Trivia / Dead Set

  • Deleted Scene: While how Pippa was infected was never explained in the show, a deleted scene revealed that Pippa was killed by her zombified mother, but it was cut to give more impact to the moment Space sees Pippa's zombie in the final episode.
  • The Cameo:
    • Davina McCall plays herself, including an undead version.
    • Several former Big Brother contestants appear as themselves, before getting eaten.
  • Reality Subtext:
    • Some of the Eviction Night scenes used the genuine Big Brother compound, borrowing the crowd from Belinda's eviction in Big Brother 9, to add authenticity to the sequence, complete with Davina holding a prompt card with the fake Big Brother season's logo on it.
    • Unfortunately, this also means that both the compound door and area where Pippa means Davina both have the Big Brother 9 'smashed eye' motif, instead of the ring eye version used minimally during Dead Set.
    • Several Big Brother production assets are used, including snatches of the Big Brother theme during eyecatches, during the first episode's fake recap of the days up to Eviction Night.