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Series: So Haunt Me
First Peter Rokeby loses his job. So he becomes a freelance writer. This necessitates a move to a smaller house — which does not go over well with the kids, though Mum is annoyingly perky about it all. Only the house turns out to be haunted by the departed spirit of a Jewish Mother. Oi Gevalt!

Sally, mother and wife, can both see and hear the ghost and seems to be channeling her, to the perturbation of her husband who keeps pointing out to her, and to their son, that they're NOT Jewish! Peter himself can hear Yetta, the ghost, but cannot see her, and never knowing where she is or whether she's present does nothing to help his mental balance. Only the couple's teenage daughter remains completely unaware of the new presence.

Yetta is hanging around because she wants to see her daughter one last time. Christian exorcism (of course) fails to work, so the family sets out to find Carole (with-an-E). Of course, when they finally do, they have to convince her that her mother is haunting them — honest!

This work contains examples of:

  • Haunted House: In this case a small suburban villa that's about as spooky as - a small suburban villa.
  • Jewish Mother: Being dead doesn't slow Yetta down.
  • Yiddish as a Second Language: It was deeply startling to discover British Jewish Mothers sound exactly like the NYC kind.
  • You Can See Me?: Yetta is considerably taken aback when Peter's mother turns around and demands to know who she is.
    "I'm a ghost. Boo."

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alternative title(s): So Haunt Me
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