Creator/{{CBC}} SitCom based on the stand-up comedy of Gerry Dee. He plays the title character, Gerry Duncan, a borderline-incompetent HighSchool gym teacher pressed into teaching academic subjects as well. Primarily a WorkCom focused on the teachers, but also notable for being Halifax- rather than Toronto-based and using amateur actors to play the kids, thus being one of the few teen-character-heavy English language Canadian shows not to use any of the actors listed on the OnlySoManyCanadianActors page.

* AcquiredErrorAtThePrinter: When Mr. D coaches the school's basketball team, their team name is spelled wrong on the jerseys. Mr. D tells the team that the printer made a mistake and will provide a refund. The assistant coach points out that the invoice states they have already accepted the jerseys and that no refunds will be given.
* BlandNameProduct: Xavier Academy's name implies it's a Catholic school (as was the school Gerry Dee both attended and taught at) but nothing is ever stated, no religious icons are seen and none of the faculty members in this faculty-centered show are in Holy Orders.
* BurgerFool: Gerry gets a second job at Barrels Steakhouse in one episode and tries to keep it a secret.
* ElaborateUniversityHigh: Filmed in a real school in Halifax that looks almost new and really nice.
* FridgeLogic: It's a private school. People ''pay money'' for their kids to be... um, "taught"? by Duncan...
* GranolaGirl: Ms. [=McPhee=], the guidance counselor.
* MysteriousTeachersLounge: Averted, but an issue is that the librarian tends to hog the microwave.
* OneSteveLimit: Played with. A RunningGag is how another teacher (Mr. Dwyer) has the nickname "Mr.D", Gerry wants it, but Dwyer is much more popular with the kids.
* OnlySaneEmployee: Inverted. The title character is the least sane employee while the others pass around the SanityBall.
* SuckySchool: Once you get past the gleaming architecture and spiffy uniforms, the standards of teaching have to be pretty low for Mr. Duncan to hold onto his job. And the other teachers aren't ''that'' much better.
* ThePeterPrinciple: Played with, Mr. Duncan is barely competent as a PE teacher, and totally incompetent as an English teacher.
* UnsympatheticComedyProtagonist: Mr. Duncan isn't a ''loud'' JerkAss, but he's not a subtle one either.