Shout Out / Dead Set

There are obvious references to the classic George A. Romero films as well as other films.

  • Marky mockingly zombiewalks while saying "They're coming to get you Barbara!"
  • Joplin attempts to crib the "No more room in hell" speech but gets brushed off.
  • Patrick's death pays homage to Captain Rhodes.
    • There's also him running off and locking out his co-workers, much like Rhodes at the climax of Day of the Dead.
  • Grayson's name may be a shout out to Grayson Perry, famous artist and crossdresser.
  • There is also a shout out to the film version of Misery, although resident ditz Veronica gets the title wrong.
  • Also, beating the zombie's face in ("Get it in the head") is a shout out to Irreversible.