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A television series created by Marvel Studios (a division of Creator/MarvelComics), ''Mutant X'' centers around the eponymous team of "New Mutants" who [[GeneticEngineeringIsTheNewNuke possess extraordinary powers as a result of genetic engineering]]. Like hundreds of other unsuspecting people, the members of Mutant X were used as test subjects in a series of covert government experiments by [[MegaCorp Genomex]], which now wants to control these New Mutants for its own purposes. The mission of Mutant X is to seek out their fellow New Mutants, help them come to terms with their abilities and protect them from those who want only to exploit their powers.

''Mutant X'' is also unrelated to the ComicBook series, that ran from 1998 to 2001, of the same name, or [[ComicBook/{{X-Men}} anything else involving mutants and X-es]]. However, according to Volume 5 of the ''Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z'' hardcovers, the ''Mutant X'' TV series takes place on Earth-704509, making it an AlternateReality in the Marvel [[TheMultiverse Multiverse]].

Even though the series had high ratings and was renewed for a fourth season, it was abruptly canceled in 2004 due to the dismantling of Fireworks Entertainment, one of the production companies.

%%* ActionGirl: Shalimar
%%* AllYourPowersCombined: Gabriel Ashlocke.
* AnywhereButTheirLips: Adam keeps kissing Emma's head.
%%* AnyoneCanDie: [[spoiler:Poor Emma.]]
%%* BadassNormal: Adam
%%* BigDamnHeroes
%%* CapeBusters: The Genetic Security Agency (GSA).
* CatGirl: Shalimar has cat DNA! No ears or tail, though.
%%* CoolShip: The Helix.
%%* DatingCatwoman
%%* [[DroppedABridgeOnHim Dropped A Bridge On Her]]: [[spoiler:Emma]]
%%* ElaborateUndergroundBase: The Sanctuary.
%%* TheEmpath: Emma
%%* EvilAlbino: Eckhart
%%* EvilTwin: "Double Vision"
%%* FiveManBand
%%** TheLeader: Adam
%%** TheLancer: Brennan
%%** TheSmartGuy: Jesse
%%** TheBigGuy: Shalimar
%%** TheChick: Emma
%%* GeneticEngineeringIsTheNewNuke
%%* GirlsBehindBars: "The Taking of Crows"
%%* HellBentForLeather
%%* IntangibleMan: Jesse
%%* ImNotHungry: Aldous Berkeley
%%* LaResistance
%%* LawOfInversePaternity: "Whiter Shade of Pale"
%%* LEGOGenetics / UnstableGeneticCode
%%* LiteralCliffhanger: At the end of Season 2.
%%* MrFanservice: Brennan
* MurderInc: Blue Bolt from the episode "Under The Cloak of War" is a group of BadassNormal Assassins with high-tech weapons.
%%* {{Mutants}}
%%* MysteriousPast
* MythArc: A different villain each season.
* NoodleIncident: In the episode "The Shock of the New" a character states that Eckhart blames Adam for having caused the loss of his immune system in an incident that is never explained throughout the series.
%%* OnePersonOnePower: Everyone except Ashlocke.
%%* PsychicPowers
%%* RagtagBunchOfMisfits
%%* RestrainingBolt
%%* ShockAndAwe: Brennan
%%* {{Superhero}}
%%* SinisterSubway
%%* SwissCheeseSecurity
%%* TeamDad: Adam
%%* TrueCompanions
* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: Shalimar with fire
%%* WillTheyOrWontThey: Shalimar and Brennan.