''The Naked Truth'' is an American television sitcom staring Creator/TeaLeoni and Holland Taylor. It ran from 1995 to 1998. The show is set at ''The Comet'', a celebrity tabloid magazine. Nora Wilde, a notable photographer, joins the paper out of a lack of other options and soon finds herself engaged in wacky schemes to dig up dirt on the celebs. Later seasons greatly changed the basic nature of the show.

(Not to be confused with the [[Film/TheNakedTruth 1958 film]] of the same name, though it also involves tabloid journalism.)
!! This show provides examples of:
* AsHimself: A number of stars appeared as themselves, such as Creator/TomHanks getting his zipper stuck at a restaurant, and Creator/BobSaget getting caught in a porn theater.
* CelebrityParadox: The main character could only remember that David Duchovny's wife was "that goofy blonde sitcom bimbo", whom we know as Téa Leoni, the actress speaking the line!
* ChristmasEpisode: There was one in the first season.
* ComicallyMissingThePoint: Dave is such a good kisser, Nora says "Would you like some coffee?". Dave doesn't realize it's a sex invitation, and turns it down, saying caffeine would just keep him up.
* PrettyInMink: Nora owns a white fur jacket she wears for the Christmas episode.
* ReTool: The show was drastically retooled and almost entirely recast each season. In season 1 Nora (Leoni) works at a sleazy celebrity tabloid and had Tim Curry and Amy Ryan for co-stars. Season 2 de-tabloided the paper she worked for and de-zanified the format; only Nora and Camilla (Holland Taylor) remained of the original cast. Creator/MaryTylerMoore and George Segal were added as Leoni's parents. Season 3 saw Nora and Camilla jump ship to another paper with a staff that included Chris Elliot.
* RichInDollarsPoorInSense: Nora has trouble adjusting to working and living for herself. When she and her stepdaughter to make Christmas dinner, Nora mistakes part of the giblets of the turkey for the Franchise/{{Alien}}.
-->"Kill it before it gets any bigger!"
* SlippingAMickey: A character who drinks a drugged drink the previous evening gets Micky Finned again, from the very same bottle. [[IdiotBall At the very same place]].
* TemptingFate: Nora buys a cheap table, and claims it was all she needed to spend. It breaks, and then made her weary of the ceiling fan she got.
* {{Touche}}: In the first season, Nora gets her Camilla's job back by tricking the owner of The Comet. He said earlier "Who said life was fair?", and after she tricked him, [[IronicEcho she said the same thing]]. He said "Touché", although did give her a crappy assignment as payback.
* WelcomeBackTraitor: Nora sells off a prime photo of a celebrity slip-up to another paper, but does get a picture of Creator/TomHanks getting his zipper caught and people trying to help him. Camilla learns about the first picture being sold, tells Nora she's fired, Nora shows her the Hanks picture.