This page is for ShoutOut examples from the movie. For instances from the graphic novel and videogame, see: ''ShoutOut.ScottPilgrim''.


* As horrible as it is, Scott's SARS shirt. Anyone from Toronto can appreciate it.
* Scott Pilgrim wears a ''Music/TheSmashingPumpkins'' T-shirt during the first scene. Scott and the band's initials are both SP.
* In the Rockit, Scott wears a yellow T-shirt for ''Plumtree'''s second album ''Mass Teen Fainting''. Scott is named after the the band's song "Scott Pilgrim", which inspired the graphic novels.
* From the "Seinfeld" scene to the second ex fight, Scott wears a ''Webcomic/DieselSweeties'' Pixel Skull T-shirt.
* Young Neil wears a Sloan shirt, a shout out to band member Chris Murphy, who tutored the cast in playing instruments.
* Ramona's "24 Unstoppable" T-shirt during their conversation about Scott and Envy's break-up is in reference to Los Angeles Lakers player Kobe Bryant.
* In the scene where Stephen Stills mentions "distressing news", Scott wears a ''Tetsuwan Atom'' era ''Manga/AstroBoy'' T-shirt.
** At the ''The Clash at Demonhead'' secret show, Scott wears a ''Music/TheSmashingPumpkins'' [[ "Zero"]] T-shirt.
* In the arcade, Scott wears a Sharpie (brand of marker pen) T-shirt. The T-shirt was made specially for the film.
* One of the partygoers in the party where Scott meets Ramona is wearing a T-shirt from the band ''[[{{Music/Calexico}} Calexico]]''.
* Young Neil's T-shirt in the second Sex Bob-Omb rehersal scene is for ''Movement'', ''[[Music/NewOrder New Order]]'''s debut album.
* Todd Ingram wears a ''ComicBook/ThePunisher'' Skull T-shirt (specially designed by Bryan Lee O'Malley) during the Black Sheep performance.
* Wallace's date (after Scott and Ramona break up) wears a Threadless Rocking 80's Spaceman T-shirt.
* The elevator hipsters wear Bat T-shirts designed by D.I.E (Denim Is Everything).
* In the scene where Stephen Stills talks about the Katayanagi Twins, Scott wears a 4½ T-shirt - a moniker given to Reed and Sue Richards' son Franklin in the ''Comicbook/FantasticFour''.
* Scott's T-shirt during the Katayanagi Twins battle is the bass symbol from ''VideoGame/RockBand''. Fitting, as Scott plays bass.
* In Ramona's apartment, Scott wears a Creator/{{CBC}} (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) 'exploding' logo T-shirt.
* 'Crash' wears a ''Music/TheKinks'' T-shirt (''Word of Mouth'' album).
** His band is named after the ''[[VideoGame/KunioKun Crash 'n the Boys: Street Challenge]]'' [[UsefulNotes/NintendoEntertainmentSystem NES]] game.
* The first scene (in the kitchen) features music from ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaALinkToThePast A Link to the Past]]''. Close inspection of Young Neil's Nintendo DS Lite reveals a Game Boy Advance cartridge sticking out the bottom, and that game ''was'' ported to the GBA.
* Early in the film during the bathroom/school dream sequence, a choir can be heard singing the menu/Fairy Fountain theme from ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZelda''.
** This music is a Nigel Godrich orchestrated rendition, with Gaz Coombes and Danny Goffey from ''Supergrass'' singing the harmonies. This cover version required personal clearance from ''Zelda'' creator Shigeru Miyamoto.
** The snippet starts playing during the unfilling the PEE BAR scene in the bathroom, which creates a sort of FridgeBrilliance if you equate the Great Fairy of the fountain as an [[SittingontheRoof Epiphany Toilet]] figure, since that scene does lead into a new big development in the next scene.
* After Scott breaks up with Knives, he boasts that he learned the bass from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyII''. Michael Cera is actually playing "Final Fantasy II Battle I" by Nobuo Uematsu live on the bass.
* Scott opens the bass battle with the battle theme from [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyIV Final Fantasy II]], which he was learning to play [[ChekhovsSkill earlier in the movie]]. Todd counters with the opening bass riff from the song "Around the World" by the Music/RedHotChiliPeppers.
* The ''Series/{{Seinfeld}}'' theme plays in the scene after Scott spends the night with Ramona (the whole scene being a take on ''Seinfeld'').
* The music cue that scores the beginning of the Lucas Lee fight - titled "Rumble" on the film's score soundtrack - is heavily stylized after the score from ''Film/TheWarriors''.
* In the second arcade scene, Scott wears a Match Pik T-shirt. They are a well-known brand of plectrums.
* In the scene where Stephen Stills is telling everyone about the TIBB, Young Neil's T-shirt features the logo for the UsefulNotes/{{Nintendo 64}}.
* Scott throws the Clash At Demonhead CD on top of the Music/{{Beck}} section of the CD store. Beck wrote Sex Bob-Omb's songs for the movie.
* According to Edgar Wright, he and composer Nigel Godrich are huge ''Series/DoctorWho'' fans, and some cues from the film's score (most noticable during Scott's "This IS a nightmare") are in reference to [[Recap/DoctorWhoS9E3TheSeaDevils The Sea Devils serial]], a stretch of episodes known for an improvisational score using synthesizers.
* The track "The Vegan" that plays when Todd first activates his powers is a tribute to John Carpenter.
* This isn't the only time (Young) Neil went on to join [[,_Stills_%26_Nash_%28and_Young%29 a trio of musicians headed by Stephen Stills]].
* The ItemGet theme from ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZelda'' is used at least twice.
* The Zelda "fanfare" sound effect plays when Knives Chau opens the door.
* Gideon Grave's personal logo (most noticeably painted on Chaos Theatre's door in the last scene) resembles an upside-down triforce. This could be seen as the video game equivalent of an upside-down cross. The three triangles are also G's, in reference to the initials of Gideon Gordon Graves, and if you count the letters, you'll see another Satanic reference - 666.
* Many other video game sound effects are used too, notably the ring sound from ''SonicTheHedgehog''.
** Quite a few pop up during Roxy's fight.
*** When Roxy gives Scott a look just before he "gets it", the sound effect is a single star from the intro to ''VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehog2''.
*** When Scott "gets it", the sound that plays is from ''VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehog1'', when your score total has finished rolling over at the end of an Act.
*** The 'entering a bonus stage' warp sound from Sonic is used when [[spoiler:Ramona brandishes the huge hammer.]]
* A ''Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog'' ring pickup effect soundtracks the "He Really Doesn't" caption.
* Gideon's health bar is accompanied by the mushroom power-up sound effect from ''SuperMarioBros''.
* The Sex Bob-Omb name is a mixture of "Sex Bomb" and Mario Bros enemy "Bob-Omb".
** The Sex Bob-Omb's logo (as seen on the bass drum skin) looks like the Serious Sam logo.
* After the bus ride where Scott learns he's dating Ramona, the next scene at the apartment opens with the ''{{Series/Seinfeld}}'' theme. The whole scene feels very ''{{Series/Seinfeld}}''-esque in general, complete with LaughTrack.
** Followed by Scott briefly freaking out over Ramona's hair color change, mirroring Seinfeld's tendency to dump the GirlOfTheWeek over little things.
*** Also because, to Scott, [[MythologyGag hairstyle changes are kind of a big deal]].
* Sound effects after Scott first mentions Knives's name are from ''Link to the Past'' on Young Neil's Nintendo DS Lite.
* Lucas Lee's message tone is the alert sound from [[VideoGame/MetalGearSolid MGS]].
* Todd Ingram says "That's [[Literature/CompleteWorldKnowledge bullroar]]" when the Vegan Police call him on his gelato and chicken-related crimes.
* Sound effects and sprites from ''Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game'' were added to the film in post-production (most noticeably in Ramona's comic book-style flashbacks) because the director was impressed with the game developer's work.
* The scene where Scott asks multiple people to describe Ramona is similar to the way [[Film/MeanGirls Regina George]] is described in ''Film/MeanGirls''.
* The monster Scott summons with his bass is rather similar to the one from ''Film/ForbiddenPlanet''. Given that the monster from FP was an extension of a character's Id and Scott's creature is probably driven by his jealousy upon seeing Ramona with Gideon (hence his and the monster's GreenEyedMonster green eyes), it's not too surprising.
* The green-eyed Yeti summoned by Scott's Bass in the penultimate Evil Ex battle (As well as Scott's bass itself) was covered in [[VideoGame/GuitarHero light blue]] [[ThePowerOfRock lightning]].
* In the scene just after the opening credits Young Neil, can be seen reading the webcomic ''Webcomic/{{Achewood}}'' on his computer.
* Because the movie's script was written before volume 6 was published, [[Manga/{{Bleach}} The Power of Understanding]] doesn't make an appearance. To make up for it though, we get Knives looking almost exactly like a certain [[ActionGirl Action]] {{Ninja}} from the same series.
* [[spoiler:Gideon]] uses [[ Kuji-in]] (used in various points in Japanese culture, and most well known these days from ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'') to summon his 8-Bit Katana.
* [[Series/ArrestedDevelopment ...Her?]] [[ CONFIRMED.]]
%%* The manifestation of ThePowerOfLove is possibly a reference to ''Manga/{{X1999}}''. Or ''{{Mazinkaiser}}'', which would also make it a StealthPun relating to Music/JAMProject.
%%** Actually it's from ''Anime/RevolutionaryGirlUtena''.
* ''VideoGame/DanceDanceRevolution'' (or other RhythmGame) is definitely there. Scott literally plays a "ninja-esque" version of it.
** ...called "Ninja Ninja Revolution."
* Some form of ''Franchise/StreetFighter'' is present. Well, actually it's more like every fighting game in existence with all those 'Scott vs. (insertenemyhere)' type screens. Fun fact: That KO! sound you hear? It's from VideoGame/StreetFighterAlpha.
** The KO! sound effect is also used in the Scott Pilgrim game.
* The fight between [[MightyGlacier Ramona]] and [[FragileSpeedster Roxy]] is pure ''VideoGame/SoulCalibur''. Roxy's razor belt sword whip is a tribute to the weapon of Ivy Valentine in the Namco game ''[[VideoGame/SoulSeries Soulcalibur]]'', and her outfit's even ripped to match. Ramona has [[DropTheHammer Rock's Onslaught]].
* When Roxy smashes the disco ball, the shards of glass line up in the style of menus of many fighting videogames, showing the players facing off in opposing windows.
* The Roxy fight where Ramona puppeteers Scott is inspired by a 2006 Free Comic Book Day story that O'Malley wrote, where the two fought actress Winifred Hailey and her clones. The fight, choreographed by Peng Zhang, is a tribute to Jackie Chan's inventive fight sequences. Many shots were filmed at 22fps.
** Mae Whitman performed the scene with a ribbon utilising her high school skills as a rhythmic gymnast.
** Once the weapons are removed from the picture, both Ramona and Roxy use Jin/Hwoarang's Heel Drop move from ''VideoGame/Tekken''.
* Subverted in Scott's first meeting with Roxy.
-->'''Scott''': "I'm not up for this right now, come back later."\\
'''Roxy''': "Oh I'd love to darlin', but I'm afraid I just cashed my last raincheck."\\
'''Scott''': "What's that from?"\\
'''Roxy''': "'''''My brain!'''''"
* After [[spoiler: Scott is convinced to go get Ramona back]], Edgar Wright uses his mundane LockAndLoadMontage parody, a favourite technique of his in ''Film/ShaunOfTheDead'' and ''Film/HotFuzz''. And then subverts it brilliantly.
* The dramatic leaping sword clash between Scott and Gideon is nearly a shot-for-shot remake of the opening cutscene of ''VideoGame/NinjaGaiden'' for the NES.
%%* This is probably a coincidence, but during the swordfight between Scott and Gideon, their styles of fighting reminded me muchly of the Film/RyanVsDorkman series of videos.
* Gideon's pixellated beam katana could be a reference to Travis Touchdown's from ''VideoGame/NoMoreHeroes''.
* One combo lasted to up to 64, possibly referring to the 64-bit games or [[Manga/{{Naruto}} Neji's 64 trigrams]]
* Before the final confrontation with Gideon, Wallace tells Scott to "[[Franchise/MortalKombat Finish Him]]".
** May also count as {{Book Ends}} of sorts, since the very first evil ex duel started with Wallace screaming "FIGHT!".
* The fight between the Katayanagi Twins resembled Franchise/{{Pokemon}} battles, where there are people from separate sides controlling large {{Mons}} and battling it out.
** The Katayanagi Twins' released dragons resemble [[Manga/{{Bleach}} Hyorinmaru's]] Shikai form.
* Scott blocking and countering Matthew Patel is very reminiscent of ''VideoGame/DeadOrAlive's'' "reversal" system.
* Ramona's hair colors. Although the actual shade of Ramona's first dye-job is debatable, if you think it's red, the color combination of Red, Blue, and Green could be a reference to many things:
** All three hair shades could refer to the three goddesses from ''Zelda''.
*** Becomes even more likely if you want to consider the [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOracleGames Oracles]]; though associated with the color red, Din herself wears pink.
*** Pink, Blue, and Green... [[WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup?]]
*** A nod to Director Creator/EdgarWright's "[[Film/BloodAndIceCreamTrilogy Blood and Ice Cream]]" trilogy: [[Film/ShaunOfTheDead Strawberry]], [[Film/HotFuzz Classico]], and [[Film/TheWorldsEnd Mint Chocolate Chip]].
*** The RGB color system, used in coding pixel colors and in mixing light, also applies.
* Envy's hairstyle while singing in the club looks exactly like Misa's from ''Manga/DeathNote''. She even wears a similar outfit to one of Misa's.
* When Knives dyes her hair blue, her appearance becomes rather [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Rei]]-esque.
* The sound effect when Ramona and Patel kiss in their flashback is the Mac startup sound.
* According to Edgar Wright, the Chaos Theatre pyramid from which Gideon sits on top with Ramona, is partially inspired by the original arcade VideoGame/DonkeyKong game. It even shares a red and black aesthetic.
* The original version of the 1-UP/second-run sequence, as seen in the Deleted Scenes on the DVD, featured a number of VideoGame/SuperMarioWorld sound effects.
* After Scott fails to break up with Knives, at rehersal he plays what seems to be a variation of the Game Over theme of VideoGame/SuperMarioWorld on his guitar.
* Most of the evil exes resemble characters from famous fighting games:
** Matthew Patel is [[VideoGame/StreetFighterII a fireball-throwing Indian]]
** Lucas Lee is [[MortalKombat an obnoxious action star]] (and actually uses one of Cage's moves, complete with motion trails)
** Todd [[VideoGame/TheKingOfFighters is a near all-powerful member of a tribe]] known as Vegans (Yagami) who have special psychic abilities
** Roxy is [[VideoGame/SoulSeries a hot girl in bondage gear with a whip sword]]
** The Katayanagi Twins bring out a VideoGame/DoubleDragon during their fight.
* When Scott enters the Chaos Theatre [[spoiler:for the second time]], Comeau can be heard in the background making a rather paradoxical statement: "Their first album was better than their first album." While it comes across as a parody of hipsters and music snobbery in general, it's also a subtle reference to the band Metric, which wrote the song "Black Sheep" that appears earlier in the movie. Due to trouble with their record label, the first album they recorded - "Grow Up and Blow Away" - was released six years late, during which time they started from scratch and released two other albums. Thus, two albums that were technically first (first released and first recorded).
* The part where Scott calls Knives from a phone booth and starts glancing around resembles a similar scene in the 2002 movie ''Film/PhoneBooth''.
* Scott's (really Wallace's) home phone rings in the exact same manner as Tim and Daisy's in ''Series/{{Spaced}}''.
* The platform Gideon is sitting on in the final fight looks like a scene in ''ComicBook/TheKillingJoke''.
* Probably just coincidence, but one of Crash and the Boys' members is a ten-year-old Asian girl, in a band with adult men, much like Noodle of {{Music/Gorillaz}}.
* The Battle of the Bands posters proclaiming "TWO BANDS ENTER, ONE BAND LEAVES" took the hint from the chant in ''Film/MadMaxBeyondThunderdome'' ("Two men enter, one man leaves").
* Could be a coincidence, but [[spoiler: the scene where Gideon makes Scott [[UnsoundEffect DEAD]]]] is rather reminicent of ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}''.
** Seeing as ''Homestuck'' started that after Scott Pilgrim was released, it was probably ''Homestuck'' referencing Scott Pilgrim, if anything.
* Stephen Stills' living room features a ''Guitar Wolf'' poster on the left.
* The first song Scott Pilgrim suggests Sex Bob-omb play is "Launchpad [=McQuack=]", who was the pilot character in Disney's ''WesternAnimation/DuckTales''.
* Reference points for the titles included ''[[Film/TwoThousandOneASpaceOdyssey 2001: A Space Odyssey]]'', ''Film/FasterPussycatKillKill'' and ''[[Series/SesameStreet Sesame Street]]''.
* In the scene after Sex Bob-omb's first song, Young Neil is reading the web-comic ''[[{{Webcomic/Achewood}} Achewood]]''.
** With Windows sounds punctuating the conversation in the room.
* Amongst Wallace's games console collection are a [[UsefulNotes/NintendoEntertainmentSystem NES]], [[UsefulNotes/SuperNintendoEntertainmentSystem SNES]], Nintendo Zapper and many classic games - all in working order.
* Stacey Pilgrim's bio box says "rated 'T' for Teen", which comes from the ESRB ratings board for videogames.
* Scott Pilgrim is wearing an original ''Franchise/XMen'' logo patch on his parka.
* During the second Sex Bob-omb rehearsal scene, Young Neil can be heard playing ''[[VideoGame/SuperMarioBros3 Super Mario Bros. 3]]''.
* After the "drunk Wallace" scene, Wallace wakes up to the Windows '95 shutdown sound.
** Later in the same scene, we hear the Windows '98 error sound when Knives Chau appears.
* Star doors were originally seen in ''VideoGame/SuperMario64''.
* Ramona's number has a real 212 area code for New York - this exact number has been seen before in ''{{Film/Munich}}'' and ''Film/DefinitelyMaybe''.
* The 'DRUM' skin on ''Crash and the Boys'''s drum kit is a tribute to ''Franchise/TheMonkees'' film ''{{Film/Head}}''.
* Interior monologues (such as Scott's when he notices Knives about to tell Ramona how he and Knives met) are a staple of Japanese cartoons to minimise the precise lip-synching of the characters' mouths.
* Patel's demise is inspired by legendary comic book artist Jack Kirby and his famous 'Kirby Crackle' signature style of dot filled explosions.
* Fake Lucas Lee posters include "Let's Hope There's a Heaven", "You Just Don't Exist", "The Game Is Over 2", "Thrilled to Be Here" and "Action Doctor". All except the final one are named after ''Plumtree'' songs.
* In the record store after Lucas Lee's movie clip, notice the hanging display for [[{{Music/Radiohead}} Thom Yorke]]'s solo album ''The Eraser'', which was produced by ''[[Film/ScottPilgrimVsTheWorld Scott Pilgrim]]'''s composer Nigel Godrich.
* When Scott and Ramona are making out after the "45 MINUTES LATER" text, note that their embrace matches the famous image of ''Kiss'' by Tanya Chalkin behind them.
* The castle where Lucas Lee is shooting his movie is Casa Loma in Toronto, which has been featured in many films including ''Film/XMen1'', ''Film/StrangeBrew'', ''{{Film/Chicago}}'', ''Film/TheTuxedo'', ''Film/ThePacifier'' and ''Film/TheLoveGuru''.
* The term 'competish' is trade publication slang from ''Variety'' Magazine.
* Nigel Godrich's awesome cue "Rumble" when Lucas Lee's stunt team shows up pays respect to Barry De Vorzon's score for ''Film/TheWarriors''.
* There are seven stunt doubles for Lucas Lee, a nod to the amount of doubles that Keanu Reeves had on ''Film/TheMatrix'' films.
* The exchange of 'Big fan' and 'Why wouldn't you be?' was taken from a real life backstage encounter between Edgar Wright and ''The Hives'' singer Pelle Almqvist.
* The Creator/UmaThurman movie Jimmy refers to is ''Film/MySuperExGirlfriend.''
* Both breaking hearts in the Todd Ingram flashback have the sound effect of the Mac trash sound.
** After Ramona tells Scott that he's just another Evil Ex waiting to happen, when Scott closes his eyes the same trash sound plays.
* Kim's eyebrow arching just before Scott apologises to her (during "Round 2") makes a Mac error sound.
* The laminated list of Exes is a little nod to ''Film/KillBill''.
* TIBB (Toronto International Battle of the Bands) is a riff on TIFF, the Toronto International Film Festival.
* The stage where the battle with the Katayanagi Twins takes place is called Ninth Circle, referencing the final level of Hell in ''Literature/TheDivineComedy''.
* The Twins' amplifiers are called 'Twinn' in a tribute to Sunn Amps.
* The twins crank up their amps [[Film/ThisIsSpinalTap to eleven]], referring to Spinal Tap's famous amps.
* When Gideon kisses Ramona's glowing ring (during the Katayanagi fight) we hear the sound of Ming's hypnotic ring from the 1980 ''Film/{{Flash Gordon|1980}}'' movie.
* The name 'G-Man' is in reference to well-connected rock producer Ronnie 'Z-Man' Barzell from Russ Meyer's ''Film/BeyondTheValleyOfTheDolls''.
* The five way reaction split after [[spoiler: Gideon stabs Scott]] was inspired by Japanese anime shows.
* "Nega Scott", the dark version of Scott, looks similar to "Dark Link" from The Legend of Zelda series (black with red eyes).