''Second Noah'' is a teen drama that aired on Creator/{{ABC}} from February 1996 to June 1997.

It focuses on the large Beckett family, which is headed by Noah, a writer, and his veterinarian wife, Jesse, who works at Busch Gardens in Florida. Unable to have biological children, they adopted instead. As the series began, they had eight children: Ricky, Roxanna, Ranny, Danny, Hannah, Bethany, Luis, and Ben.
!!Tropes used by the series:
* BearTrap: Poor Jo Jo...
* FamilyRelationshipSwitcheroo: Ricky is Ben's adopted brother...and also his biological father, having gotten his girlfriend pregnant when they were both 14.
* HappilyAdopted: For the most part
* {{Jailbait}}: Sixteen-year-old Roxanna to Shirley's 20-something son Jo Jo.
* KindlyHousekeeper: Shirley, though subverted somewhat because she has a bit of a potty mouth.
* MassiveNumberedSiblings
* NeverWorkWithChildrenOrAnimals: Apparently the showrunners didn't get that message...
* ShrinkingViolet: Hannah
* SurprisePregnancy: Jesse, as the series ended.
* ThemeTwinNaming: Ranny and Danny