at all, even when they're clearly interested in getting to know her. Although once she's decided to kill them all, she becomes much more confident.
    • Funnily enough the actress that portrays May (Angela Bettis) also played Carrie in the NBC TV remake in 2002.
  • The protagonist in the movie Coyote Ugly is one of these. As a bonus, her name is actually Violet.
  • Cadet Hooks from the first Police Academy movie spends almost the entire film unable to look other characters in the eye and barely speaking above a quiet whisper, until very near the end when arresting a suspect when she screams "DON'T MOVE, DIRTBAG!". She continues to do that in every other Police Academy movie she's in. (Really, if someone that quiet started yelling like that and had a gun, wouldn't you feel like doing what they said?)
  • Violet Parr from The Incredibles.
  • Prince Albert (later, King George VI) of The King's Speech has a painful stammer, which has left him deathly afraid of public speaking and large crowds in general. The crux of the film features him attempting to rectify this in the face of the looming threat of World War II.
  • Mui, the female lead of Shaolin Soccer. Hair in the face, mumbling, acne, withdrawn, eventually pulling out of life in public to become a nun. Until the final showdown.
  • The title character of Densha Otoko is a rare male example. He's a cripplingly shy Otaku who's perfectly content with living in his own little world and only talking to people online. That is until he meets a kind and beautiful girl who's actually...*gasp* interested in him! With encouragement and advice from the members of his online community, he pursues her and finally learns to open up a little.
  • Barry from Punch Drunk Love is another male example, though he deals with his shyness and frustration through aggressiveness.
  • 5, from 9 is yet another male example (despite being a ragdoll, yes, he is male). Shy, skittish, hardly ever makes eye contact with those "above" him...The fact that he's also The Woobie help this.
  • Mishima A Life In Four Chapters: Both Kimitake and Mizoguchi have stammers and are painfully shy and awkward. By the time they get over it real and fictional Japan are in for a shock or two.
  • Mouth to Mouth: Blade is a Moe male version.
  • Todd from Dead Poets Society starts out so shy he can barely speak in front of others. He later gains confidence thanks to Neil and Keating.

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